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Chapter 22

(Moshe continued) – Required of God to break laws that cause sorrow – “The laws of man are like a net” – Injustice is born of fear – Live life to the fullest, don’t fear death – Serve one master – Give to yourself three gifts: honor, integrity, respect – A God-given book and stories yet written – Redeeming the fallen (dealing with criminals) – Mold with knowledge, not revenge


1  And Moshe continued teaching of the law and justice together, saying: “Be you, therefore, committed within yourselves to honor the laws, for you are accountable to God to keep even all the law with humility and grace, being yourselves sustained and encouraged daily through such love as you do bear within the heart.

2  Yet are you likewise required of God to break at once such laws as would bring hurt to the children of God which are made to live upon the earth.

3  To break in pieces the laws which would rob the soul of such things as do come from God; and this also through the weighty powers of humility and grace together fashioned.

4  Becoming yourselves unfearful of such things as men might do against you for the sake of the law, being yourselves most well instructed in the things which are given you of God; being yourselves shielded against such fears as might rise up within you, for you are filled with benevolence and faith together.

5  To find within your heart and mind together that tower of rock filled with confidence, which confidence would lift you high above the fray, to stand you closer to God whereby he might smile upon you, to guard you well within his arms.

6  For the laws of man should serve only the justice which comes from God; and not submit themselves to the lower passions, becoming themselves shaped and fashioned to serve such greed and anger and hate as might darkly intrude upon the heart.

7  If, therefore, you would rise above the laws and judgments of lesser men, then be you filled with God, for he has shown you what is good already, for what does God require of you except that you do justly and love mercy and walk humbly with your God?

8  And if this be the thing which you would do, then are you beyond the grasp of every law, being in your heart and mind already without offense towards all who live.

9  Giving to all who would approach you, kindness in place of anger, courtesy instead of harshness, and gentle regard in place of cold indifference.

10  For the laws of man are like a net which would capture from out of the midst of you, those which would act against the common good, being themselves without consideration or care towards any man.

11  Becoming themselves as some dread affliction which the law must needs remove, causing that the law should preserve and protect the things which are good and worthy of praise.

12  Hear then and be you wise, for you know already how the net will catch all manner of living things; of things which swim in the sea, or fly in the airs, or move upon the land; yet is there no net which can catch the wind, for the winds of Heaven are beyond the grasp of man.

13  Moving always upon the land to dance among the fields, ever rushing here and there between the heavens and the earth, being itself the breath of God which does refresh and enliven the whole earth together.

14  In like manner do you become if you will but love and cease your fear, carrying in your heart and mind the justice which comes from God, being yourselves filled with mercy and understanding and kindness always; becoming yourselves as one sovereign, immutable and everlasting.

15  For if you rightly love, then is there no room for fear, for the wisdom of God dwells in you; and if you are just and filled with mercy, then are you made the redeemer of those which fall, being yourself filled with faith and hope together.

16  For injustice is born of fear, which fear gives way to anger, causing that anger should bear the bitter fruit of hate; and those who are thus ensnared, even they do inflict upon many others the hurt of many sorrows filled with tears.

17  If then you would have the justice which comes from God, then be you free of such fears as lesser men have, and this through love and gentleness; letting slip from your mind the shadows of doubt and dread, filling your mind instead with the knowledge which comes from God, to live it day by day.

18  Do not, therefore, fear such laws as men do make, neither fear you death besides; for if you fear the law, you cannot truly love; and if you should fear the touch of death, then are you unable to live happily and in joy, being yourselves tainted through many fears, being yourselves haunted night and day by many shadows.

19  For life is rich in abundance and sweet delight, being made sweeter still because you have let go your fear of death; for even God has given you the life you live; therefore, live it well and fully deep.

20  And as it is with life, so is it with death also, for you are appointed in each life but once to die; spend, therefore, most bravely well the death appointed, that you might fill the sum of all your life with a meaning rich and greatly rare.

21  For those who have in their heart the justice which comes from God, even these do not fear death, neither do they fear such things as men might do against them.

22  For they know that God shall restore the faithful and the just, to heal them of all their hurt; to receive them well into Heaven’s glory, to dwell beyond the stars, being made one with the very angels and even God forever.

23  Know then that in such knowledge as God would give is there found the seeds of strength and rich reward; which knowledge shall chase away your fears, if it so be that you should embrace it to live it well; causing that you should prove courageous and filled with goodness.

24  But if you should fear for your life, being yourselves fearful of the law and of death, then is love not made perfect within you; for the justice of God is drawn from love and mercy together, and whosoever is filled with fear, then in that person is the justice of God not found.

25  Choose, therefore, the path which you will walk, for you are called to choose between fear and joy, love and hate, justice and injustice; choosing for your own selves to whom you would give account, either to God or to man; for it is not given that you should serve two masters, but only one instead, and this with all your might and soul and heart.

26  But if you would excuse yourself to remain as you are, to follow not the God of Heaven, being yourself led astray by the ego which rules within already; or if you would use sophistries to turn aside the word of God to make it of no effect, then are you become as one lost and fallen away; to be consumed yourself by perplexities and confusions of your own making, being ever fearful and filled with dread.

27  How then shall the righteous comport themselves; how move, how speak, how live? For if you would bring forth the justice of God to dwell in the affairs of men, then must you prove yourselves the very seed from which all good things come.

