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Dread Savior / Savior


Occurrences:  Dread Savior - 10      Savior - 21

First Reference:  5th Endowment 2:23


And though the Darkness should shake it fiercely without relent, still shall the Heavens hold well their place; for we shall give to watch over the kingdoms of Light a dread and fearful Savior; and he shall make the Heavens live forever in brightness and glory.



See:  Ahgendai, Azraella Ahgendai, Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia                  Refer to:  5th Endowment 2, 3, 4

 In order to save Heaven from the demise of complacency and mediocrity, the First God (as represented by The One and Areta) determined to create two opposing powers which, through their conflict and struggle, would keep Heaven vibrant and invigorated. One power would serve as a perfect enemy to God, a powerful Nemesis that would seek to destroy the Heavens. This adversary, this Antipode, would later be recognized as Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos. The other power brought forth to counter the dark Nemesis and protect the kingdoms of Light is referred to by The One as the Ahgendai (5:2:6-70).


Meaning “the dread saviors of Heaven” (5:3:7-11), the Ahgendai represent the first of a new, more exalted type of Godhood. These warrior Gods not only protect the Heavens from the terrible evil of the Nemesis, but serve as an evolutionary bridge that spans the chasm between the Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Kingdom and the Supreme Mother and Father of Heaven, Areta and The One (5:2:32).


The Ahgendai are currently represented by two gender specific persons: Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia and Azraella Ahgendai. Brought forth to be the Sovereign Father of the Ahgendai and the premier defender of the realms of Heaven, the Azraella is known throughout the heavenly realms as the “Dread Savior”. This appellation reflects how the Azraella is viewed by the citizens of Heaven, who, by nature are gentle and peaceful. Also, the power of the Ahgendai far surpasses that of the most exalted Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Kingdom. This, combined with the virtuous yet war-like nature of the Ahgendai, provides context behind the Azraella’s moniker: the “Dread Savior”. The following discussion between Areta and The One addresses this topic.



17. “Consider this also, my Love, for it is of equal necessity that the offspring of all our love be likewise schooled. For in the coming forth of so dread a Savior shall both the male and female be richly nurtured in all our virtues, and this through the pregnancy of the Azurgai.

18. By what means then shall the seed of the Ahgendai have revealed in them such strengths and powers as will prove the equal of our Nemesis? For if the seed of the Ahgendai be called by us the ‘Dread Savior’, how then shall the virtues of God make him to appear as something dreadful to the darksome power?”

19. But The One answered, saying: “It is not to our Nemesis that our offspring shall appear as something dreadful, but to the citizens of Heaven shall he appear as something dreadful. For in his hands shall he wield the sword of war whereby he might strike against the enemy.

20. Thus shall it come to be that the Gods and Goddesses of Heaven shall see in him that fierce and dreadful Savior who would rescue them from evil and defeat; yet for all their love for him, still will they fear him.

21. For his might shall prove greater than all the Heavens, yet in his person shall he prove most equally kind and ever gracious; hiding well the fullness of his powers until the day of war and fearsome battle.

5th Endowment 4:17-21



Scripture relates how the Dread Savior, Azraella Ahgendai, defended Heaven against the evil machinations of Yaldabaoth during the First and Second War against the Demiurge. The Azraella was also commissioned by the Council of Elohim to help stabilize the dispensations of God on the world of the First Power.




For this mystery do you and I, alone, create: For the Nemesis of God shall be the brother to that dread yet loving Savior which would guard the very Heavens; to bind forever in endless struggle the light and the darkness, causing that each should prove the perfect opposite of the other; yet being themselves most closely drawn together.

That from the epiphenomenon of their constant oppositions, the Heavens should be renewed and filled with great excitements; that like some dread and fearful game, the children of God might prove most anxious to seek the greater victory.

5th Endowment 6:13-14


Let us therefore watch with care, the unfolding of such plans as we have put in place; for in the pregnancy of the Azurgai shall the Dread Savior be shaped in all the seven virtues; and in going forth into the Deep shall he be purged and shaped by darksome teachers, to acquire for himself a fearsome strength filled with purpose.”

5th Endowment 7:18


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The term “Savior” is used once by Mahaleenah in reference to Ruthenial and her daughters becoming the Saviors of their fallen Beloveds (6:2:30) (See 6:2:23-45).


What then shall you do Rutheniel? What plans would you devise? For many of your daughters stand now alone, even as you; for their own Beloveds have strayed from God to wander alone in dreadful places; being themselves cut off and disconnected from the Tael and have no communion with us.

For it is in your power to act, even though your heart and mind prove wounded; creating through most subtle means the way of great redemption, to reclaim through loving sacrifice the ones you love, and prove yourselves their Savior.

6th Endowment 2:29-30


Dread Lord