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Chapter 14  

(The Gnosis Revealed)
The Teacher carried away into eternity – Heavens declare the glory of God – Man was in the beginning with God – The law of kind cleaving to kind – “Behold the citizens of eternity” – Becoming as the Only Begotten – Souls of the Just Made Perfect – Emmanuel and Sophiel progress – The role of Adam and Eve – Yeshua and the Great Mother Spirit – The false principle of Blood Atonement


1  And in the visions of the night, God called unto the Teacher, saying: “Get you up into a high mountain, for I shall cause to be revealed unto you what no eye has seen, and no ear has heard, or entered into the heart of any man.”

2  Now when the man awoke, he took a staff and went unto a solitary place and there came unto him, Emmanuel, and with him were gathered a host of ministering angels. And there was under his feet a clear blue pavement like unto sapphire.

3  Then the Lord commanded the angels to wash and anoint him, and when they had accomplished this, they took him by the hand and stood him upon the blue pavement and placed a white robe upon him.

4  And Emmanuel took the man by the hand and through the veil did take him, and, behold, the earth did vanish away in an instant and in the bosom of eternity was he made to stand and beside him the angels in heavenly array.

5  And there was in the midst of eternity great marvels and wonders, for all creation moved round about in their order before the hosts of Heaven in great splendor.

6  For the heavens declare the glory of God; the multitude of stars sing forth his praise. Behold how the sun is become as a diadem to declare his great power.

7  Behold how creation does magnify the Lord of Hosts, that even worlds without end should sing forth his glory; that even the soul of eternity might enlarge her borders to make room for the tabernacle of the great God.

8  And the Teacher spoke unto Emmanuel, saying: “How wonderful is your name above all the earth, for you have established your glory high above the heavens.

9  When I consider the heavens and the works of your hand, the universe and all that is in them, which you have established for your glory: What is man that you are mindful of him, or the son of man that you should consider him?

10  For you have made him a little lower than the heavenly hosts; yet you have crowned him with glory and honor, that even he should be made ruler over the works of your hands.

11  For you have placed his feet upon the high path, that he should be exalted nigh unto you, that he should possess dominion and power over every other creature whom you have made.”

12  And the Lord answered, saying: “Behold, man was in the beginning with God, for the spirits of all the children of God did I organize from the intelligences which flow as a mighty river of light, even the light of truth, throughout the immensity of space.

13  In the beginning did the hosts of Heaven sing together, for the spirit of man was innocent before God. For this cause was there prepared a way whereby even all the children of my soul might become even as I am.

14  And every man whose spirit receives not the light of my glory, even that one is filled with darkness, for in the beginning was the law given whereby intelligence shall cleave unto intelligence, wisdom receives unto itself greater wisdom, truth embraces truth, virtue loves virtue, and light follows hard after light.

15  For, behold, it is written that the glory of God is intelligence, which intelligence is the light of truth.

16  Therefore, every man who does not receive unto his soul the light of truth, even that man shall find unto his soul a multitude of sorrow, for unto him shall be granted neither increase nor glory, for the glory of God has he rejected.

17  For what has light to do with darkness, seeing that they are opposites? And wherewith shall intelligence agree with ignorance?

18  Consider now the glory of Heaven. For in Heaven are all things established in the brightness of their majesty, that they might be clothed in exceeding beauty. For in Heaven has joy and peace made their habitation rich in excellence.”

19  And the Lord Emmanuel took the Teacher and set him in the midst of the heavenly hosts, that he should see with his own eyes the congregations of the mighty.

20  And the Lord spoke again unto him, saying: “Behold the citizens of eternity. For in the kingdom of God are there but three kinds of beings: ministering angels who possess bodies of flesh and bone like unto man; yet are they eternal, dwelling forever in the presence of God.

21  Behold now the Souls of the Just Made Perfect; these are they who are like unto me, even Emmanuel, creator of earth, moon, and sun; having created from my soul a multitude of spirits, both male and female, that they might be unto me even as the children of my soul.

22  Consider now the greatest of all the citizens of eternity, even the Arch Angels of Elohim; these are they who possess unto their glory celestial bodies of flesh and bone, being unlike the natural man, having taken unto themselves a fullness of beauty and light exceeding.

23  Now in the beginning of time did I desire that my children should inherit unto themselves a fullness of glory. Therefore, a way was prepared whereby the children of men might be justified, that they might come to a fullness of the Father and the Mother, that they might always walk uprightly before me.

24  And throughout all the dispensations of time have I accomplished this, that all those who would dwell in the holiness of their Father and Mother might be sanctified to receive unto themselves a fullness of glory.

25  For unto all who shall become holy will I give power to become even as the Only Begotten of both the Father and the Mother, who are full of grace and truth, and to them shall all authority be given, both in Heaven and on earth.

26  And they shall commune forever with the General Assembly and all the congregations of the Firstborn, that they might receive unto themselves the wisdom of God wherein they shall bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

27  And when they shall accomplish all that is expedient in me to do, I shall make death sweet for them, for I shall give to all who become begotten of the Father the assurance of peace and exaltation. For in the moment that they shall close their eyes in death, even then shall the Father of their spirit take them by the hand and bring them unto eternal life.

28  And they shall become Gods and Goddesses, dwelling forever in the councils of Elohim.

29  For they shall surely become even as I, before the world was, and unto them shall be completed the Covenant of Androgyny, and they shall be taught the Law of Pairing, that forever they might be as husband and wife throughout all the generations of eternity. For by the power of Heaven shall they be sealed together as one before the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

30  For unto every husband and wife who shall receive the promise of exaltation shall be given the power to organize spirit children in the manner of their own likeness, for in the beginning was the law given that kind should produce after its own kind.

