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Gnostic Autumnal Equinox

Festival of  Harvest & Thanksgiving


Excerpts from the Song of God

7th Endowment 4:28-29, 39-45

Let then the first day of autumn be for you a time of joy and quiet reflection;

recounting in your heart and mind even all the blessings in your life;

holding up before your family and friends the realness of God in all the things you see.


Celebrate with joy therefore the blessings which God has given through the year;

proving yourself as one most grateful, having become through faith, a child of God made strong in life; having borne with godly grace the trials and hardships which often come,

to mingle themselves among the good....


If then you would have God draw close to you in the living of your life,

then prove yourself most grateful of all your many blessings;

for it is the grateful child we answer first when hardships overwhelm,

being ourselves most eager quick to rescue and uplift, providing for you that subtle path where you might safely tread, until at last again you shine, having traveled through the storm.


Look then into yourself and tell me what you see:

Are you now as one most grateful for the blessings in your life,

being yourself as most aware of all that’s good and bright?

Can you count within your mind the blessings which fall from God,

or feel within the touch of angels which quietly walk beside you?


Or are you now as one made blind, having a mind which cannot see;

filled with hurts and great resentments which you will not let go?

Do you insist and make demands and fill your heart with anger,

or have you surrendered and given up to sit in great despair,

overwhelmed by constant shadows which fill you up with gloom?


Do you feel that all is bad and that nothing good will come,

proving yourself as one unwilling to see the light around you,

dismissing with a bitter ease the blessings which fall from God;

disclaiming with most sullen words that these but fall beneath you,

demanding still with baleful looks that you deserve much more?


Tell me child, where do you stand between the light and shadow?

Do not think I here but chide you or make some great demand,

for in my words I seek to heal and take you by the hand;

guiding gently here and there as you yourself permit;

carefully moving through the darkness to place you in the light.


Be grateful and give forth thanks for all that God has done,

for gratitude is made the gift which you would give yourself;

to shield the heart from great despair and guard the mind from blindness;

opening up before your eyes the blessings all around you.


Celebrate a day of thanks a day of happy harvest,

gathering up within your heart the blessings which come from God;

sowing deep within your life the seeds of future blessings

and thereby make a happy life that’s surely worth the having.


7th Endowment 4:28-29, 39-45



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