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Pronunciation:  GAY-bree-ehl

Occurrences:  8

First Reference:  Beginnings 22:6


For in the beginning did God appoint unto you the fullness of his righteousness, for you are Gabriel, the Arch-Angel of God.



See:  Arch-Angel, Dispensation (Law of), Methuselah II, Noah


Summary:  One of the seven mighty Arch-Angels of the council of Elohim, Gabriel was fore-ordained to establish and administer the second dispensation here on the world of the First Power. Gabriel was born into mortal life as Noah (c. 5,000 BCE), the son of Lamech (B:20:24). Throughout his life, Noah was nurtured by his grandfather Methuselah, who served as High Priest of the Adaam in the latter years of his life. Noah stepped into his role as dispensational leader when he was 455 years of age (B:22:20), and was appointed High Priest after the passing of Methuselah (B:23:1).


Noah was commissioned by God to prepare the people of the earth for a large-scale incarnation of spirit children. This extensive outpouring of spirit served as a global adoption of the native, evolutionary population (Enoshahim), bringing all people into the house of Adam (B:22:57-76). Noah was 600 years old when God initiated the flood of spirit (B:23:21-27).





Days of Noah:      Beginnings 20:24-44 — Beginnings 23:65



When Lamech was 182 years old, he had a son and he called his name Noah. And Lamech spoke unto his wife, saying: “This little one will surely comfort us in the days of our great age, for, behold, the light of God has fallen upon him, and he shall contend with the Fallen One whereby he might bring unto the earth the children of God.”

Beginnings 20:24


1. On a certain day came Methuselah, the son of Ramsha to Noah, saying: “Come, my son, and walk with me a little way, for I have somewhat to speak unto you.”

2. And together they journeyed forth into a lonely place, and Methuselah spoke to Noah the son of Lamech, saying: “Consider, my son, the intent for which I have called you forth to this quiet place.

3. For I have come to you that you may be awakened. Therefore give ear to the words which I shall speak to you, that you may be wise before the Lord of Heaven, for I shall bring you to a remembrance of former things.

4. Now in the beginning did you walk among the noble and the mighty, being in the image and likeness of the Father. For in the beginning did the Lord of Hosts call forth seven mighty ones, and unto these did he grant the Laws of Dispensation wherein the way of exaltation might be established according to the power of God.

5. Thus has God prepared a way whereby the children of promise might come to a knowledge of heavenly things, for he desires continually to stretch forth the hands of mercy whereby all who are willing might receive unto their souls the election of his grace.

6. For in the beginning did God appoint unto you the fullness of his righteousness, for you are Gabriel, the Arch-Angel of God.

7. Thus in the kingdom of my Father are you made to dream, that your soul might be made to dwell in mortal flesh among the children of men, that you, being clothed in mortality like unto men, might come to a knowledge of their infirmities, seeing that you are made subject to the temptations of the flesh also.

8. Therefore, seeing that God has appointed into your keeping the Laws of Dispensation, whereby the glory of God should be brought to pass, I have desired to speak unto you.

Beginnings 22:1-8


[Michael speaking to Emmanuel]

Wherefore, seeing that evil should conspire against the children of men to destroy them in their sins lest they repent and turn again unto God, I sent forth unto the earth Gabriel.

And he did put forth his hand to frustrate the designs of the Fallen One, for he did establish upon the land the adoption of sons and daughters, whereby there should be but one people upon all the face of the earth before the Lord.

Thus were the children of men delivered in the moment of great distress. And to all who should seek the God of Heaven did Gabriel give the promise according to my word, whereby they might become as the Only Begotten of the Father.

Beginnings 24:34-36     

Gadaris / Gadarites