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For the test which would prove the greatest burden in living the mortal life is not found in the trials which rage without, but within the heart instead; for within the heart there sits enthroned the ego of the self.

And whichsoever of all my children should make subdued the ego which rules within, even they shall continue onward in following after God, even till they shall receive a fullness of all our glory, to be made as Gods and Goddesses in the kingdoms of the greater Light, even worlds without end.

~ 4th Endowment 5:54-55


Detach yourself, therefore, from the demands of inward pride, letting go the self within, that when there should rise up against you the hurt of prideful men, even in the very moment shall you remain untouched by such inward gloom as would fill the heart with dark despair, for in detachment do you let go the ego of the self.

Let go, therefore, the self within, and there shall well up within you a deep and inward calm which would shield your love from bitter wrongs;

~ 4th Endowment 11:47-48


For it is the ego within which would hold you captive to lesser things, being yourself always afflicted by hurtful passions, having yourself become seduced by the pride of the outward self which all men see, to present itself the only man worthy of consideration.

While yet the inward self which is fashioned of spirit and soul together, this the outward man would treat with cool disdain, claiming it ever foolish and filled with dreams, proving itself of lesser worth than the things which can be seen or in the hand most firmly held.

~ 4th Endowment 12:11-12


20. But in that moment when you were born into mortal life, then did the senses of the body weave together a veil which would separate you from a sure recollection of that Paradise from which you came.

21. To place in opposition to your true spirit which comes from God, a false and darker image which would speak always of “I”, or “Me”, or “Mine”, being itself most pretentious and ever grasping.

22. Seeing in the mortal life the only life worthy of consideration or desire, becoming of itself that dark speaker which would struggle against the true spirit within you.

23. For this dark speaker is itself false and knows only the things of the mortal life, becoming in itself the ego which would push and goad, being itself ever prideful and filled with many wants, grasping always for the things which have no life, seeking for itself the praise and glory of men and not God.

24. Know then that in your true spirit is there found immortality and the seeds of eternal life, for it is born of God; but the ego which dwells within, even this dark speaker is without such immortality or eternal life altogether, causing that it should always fear the coming of death.

25. For this cause does the dark speaker within you, being itself the ego, rise up continually against the desires of your greater self, making against you some great demand, ever mocking the things it cannot see or hear or taste or feel, proclaiming always within your mind that in the mortal life is the only true reality ever found.

26. Thus, on the battlefield of the soul does your true spirit struggle daily against that dark speaker which is born of this life only, each contending within your heart for the mastery of the self.

27. This then is the source from which the ego is made to live in the affairs of every man and every woman, being born of the mortal life only, being itself blind to the things which come from God.

28. Being fashioned of pride and greed and ever fearful, causing that it should stand within the very heart of you, proclaiming itself the only true self, causing that there should well up within you the lower passions of the mortal life, to fill you constantly with anger and jealousy and hurtful pride.

39. Striving, itself, by every means to subdue the spirit within you, to seduce it through the lustings of the flesh, to fill you with blindness whereby you should not see the things which come from God; neither can you hear them, being yourself unable to comprehend.

30. For the ego is a noisome thing filled with great distractions of which there seem no end, ever striving to seduce you through the promise of reward, being yourselves most eager in seeking after wealth, or fame, or power, or the good opinions of those you envy most.

31. For it is this dark speaker which would seek to hold you in a firm but desperate grip, being itself most hopeful in controlling and manipulating you altogether, to keep you in servitude always to the ego of the self.

~ 4th Endowment 12:20-31


Know then, my children, and remember always that it is you alone which would cause that the ego should rule so harshly within the heart; for whensoever you are touched by pride or filled with envy, whensoever you would prove yourself petty or filled with greed, seeking for yourself the praise and envy of lesser men, even then do you add to the ego even some greater strength by which it might seize hold of you.

Then are you made as the hunted hare, being chased about and always driven from one want unto another, being yourselves ever hunted and tormented by the dark speaker within; for the ego is like a raging lion which would stride within you and round about you, seeking whomsoever it may devour.

For this I tell you for your learning, that the battle between the greater and lesser portion is not found in such adversities as do swirl about you, but rather is it found within the very soul of you.

For such trials and hardships which come upon you from time to time, even these are made the teacher which would make known within your own heart, the thing which rules within, whether it be the raging tempest of the ego or that gentle song which comes from God.

~ 4th Endowment 12:34-37


Thus, if you would master the self within, then must you let go the ego which would fill you up with trouble and woe, to set at liberty the heart and spirit together.

~ 4th Endowment 12:44


But if you would detach yourself from the ego within, to let go that dark speaker which would hold you captive, then shall there rise up that inward calm which would set the heart at rest.

For in this calmness is there given a sweet assurance, proclaiming in your heart midst storm and wind and fire, that you are that greater self, which self is made to dwell in the very heart of God forever.

And in that moment shall the ego stand defeated, being shaken loose of its desperate grip upon the mind, and then shall you see the good which you might do, becoming in yourself one with God and God in you.”

~ 4th Endowment 12:47-49


If, therefore, you would hear the voice of God, then prepare well the heart and mind together, letting go the ego which does but push and goad; and in a time and place made sacred through prayers and meditations, yield your soul to God.

~ 4th Endowment 19:46