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For this I tell you truly, that without the presence of man in the world far beyond, there can be no beauty found; and though all things would continue in their place, according to their several natures, still would they, of themselves, possess neither beauty nor grace.

And though the creations of the natural world would continue to move and stir about in the midst of all their lives together, still would there be no mind to perceive, or heart to conceive.[...]

Thus have you spoken falsely concerning the beauty of all natural things, seeing that without the presence of man there can be nothing beautiful or wondrous, seeing that without mind all things must continue in their aloneness, having neither meaning nor purpose, but life only.

~ 2nd Endowment 10:38-39,42


For beauty is the mother of dreams and visions, and intuitions, seducing through the senses the heart of every child, causing that every man and every woman should seek the ways of beauty, perchance themselves to touch or see, hear or feel the beauty that is God, being themselves led away from the grip of common woe, to dress the heart with joy.

~ 4th Endowment 6:48


If then you would know what is true and worthy of acceptance, then look for that which is beautiful and filled with rich delight, and in its shadow shall you find the truth which is born of God.

For it is in beauty that God would reveal the joy and mystery of heavenly things, causing that when you should hear and see and touch with the heart, even then does your spirit leap within at the sound of it.

Revealing in your very mind the presence of truth and beauty together mingled as lovers midst kiss and fiery breath, being made as one in the mansions of your soul, to draw you even closer to the heart of God whereby you might find some sweet communion which would lead you on.

~ 4th Endowment 18:35-37


For this I tell you, as if from God above, that beauty is born of love and passion; and if these two be constrained through the teachings of men, to become as filled with guilt and shame, then does the beauty of your life slip and fade away, to leave you empty and alone.

~ 4th Endowment 26:65


22. Consider then the intent and purpose of all things beautiful, for in the presence of beauty do you glimpse again your truer selves, to stand revealed in light and glory, clothed in many wonders too great for mortal men; touching in such fleeting moments the Heaven in your soul, reclaiming within yourselves the eternal and divine.

23. Be you, therefore, wise and deeply knowing, for the purpose of beauty is revelation, revealing to the eyes which see, the truth which comes from God; lifting up the heart and soul, to fill you up with wonder and delight, to lift you up with awe.

24. Thus in beauty do you look beyond the thinness of your lives, to see beyond the shadows, to where the light most brightly shines, to feel again with tender hearts the beauty of your former state when first in Heaven you did dwell beside the throne of God.

25. Consider then, such arts as you do practice, to fashion with your hands the beauty of created things, reflecting through the objects of your crafts, the beauty you see and feel and hear and touch.

26. Being hopeful that others might likewise see and in their hearts be lifted up; to see in themselves the beauty reflected through the many arts of man.

27. Becoming in themselves as one awakened from a long and slumbering sleep, in which sleep they do but dream; becoming in their minds filled with the vagueness of half remembered things of yet some other world, when first they dwelt in Heaven.

28. But in the beauty of art, do they find revealed the beauty of themselves; becoming themselves as one inspired and ennobled before the eyes of men, to become themselves enraptured and carried away to still some higher plain.

29. Standing forth as one awakened and revived, letting go, in the presence of beauty, of such petty dreams as they do dream in the world of mortal life; to find themselves made richer still by the beauty of their lives.

~ 4th Endowment 27:22-29


32. For the life which has no beauty is a hard and burdensome thing, filling up the mind with darkness and despair, wearing down the mind through oppressions of every kind; for where there is no beauty there is no hope or joy; causing that the one afflicted should prove themselves as one impoverished even in the midst of worldly wealth.

33. How then is beauty made to dwell in those who live? By what means is it brought forth? How nurtured, how enlivened? For the life of every man and every woman is made complex and filled with burdens, possessing in each life many and sundry facets.

34. For this you know yourselves full well: that in the owning of art is no man’s life made beautiful, for there are many who have cluttered their life with such art as men do make; but notwithstanding so great a prize, still are they themselves made empty of beauty and filled with quiet despair.

35. Hear then this mystery and in your soul prove wise and truly knowing: For beauty is the song which truth would sing, to draw you closer unto God through many revelations; always reflecting in its depths the truth of who you are.

36. For even the whole creation does reflect the beauty which dwells in God, which beauty we behold with aching wonder, causing that we should yearn for a beauty of our own; for God is the creator of all you see, and if you are the children of God, then are you made to become as creators also.

37. Create, therefore, of your very life, a beauty all your own, filled with grace and wonder, causing that even your own children should gasp in amazement at the very joy of it and yearn themselves to likewise do; to prove themselves in their maturity, as the masters and creators of their own life, filled with beauty.

38. How then is there fashioned through all your life the rule of beauty, causing that even every facet of mortal life should become itself an art filled with wonder, being itself revealed within yourselves and within your homes, and throughout your daily labors?

39. For except there be beauty in your life, how then shall you hear the song which God would sing within your soul, to know for yourself the truth which God would speak within the mind, to fill you up to overflowing with divine and wondrous things?

40. For beauty is the mother of dreams and visions and intuition, seducing through the senses of the flesh the heart of every child; causing that every man and every woman should seek the ways of beauty, perchance themselves to touch or see, hear or feel the beauty that is God, being themselves led away from the grip of common woe, to dress the heart with joy.

~ 4th Endowment 27:32-40


…for in God alone shall you find the beauty of yourselves.

~ 4th Endowment 28:5


Know then and be you wise in the conduct of your life, for the beauty you seek is never seen through unhappy eyes; seek then the joy of others and you yourself will find abundant joy, casting up before your eyes the beauty that you seek.

~ 4th Endowment 28:8


For what is beauty except the shadow of God and Heaven cast down upon the earth, seeking by its very presence to fill you up with wonder and sweet delight, offering up through efforts of your own, the richness of God and mortal life.

~ 4th Endowment 28:41