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Promised One


Occurrences:  10

First Reference:  Beginnings 24:42


For by the hand of Raphael shall the law be established, and by the appearing of the Promised One shall the law be fulfilled.



See:  Anointed One, Emmanuel, Yeshua


Summary:  The “Promised One” is a designation used to refer to the Emmanuel, who, as the Heavenly Father, was fore-ordained to incarnated among his children as the man Yeshua Ben Joseph (6 BCE — 37 CE). The coming of the Emmanuel was pre-destined by the Ahman of the celestial Council of Elohim (B:24:44-45), and prophesied by the prophet Isaiah (1:3:39-41).





And if they will not give heed to the words of the prophets to turn again unto me, then shall I send forth to them the Arch-Angel Uriel.

And he shall establish before them the promise of the Father, whereby the Promised One shall arise from the midst of them, and you shall go among them to redeem the world from the wiles of the Fallen One.

Beginnings 24:44-45


Wherefore, seeing that many have erred concerning the words and deeds of the Promised One, it became expedient to set forth a true account whereby many should take to their soul a testimony concerning this Christ; that having professed aloud his name aforetime, they might even now take to their soul a sure knowledge of him.

Yeshua 1:3


For there have come many who would claim themselves the very Promised One; yet for all their many strivings they were left desolate, and all Israel filled with bitter tears.

Yeshua 2:35


On the rising of the fourth day did John wash and anoint himself and sitting beside the waters, he looked northward unto Galilee, and when it was noonday he saw in the distance the coming of the Promised One.

Yeshua 3:10


And Yeshua, seeing that his disciples would put away Mary from among them, forbade them; for he would have them know that the Promised One did God send forth unto all, whether male or female, Jew or Gentile, slave or free.

Yeshua 4:17


“Why does your master eat with publicans and sinners? If he be the Promised One of Israel, why then will he defile himself for the sake of these unrighteous?”

Yeshua 8:6


But to abide the coming forth of the Promised One, this you will not do; having made of no effect the promises which God gave unto Abraham for your sake.”

Yeshua 17:14


And they told him all which they did throughout the land, teaching and declaring the coming of the Promised One, and in his name healing all manner of infirmities.

Yeshua 27:57


Such was the evil, Most Holy Father, which pressed hard against the third dispensation of God; and in the fourth came Uriel, who as Isaiah the prophet, would foretell the coming of the Anointed One, but the evil grew darker still and Isaiah was killed.

And all which he taught and wrote concerning the coming of the Promised One did conspiring men corrupt every whit, which thing filled the heart of God with sorrow;

Causing that in the days of Yeshua should the minds of men be clouded with all manner of foolish expectations concerning this Anointed One; and with anger and malice did they crucify the very Father of their souls, whereby they might preserve themselves in power and forsake the good altogether.

1st Endowment 3:39-41


Protector of the Keep