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…for honor is born through the keeping of your word, being yourself most firmly guided through the tenets of your faith.

Be you then as one most focused in knowing what is important, having set aside all lesser things for the joy of reaching forth; becoming yourself as one immune to the doctrines made of men, proving yourself an example of faith and honor mingled, knowing full well the path you tread through the covenants which you have made.

~ 7th Endowment 5:22-23


28. For the justice of God is a fruitful tree, and if you choose yourselves to plant it within the heart, then is there made to spring up within you that moral center which would encourage you always to act rightly and not amiss.

29. Possessing within the very midst of you the shining light of honor and integrity and respect towards every man and every woman, and children also.

30. For these are the gifts which you give yourselves to be, which gifts no man can take from you by force or slander; for in such goodness as you embrace are you made the masters of yourselves.

31. While those who are without honor and integrity and respect, even these do lose the mastery of all their heart and mind and soul; having surrendered themselves to such forces as do swirl about them, being themselves discontent and anxious, filled with uncertainties and shadows of every kind.

32. Becoming themselves the stuff of which the graves are made, even while yet they live, being themselves oppressed and harried throughout their lives; to become themselves as fallen and broken upon the rocks and hard places of such a mind and heart as they possess.

33. If then you would be the master of your life, then choose for yourselves the justice of God, to become yourselves the redeemer and proclaimer of goodly things; giving to your own soul the gifts of honor and integrity and respect.

34. For in the ways of honor would you establish the sovereignty of your own selves while yet you move through the affairs of common men; refusing with steadfast heart to surrender yourselves to the lower passions which would rip and tear asunder.

35. Being yourselves both calm and self-possessed in the midst of trouble, being yourselves honest in word and deed, being forthright and filled with goodness; possessing in yourselves a noble bearing, yet without pride and haughtiness; using the truth for goodness only and refraining your hands from mischief.

36. For the honor which is born within you does make the man which others see, but in the gift of integrity is there made the man which you alone can see.

37. Having in yourselves a soundness of character filled with strength, being yourselves diligent in holding onto God for goodness sake; standing rightly within yourselves free of shame and hurtful guilt, but being yourselves complete and made content.

38. Striving always with an eager heart to reach higher still, being ever watchful within the mind to refrain from such bitter words as would make the heart most dark within; but becoming yourselves optimistic and filled with hope, being yourselves sustained by a good and happy humor, filled with brightness and happy calm.

39. Accepting with godly grace the storms which rage about, and this without complaint; for in your inward heart are you made indomitable and resolute through such integrity as you possess; causing that others should see in you a safe and happy haven in the midst of all their sorrows.

40. Thus would honor and integrity serve you well, if you would yourselves so choose, presenting to those who know you, the honor which they see, and the integrity which they feel; causing that they should desire to be even as you are, and this through the respect which you do show to every man and every woman.

41. For respect is the road upon which your honor and integrity would walk, to go themselves into the affairs of common men; presenting with most charming grace the very seed from which the justice of God might be born within them also.

42. Therefore, be you respectful and filled with grace towards every man and every woman, possessing in yourselves a courteous and gracious etiquette filled with manners of charm and style; by such means shall you walk smoothly and untroubled throughout the affairs of low and common men.

43. Esteeming every man and every woman as worthy to receive of you the goodly portion, covering with your own grace the rudeness which others speak and do; establishing through tireless efforts the foundations of peace and justice.

44. For of your life would I reveal a mystery and a wonder, for you are the power of God upon the earth, if it so be that you should elect yourselves to do much good; becoming yourselves the imitators of heavenly things, being yourselves established in the depths of the Father and the Mother from which you come.

~ 4th Endowment 22:32-44


For a life without covenant and devoid of honor is a pale and shallow thing, proving itself not worth the having, becoming itself swallowed up and empty, being no better than the lowest of common things filled with tediums which have no end.

~ 7th Endowment 5:8


Remember well and practice daily the rules of honor and integrity, for a life without honor is a dark and burdensome thing, and except you possess within yourselves the light of integrity, then shall your life appear as dark and filled with trouble.

Commit yourself with confidence to those who live honorably, but withhold your hand from those who have no honor; accepting from such neither favor nor advantage, for it is unseemly that those who live honorably should prove indebted to those who have no honor: For what communion has light with darkness?

Be you, therefore, as one made firm of mind and deeply fixed within, being yourselves neither swayed nor moved midst blame or praise, but being yourselves most firmly committed to do the goodly thing; not yielding to the smallness of others, but cleaving with steadfast heart to the things which come from God, for in God alone shall you find the beauty of yourselves.

Causing that you should show towards all men, whether good or bad, a kind and courteous manner, made of grace and art together; for except you take joy in the happiness and well-being of others, you yourselves will not be happy, becoming within yourselves devoid of every beauty, being instead consumed by envy and petty jealousies filled with vain and empty wants.

~ 4th Endowment 28:3-6


Prove yourself a good and worthy friend, being yourself honorable and trustworthy, and there will come to stand beside you those of like mind and similar disposition.

~ 4th Endowment 28:14


...“Covenants consecrate life, and honor gives value. And with each covenant that I make, more sacred my life becomes; and through the keeping of my honor, more value my life receives.”

~ 7th Endowment 5:6


…for the nearness of God do you determine through the keeping of your word, proving yourself a child of honor and worthy of consideration; having drawn from God the likeness of God in all you say and do.

~ 7th Endowment 5:21


Be yourself a child of honor through a good and holy conscience, keeping always the word you give as your faith in God demands; acting always as God would act if standing in your place, permitting that there should speak for you a host of goodly deeds.

For there are some which speak of honor, a thing which they don’t have, seeking only for some advantage, pursuing through their empty words to take you by surprise, seeking always your good opinion which helps them to deceive.

Be not like unto these, who for a pretense would make themselves seem good; proclaiming always with boastful words that they are the ones with honor; while behind the words the darkness moves to catch you unaware.

Therefore, let your actions proclaim your honor while you remain most quiet; for the word you keep is good enough to make your virtue shine; for there is no power upon the earth which can rob from you your honor except you should first consent.

~ 7th Endowment 5:31-34


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