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Pronunciation:  uh-DAH-mee

Occurrences:  8

First Reference:  Beginnings 7:20


But above all the sons of Cain walked Yasher-Baal the twin brother of Adami, the Artificer...



See:  Bashia, Cain, Marisa, Sethian Empire, Yasher-Baal, Zion


Summary:  Adami was the son of Cain, and twin brother of Yasher-Baal. He married a woman named Bashia, who was later appointed the High Priestess of Zion. Adami and Bashia had a daughter named Marisa. Adami was an artificer of great renown. He was primarily figure in overseeing the design and construction of the city of Zion and its temple.



Azrael’s Commentary — Adami


Son of Cain, twin brother of Yasher-Baal, and Chief Artificer of Zion. When he was thirty years old, Adami was sent to the city of Kez by his father. Kez was one of the twelve cities of the Sethian Empire. Cain’s reason for sending Adami to Kez was to protect him from his twin brother. While living in Kez, Adami was entered into the trade guilds of the city. By the age of forty, he had achieved the rank of Artificer. At seventy he was proclaimed Chief Artificer before the Council of Trades.


In the city of Gabatha (another of the twelve cities of the Sethian Empire), Adami met and married a young woman named Bashia, the youngest daughter of the High Priestess, Lurea. At the time of marriage, Adami was about 85 years old; Bashia was in her mid sixties. They lived happily together until the collapse of the Sethian Empire around approximately 8,850 BCE.


Throughout his life, Adami was known for his incredible strength, iron will and pleasant disposition. Among the inhabitants of Zion he was called: ‘the happy giant’. His chief accomplishments were: the building of Zion, the building of the Temple, and the invention of the sail boat.



Azrael’s Commentary — Bashia


Born in the city of Gabatha (one of the twelve cities of the Sethian Empire), her mother was Lurea, one of the seven High Priestesses of the city. Her father was Kani, one of the leading citizens of the city and the presiding elder of the city wardens.


Bashia first met Adami when he was visiting the city. Bashia was set upon by street thugs who were trying to rob her of a purse filled with rare pearls. Adami came to her rescue and after a fierce struggle, he set the ruffians to flight. However, three of the ruffians were killed by Adami in the course of fighting. After an investigation by city wardens, Adami was found innocent of wrongdoing and was awarded a gold ring bearing the seal of the city.


After a courtship of several months, Bashia and Adami were married in the gardens of the city temple. Adami set up a thriving business in Gabatha and Bashia lived happily until the collapse of the empire. As the empire was collapsing into ruin, one day Bashia had a dream in which God told her to gather as many of the faithful as possible and flee the city. She was to go eastward to the Nile River and there she would meet Enoch. Telling Adami of her dream, they set about gathering the remnants of the empire. At the establishment of Zion, Enoch appointed Bashia to be the first High Priestess.





The term Adami is used once in reference to Adam:



And the men being astonished, grew troubled in their minds, and they did go forth unto Adam, and they did speak unto him in the manner of their kind, saying: “Help us Adami, for the women of our tribe have gone to war against us and we know not what to do; for they have become most mad and envious for love’s sake.”

1st Endowment 10:33

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