31  For together shall the man and the woman be taken into the streams and rivers of intelligence by their Heavenly Father and Mother, and there shall husband and wife come together by reason of their love one for the other, and they shall fashion unto themselves spirit children without number.

32  Therefore, consider how great this covenant is, for by reason of this priesthood are granted unto the Souls of the Just Made Perfect, the powers of God.

33  And thus shall all those who become as the Only Begotten of the Father in this life attain unto the Souls of the Just Made Perfect in the kingdom of God. And they shall become as Emmanuel, who in the beginning did fashion even all the spirits of the children of men, even before the world was.

34  And when these things shall come to pass, when all the children of men shall have inherited that glory which was prepared for them from the beginning, when the earth shall be lifted up before the throne of the great God, then shall I, Emmanuel, ascend unto my Father, even Michael, and I shall become even as he is, an Arch Angel of the Most High God.

35  Consider how great the mysteries of godliness are, that even the God of glory should descend from on high to give you instruction.

36  Therefore, attend diligently unto all the words which shall be spoken to you for your learning; for unto you is given power and authority to write them unto the children of my soul.

37  For where they have no knowledge, even I will instruct them; where they have no understanding, behold, even I will counsel them and give into their keeping treasures of deep wisdom.

38  For by these words which you shall write unto the children of men, will my Spirit attend and bear witness of; and whosoever shall give heed to learn all the words which are given you to write, and who are diligent to obey the whisperings of the Spirit unto them, in them will I place a new heart and a new spirit.

39  And unto all those who shall attain unto this glory will be given the powers of creation. For they shall not have bodies of flesh and bone like unto ministering angels; but they shall be perfected souls, possessing a spiritual body like unto their Father, even Emmanuel.

40  And when they shall organize unto themselves the spirits of the children of God, they shall prepare a way whereby all who are faithful to do righteousness may progress in glory even until they obtain a fullness thereof.

41  For this cause did I come forth unto the earth, being Yeshua of Nazareth, that I might teach unto the children of men the way in which they should go.

42  That all who are willing, whether male or female, might come again unto the heavenly hosts after the days of their mortal probation, that they might become as the Soul of the Just Made Perfect, like unto their Heavenly Father and Mother.

43  But consider now this mystery, how that the way is prepared that the spirits of many noble should be ushered into the veil of mortality, that they might learn good and evil, that they might seek after the Father of their spirit, even as these upon the earth seek to follow me.

44  Now in the beginning when I desired that the spirits which I organized should progress even as I, behold, my Father, even Michael the Arch Angel, did go down unto the earth with my Mother beside him, that they might establish seed among all the children of men.

45  Therefore, in the beginning did they together dream, and Adam and Eve walked upon the earth to have many sons and daughters. And God moved upon all the children of men, and he did breathe into them the breath of his life, and men became as living souls, for in their bosoms did the promise of glory take root.

46  And the promise grew until all the children of men received the hope of life everlasting. And thus did the spirit children of God come to dwell in the tabernacles of men upon the earth.

47  And when all these things were accomplished, I was brought before the councils of Elohim that I might become unto the children of men, even the very Anointed One.

48  And with my Father did I covenant to prepare the way whereby exaltation should come upon the obedient and the faithful. And in the meridian of time was I, even Emmanuel, born of a woman, to enter again the veil of mortality, that I might walk among the children of men unto whom the promise was given, that I might teach them the way in which they should go.

49  And that woman unto whom I was sealed in the beginning, even Sophiel who is likened unto the wisdom of God, even she became unto the children of men the Great Mother Spirit that bears witness of the truth in all things.

50  And throughout all the days of my probation did she dwell upon me, to bring me to a remembrance of many covenants, that I might fulfill the promises given unto the children of men through the spirit of promise.

51  Consider, therefore, how great the Father’s love, that even I should come unto the earth to dwell among the children of men; that by such words as I would give, might even all who hunger and thirst after righteousness be filled to overflowing.

52  For the power of my word shall be as a light to those who are lost in darkness, and as a stream of living waters in a parched and dreary land.

53  For such exaltation as God would give comes not by reason of my death upon the cross, but it is my word which gives eternal life, for the words which I speak are spirit, and they are life.

54  What shall it profit a man if he believe in my death and burial, or if he take delight in my resurrection but does not the things that I say? For I have left unto all who will, an example that they should follow in my steps, that they might become even as the Only Begotten of the Father.

55  For the promise of eternal life is given to all the children of men, for as God would send his rain unto the good and the bad, so shall he grant the fulfillment of all his words.

56  But to those who shall keep my words to obey them, and who shall follow diligently after me, unto them shall be given exaltation and eternal life in the kingdom of God.

57  Therefore, as I did become both Father and Emmanuel unto all the spirits which I organized in the beginning before the world was, even so shall all they who become as the Soul of the Just do also.

58  But unto all those who shall become as Emmanuel unto the spirits which they shall organize, hear and understand this mystery that you may learn wisdom; for to shed blood does not atonement make.

59  Yet consider how that there are worlds without number in the immensity of space, but only upon this world did the children of men become so great in iniquity for religion’s sake that they would crucify the Father of their spirit when he should come to walk among them.

60  But on other worlds this is not so. For the power of the Oneness is found in the wisdom and knowledge of God, and in holiness would the Anointed One lift all who are willing beside the God of glory.

61  Therefore, because there was such great wickedness in this world for religion’s sake, it was believed by many that redemption should come by reason of the blood of Christ, and this great wickedness came upon the children of men because Lucifer did fall from the glory of God and to this earth was he cast.”