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Pronunciation:  soo-ZAN

Occurrences:  10

First Reference:  Beginnings 20:31


Wherefore, Noah loved the daughter of Phiniah, and her name was Suzanne. And she, upon seeing the son of Lamech, took him to her heart.



See:  Noah, Phiniah


Summary:  (c. 5,035 — 4,175 BCE) Suzanne, the daughter of Phiniah, was the beloved wife of Noah, who was the mortal manifestation of Gabriel and fore-ordained leader of the second dispensation.


Suzanne was Noah’s cousin, and prior to their marriage, lived with her family in the lands of Shinar, a multi-day journey eastward from where Noah lived near Mount Moriah. When Noah was forty, he was persuaded by his father Lamech to travel with a trusted servant to find a wife among his brother’s daughters (B:20:26-27). Upon their arrival, Noah and the servant were happily welcomed by Phiniah’s family. It wasn’t long before Noah met one of Phiniah’s daughters named Suzanne. Noah was immediately smitten by Suzanne after hearing her singing the songs of Maciah while tending her father’s sheep (B:20:29-30; AZC — Maciah).


Despite the couple’s desire to be wed, Phiniah would not consent to a marriage between Noah and Suzanne because he had two older daughters who were not yet married. One night, Noah, Suzanne and the servant quietly stole away from the tent of Phiniah and rushed back to Mount Moriah. Upon their arrival, Noah explained to his father what they had done. Lamech was quite dismayed, for he feared his brother would be very angry that his daughter had essentially been stolen from him. However, Noah’s grandfather Methuselah was overjoyed at the love of Noah and Suzanne, claiming that peace could be purchased with Phiniah by offering him an abundance of cattle and sheep. Suzanne and Noah were sealed as husband and wife by Methuselah and Ziphia before an altar on Mount Moriah (B:20:33-43).


Suzanne was the mother of: Shem, Japheth, Ham, Cimbri. She lived to be 860 years old, and at her passing was buried by her beloved husband, Noah, upon a high mountain (B:23:59-63).



Adamic lineage traced through Enoch       Beginnings 20:4-25


Enoch + Larisha

 Methuselah + Japhia   (birth of Methuselah: c. 8,850 BCE)








            Eleazar + Mishka

              Zanosh, Maciah + Jotham




                       Resha + Sheba




                               Ramsha + Haziel

                                 Methuselah (Bozdra) + Ziphia

                                   Lamech, Phiniah (brothers)

                                      Noah + Suzanne (cousins)    (birth of Noah: c. 5,000 BCE)

                                               Shem, Japheth, Ham, Cimbri





[...] Thus by a burgeoning oral tradition, the songs of Maciah went from one generation to the next. These songs were often used to distinguish those who loved and followed God from those who didn’t, hence the significance of Noah finding Suzanne among her father’s flocks, singing the songs of Maciah (Beginnings 20:29-30).

AZC — Maciah; para. 2



59. Now Suzanne grew old, and when she lay dying, she called to Noah and spoke to him, saying: “My husband, the day of parting has come, but the love which I bear for you is not diminished.

60. Yet seeing that I shall go again unto my Father and your Father, remember me, for my love shall never depart from you.

61. Remember me with joy and laughter and not with tears of sorrow; for if you shall remember me with tears only, then shall the remainder of all your days be filled with heaviness, and sorrow shall afflict your soul unto despair.

62. Therefore, my love, farewell. May the Lord watch between you and me in the days of separation, that on the day of completion we might be restored again one unto the other.”

63. Now Suzanne died, being 860 years old. Wherefore, Noah buried her upon a high mountain amidst great weeping, and he caused to be sung unto her the psalms of Maciah, the great high priestess.

Beginnings 23:59-63


Susanna of Jotapata