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Anointed One


Occurrences:  51 (upper case)
First Reference:
 Beginnings 4:21


For by the seed of your righteous brother, Abel, shall God raise up unto the children of men great and mighty prophets; even the Anointed One shall he cause to come forth from the seed of Abel.



See:  Abel (seed of), Yeshua, Emmanuel, Promised One


Summary:  The “Anointed One” is a designation used by prophets throughout the dispensations to foretell the coming of the Emmanuel. The term “Emmanuel” means “God with man”, and refers to the Heavenly Father who is foreordained to be born into mortal life to guide his spirit children and exemplify the teachings of the dispensational leaders (W:14:45-61; W:15:51). In fulfillment of an ancient promise, and in accordance with the roles and responsibilities of the Emmanuel (see Office of Emmanuelite), the Anointed One incarnated and served an exemplary life on this world as Yeshua Ben Joseph (c. 6 BCE—37 CE).


The Anointed One was first promised by the angel who spoke to Adam after Cain had killed his brother Abel (B:4:8). The angel informed Adam and Cain of God’s plan to redeem Cain and remove his evil from the land through the seed of Abel and the seed of Seth, declaring that the Anointed One would come forth through the seed of Abel (B:4:21; B:5:10-12).


Throughout the dispensations, many prophets foretold and foreshadowed the coming of the Anointed One. Scripture presents a conversation between Michael and his son, Emmanuel, which outlines God’s intent to establish a covenant people and prepare them for the coming of the Promised One (B:24:38-50). The prophet Isaiah (8th century BCE), who was the physical embodiment of the Arch-Angel Uriel, was foreordained to prepare the way for the Promised One. Yet, conspiring men killed Isaiah and his writings were corrupted, causing “all manner of foolish expectations concerning [the] Anointed One” (1:3:39-41):


“Such was the evil, Most Holy Father, which pressed hard against the third dispensation of God; and in the fourth came Uriel, who as Isaiah the prophet, would foretell the coming of the Anointed One, but the evil grew darker still and Isaiah was killed.

And all which he taught and wrote concerning the coming of the Promised One did conspiring men corrupt every whit, which thing filled the heart of God with sorrow;

Causing that in the days of Yeshua should the minds of men be clouded with all manner of foolish expectations concerning this Anointed One; and with anger and malice did they crucify the very Father of their souls, whereby they might preserve themselves in power and forsake the good altogether.”

1st Endowment 3:39-41


One of the aims of John the Baptizer was to prepare the people of Israel for the coming of the Anointed One (Y:1:16-19; 26-44; Y:2:12-45; W:29:9-14). When Yeshua was baptized by John, scripture directly refers to Yeshua as the “Anointed One” (Y:3:15). Soon after the baptism event, John gathered certain of his disciples and introduced Yeshua as “the Anointed One of God, even Emmanuel the Only Begotten of the Father” (Y:3:21).


While many initially questioned whether or not Yeshua was indeed the Anointed One foretold of in Hebrew scripture, his teachings and miraculous healing events came to garner widespread belief throughout the land. After raising Lazarus from the dead, many could no longer deny Yeshua’s divine calling. On a side note, in an attempt to curb Yeshua’s rising popularity and secure their own authority, the chief priests had Lazarus murdered (Y:41:27-30). Days later, Yeshua suffered the same fate.


According to scripture, on all the worlds created by God, a spirit Father has never before been killed while serving a life as the Emmanuel. This world of the First Power is the first world to have that tragic distinction (W:14:58-60).


In the book of Wisdom, the Teacher is commissioned to declare God’s indictment against those of the modern-day “house of Christ” who have “sinned against the Anointed One” (W:23:5-6).





Wisdom 14:44-61      Emmanuel explains his role and purpose as the Anointed One


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 By the words of my prophets and holy men shall the evil of Cain be made to diminish from among the children of men. And God shall send forth from the midst of his people, even from the house of Abel, the very Anointed.

By his great knowledge shall he exalt the sons and daughters of God; surely he shall establish the pathway of the godly, that all who are willing might inherit unto themselves the glory of God, even the most Heavenly Father of All.

So shall God remove the evil of Cain from the face of the land. For through the seed of Seth shall the covenant come; and by the seed of Abel shall the Anointed One be given unto mankind whereby evil shall be done away.

Beginnings 5:10-12


40. But there shall come among you one who is preferred above me. He shall not baptize with water as I have done, but with fire shall he make whole even everyone who would enter into the presence of God.

41. For I would not have you ignorant concerning the coming forth of the Anointed One, but would that you should know him; that hearing his voice unto you, even everyone might embrace unto themselves the Father of their soul;

42. That through such wisdom as he would grant, even all might attain for themselves exaltation in the kingdom of the Father, being enlarged continually in the midst of great glory.

43. In that day shall the Lord give rest from all your sorrow and you shall fear no more the might of the oppressor, for he shall burst asunder that bondage wherein you are made to serve with bitter tears.

44. Therefore, prepare yourselves for the coming of the Anointed One, and if it so be that you will hear his voice to do according to his word, then shall you become as a pillar in the temple of the great God, and you shall go no more out from the presence of the Father that loves you from everlasting to everlasting.”

Yeshua 1:40-44


And God called unto Emmanuel, and ordained that he should become the very Anointed One that he might give to the children of men the promise of life everlasting in the kingdom of God, that he might prepare for the righteous a way of holiness whereby they might be exalted unto God, the Father of All.

Wisdom 15:51



Andrew Bar Jonas