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Chapter 4

The Spring and Autumn Festivals

Festival of Lovers: vernal equinox – The power of love and the grace of oneness – Be not deceived by false love – Celebrate the forming of true love – How is true love revealed? – Grace: the calm acceptance of all things – Scriptural examples of love and grace – Commemorating the love of your Heavenly Parents – Festival of Harvest and Thanksgiving: autumnal equinox – Celebrating the blessings God has given – “The value of your life is what you give it” – Unlocking the power within – The burden of complaints – “Learn to want the things you have” – Are you grateful or are you blind? – Gratitude: the gift you give yourself


1  And so my child is it needed for your good that you should celebrate the summer and winter solstice, to be for you and the generations after you the two great holidays of the year; that you may be drawn closer unto God through the expression of joy and jubilation.

2  Yet unto these would I add another two, which two festivals shall take place on the two equinoxes of the year, first in the spring and then the autumn; for on the day of the first equinox shall you celebrate the Spring Festival of Lovers, but in the second equinox shall you celebrate the Festival of Harvest and Thanksgiving.

3  Thus on the day of the vernal equinox shall women and men commemorate the love which binds together two loving hearts; creating from their tender passions a brightly glowing oneness, which oneness is the greatest of all treasures both on earth or in Heaven found.

4  For this I tell you for your learning, that whenever a woman and a man shall become as one, even in that moment are they drawn into the oneness of God; to feel within themselves that good and tender ache which soft foreshadows a far greater love, for in love is there found the greatest power of all.

5  Come then and let us consider within the heart the power of love and the grace of oneness, and in the doing prove enlightened; for in love and oneness is there a mystery far greater than any other; having of its own desire fashioned all the realms of Heaven and all the wonders contained therein.

6  Know then my child that in the affairs of the heart does love prove a mighty force, being in its nature the reformer and transformer of those who truly love; for true love conforms itself only unto God, and those who should love another with all true affection, even they are become as someone altogether new through the power of love.

7  For it matters not the former state of any woman or man, whether they be bad or good; for if they truly love, having put another’s needs above their own, even they do reform themselves through the loving of another, having themselves let go the smallness of former times.

8  And if both the woman and the man should truly love, each having set aside themselves for the sake of the other, then are they together transformed into a state of bliss and joy; to become themselves as one together, and this because of such grace as does exist between them; becoming themselves through oneness a power far greater than any adversity.

9  And against those who become as one shall even death appear most feeble, being itself unable to break apart or separate either the woman or the man from one another; for in God are they become as one forever, having themselves been transformed by a power far beyond themselves, being themselves conformed into the very likeness of God, and this through love.

10  Be not deceived therefore concerning love, for many would speak of love pledging to you their true devotion, but being themselves for themselves only; seeking above all other things to fulfill themselves at your expense; forcing that you should always give while they should always take, to give you little in return.

11  Always demanding that you should change while they remain the same; always seeking that you conform to please themselves, while you are left as one made miserable through the pretensions of another.

12  Hear then and be forewarned, for I would not have you to become as one of these, who for your own sake would proclaim your love for another whereby you might be satisfied while another is left empty and filled with great despair, becoming themselves disillusioned by such love as you would proffer.

13  Thus in the Spring Festival of Lovers shall you celebrate the shaping and forming of true love between you and another; comporting yourself with all manner of grace and consideration for the one you love; proving yourself most dedicated in your imitation of such a love as does exist between your Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father.

14  Let then the woman and the man celebrate themselves and the love which they have made; comporting themselves with grace and tenderness; extolling to one another the virtues of the other and the reason for their love, establishing through romance a great eternal bond.

15  Being each most true devoted in the learning of grace, both in speech and manner, extending to one another through grace the true love which is born first of spirit filled with passions; seeking only to fulfill the needs of the one they love, even above their own self.

16  How then shall you know true love to see it in another, or to feel it in yourself? Through what learned means is true love revealed, causing that it should rise above all lesser things to fill your heart with joyful promise?

17  Hear then and be you wise: for it is grace which reveals the true love you seek; for grace is the calm acceptance of all things, both in Heaven and on earth, being itself created by those of good desire, shaping through tender speech and gentle manner the very fount from which true love flows.

18  In what place then shall you find a good example, to see for yourself the power of grace and love together mingled, like lovers in a dance? Go then and in the scriptures read.

19  Have you not read of Kronus and Yoshibeth? Have you not read of Moshe and Dedrah, or of Abbahdon and Gaia, or even of The One and myself together in love forever? Go then and let this prove a good example worthy of imitation; for in life is it given that the child should imitate the parents, to follow in their steps.

20  If then you would know at last the true love which would bind forever two hearts and two minds to make them one in God, then go and learn the ways of grace, both in speech and courtly manner.

21  That you may create between you and another, the womb from which true love shall spring up even as a living thing, to become yourself enraptured by a love beyond your dreams.

22  Thus on the day of the vernal equinox shall both the woman and the man celebrate the Festival of Lovers, taking upon themselves the examples of God the Mother and the Father; learning through imitation the power of grace and love in the mingling of their lives.

23  For in the Spring Festival of Lovers do you commemorate the love which the Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father bear for each other; to hold them up before your eyes as the only true example worthy of emulation.

24  Yet in what manner shall you strive to emulate, to prove your love an equal? Can you set aside your lesser self and find the greater Self within? Shall your love prove small and petty, made of great demands? Or shall it prove the very song which angels rush to sing?

25  All these things do you determine, both you and the one you love; being each yourselves in every part the promise and fulfillment, becoming to each the other’s breath a song most finely made.

26  Let then the vernal equinox prove for you a time of joy, filled with song and dance, kind words and tender romance; a time of giving and sharing, of reaching higher still, to celebrate the love you feel for the one you hold most dear.

27  And as you would celebrate the coming of spring, to be for you a time of renewal and romance, even so would I appoint for your sake the festival of the autumnal equinox; to be for you a time of harvest and thanksgiving.

28  Let then the first day of autumn be for you a time of joy and quiet reflection; recounting in your heart and mind even all the blessings in your life; holding up before your family and friends the realness of God in all the things you see.

29  Celebrate with joy therefore the blessings which God has given through the year; proving yourself as one most grateful, having become through faith, a child of God made strong in life; having borne with godly grace the trials and hardships which often come, to mingle themselves among the good.

30  Come my child and give your heart and I shall give you counsel, for the value of your life is what you give it; for you were born a child of God and in you the power lies, being itself revealed through faith; to be in you a mighty force which would make of you a master, a master of your life.

31  How then shall you unlock the power which lies most deep within, the power which would shape your days to fill you up with goodness, causing that you should happy harvest the abundance of many blessings in the living of mortal life?

32  What is the key that turns the lock to set the power free, placing in your heart and mind the power of great resolve, causing that you should stand with God, to prove yourself a light, shining brightly in the world to give to others hope?

33  Come now and let us reason, let us find the answer; for there are many who sit in darkness, filled with endless woe; moaning always of their hurt, seeing nothing good, proving themselves as those made blind to the power which lies within; fouling the very air they breathe with a litany of complaints.

34  For each complaint becomes a burden, every grievance a blinder makes, causing that those who feel most burdened should feel their lives a curse; being themselves pressed down by sorrows which seem to never end, being themselves as those made blind to the goodness in their life.

35  Proving themselves as those ungrateful for the blessings which swirl about, (blessings falling from above like autumn leaves of gold) being themselves most fixed determined to sit within their gloom; spitting out with hurtful venom one complaint upon another to make their lives a waste.

36  Do you wish to be like this, a spoiled ungrateful child; always hurt and filled with tears, your days a constant shadow, with angry words and bitter thoughts and anxious for revenge?

37  Or do you wish a life of joy, a life that’s worth the having, a life of light and filled with vigor that makes you want to sing; gathering up within your arms the blessings which come from God, proving yourself a grateful child through words of great thanksgiving?

38  Let me then this counsel give that you may prove most wise: learn to want the things you have, let go your disappointments; for life is made of little things, of moments stitched together, each a rung upon a ladder or a link within a chain, and you alone are made the author which determines what shall be, a ladder that lifts you up to God or a chain that weighs you down.

39  If then you would have God draw close to you in the living of your life, then prove yourself most grateful of all your many blessings; for it is the grateful child we answer first when hardships overwhelm, being ourselves most eager quick to rescue and uplift, providing for you that subtle path where you might safely tread, until at last again you shine, having traveled through the storm.

40  Look then into yourself and tell me what you see: Are you now as one most grateful for the blessings in your life, being yourself as most aware of all that’s good and bright? Can you count within your mind the blessings which fall from God, or feel within the touch of angels which quietly walk beside you?

41  Or are you now as one made blind, having a mind which cannot see; filled with hurts and great resentments which you will not let go? Do you insist and make demands and fill your heart with anger, or have you surrendered and given up to sit in great despair, overwhelmed by constant shadows which fill you up with gloom?

42  Do you feel that all is bad and that nothing good will come, proving yourself as one unwilling to see the light around you, dismissing with a bitter ease the blessings which fall from God; disclaiming with most sullen words that these but fall beneath you, demanding still with baleful looks that you deserve much more?

43  Tell me child, where do you stand between the light and shadow? Do not think I here but chide you or make some great demand, for in my words I seek to heal and take you by the hand; guiding gently here and there as you yourself permit; carefully moving through the darkness to place you in the light.

44  Be grateful and give forth thanks for all that God has done, for gratitude is made the gift which you would give yourself; to shield the heart from great despair and guard the mind from blindness; opening up before your eyes the blessings all around you.

45  Celebrate a day of thanks a day of happy harvest, gathering up within your heart the blessings which come from God; sowing deep within your life the seeds of future blessings and thereby make a happy life that’s surely worth the having.

46  Take therefore these two festivals, both in the spring and autumn found, and add them to the first; that you may have appointed a time of holiday filled with cheer; to fill the year at equal parts with happy celebrations; making rich this life you live and filled with deeper meanings.