28  For the justice of God is a fruitful tree, and if you choose yourselves to plant it within the heart, then is there made to spring up within you that moral center which would encourage you always to act rightly and not amiss.

29  Possessing within the very midst of you the shining light of honor and integrity and respect towards every man and every woman, and children also.

30  For these are the gifts which you give yourselves to be, which gifts no man can take from you by force or slander; for in such goodness as you embrace are you made the masters of yourselves.

31  While those who are without honor and integrity and respect, even these do lose the mastery of all their heart and mind and soul; having surrendered themselves to such forces as do swirl about them, being themselves discontent and anxious, filled with uncertainties and shadows of every kind.

32  Becoming themselves the stuff of which the graves are made, even while yet they live, being themselves oppressed and harried throughout their lives; to become themselves as fallen and broken upon the rocks and hard places of such a mind and heart as they possess.

33  If then you would be the master of your life, then choose for yourselves the justice of God, to become yourselves the redeemer and proclaimer of goodly things; giving to your own soul the gifts of honor and integrity and respect.

34  For in the ways of honor would you establish the sovereignty of your own selves while yet you move through the affairs of common men; refusing with steadfast heart to surrender yourselves to the lower passions which would rip and tear asunder.

35  Being yourselves both calm and self-possessed in the midst of trouble, being yourselves honest in word and deed, being forthright and filled with goodness; possessing in yourselves a noble bearing, yet without pride and haughtiness; using the truth for goodness only and refraining your hands from mischief.

36  For the honor which is born within you does make the man which others see, but in the gift of integrity is there made the man which you alone can see.

37  Having in yourselves a soundness of character filled with strength, being yourselves diligent in holding onto God for goodness sake; standing rightly within yourselves free of shame and hurtful guilt, but being yourselves complete and made content.

38  Striving always with an eager heart to reach higher still, being ever watchful within the mind to refrain from such bitter words as would make the heart most dark within; but becoming yourselves optimistic and filled with hope, being yourselves sustained by a good and happy humor, filled with brightness and happy calm.

39  Accepting with godly grace the storms which rage about, and this without complaint; for in your inward heart are you made indomitable and resolute through such integrity as you possess; causing that others should see in you a safe and happy haven in the midst of all their sorrows.

40  Thus would honor and integrity serve you well, if you would yourselves so choose, presenting to those who know you, the honor which they see, and the integrity which they feel; causing that they should desire to be even as you are, and this through the respect which you do show to every man and every woman.

41  For respect is the road upon which your honor and integrity would walk, to go themselves into the affairs of common men; presenting with most charming grace the very seed from which the justice of God might be born within them also.

42  Therefore, be you respectful and filled with grace towards every man and every woman, possessing in yourselves a courteous and gracious etiquette filled with manners of charm and style; by such means shall you walk smoothly and untroubled throughout the affairs of low and common men.

43  Esteeming every man and every woman as worthy to receive of you the goodly portion, covering with your own grace the rudeness which others speak and do; establishing through tireless efforts the foundations of peace and justice.

44  For of your life would I reveal a mystery and a wonder, for you are the power of God upon the earth, if it so be that you should elect yourselves to do much good; becoming yourselves the imitators of heavenly things, being yourselves established in the depths of the Father and the Mother from which you come.

45  Being yourselves not fearful in following after the God which loves you, neither are you constrained in reaching higher still to seize the greater portion; having set free your mind from the delusions of this life, being eager with happy hearts to endure all things, bear all things, hope all things.

46  For at the birth of all your lives does God give into your keeping a book most finely made, having on its many pages neither word nor spotted blemish, becoming within itself pure and white and filled with expectation.

47  And to the infant child from which you come does God but sweetly speak, saying: “Choose for yourself the life you live, and write herein the man or woman you wish to be, shaping day by day the likeness of your nature.

48  Write, therefore, my good and noble child a story filled with goodness; causing that the very angels should sing in Heaven, the wonders of this life you weave; to touch for yourself the soul of God, and in their bosom dwell forever and anon.”

49  In this manner has God whispered into the ear of every child, yet in the living of your life have you permitted that the book which God did give should slip from the chambers of your heart, to fall beside the way where strangers and darkness lurk; and to these have you given the power to write therein, to decide for themselves the nature and disposition of all your life.

50  Rise up, therefore, within your soul and in despair no longer droop, but seize with eager heart the book again and on its pages write; distilling yet on every page of things sublime and filled with light.

51  To seize again this life you live and as its master prove; fashioning here and writing there the song which God would sing, to make the earth and Heaven ring; resounding through the days of all your life, love for love and grace for grace.

52  Be you then as just and good and in God’s mercy dwell, to break asunder the chains of hell which men themselves do make; establishing through the life you live the justice of God upon the earth, proving through word and deed the worth of every soul.

53  Consider then the fallen which are among you and the means by which you might reclaim them, sending forth within their darkness a great and piercing light; to stand you forth as the redeemer of those forgotten and forlorn.

54  For the weight of the law does but harden the fallen against you, to fill them with bitter rage; causing that when the fallen are let go again, they will add to their crimes still greater and greater crimes.

55  Having themselves been afflicted by the harshness of the law which would impose upon them the burdens of despair and hopelessness and fear; causing that there should be born out of such bitter soil, a deep and cunning hate filled with the seeds of many sorrows yet to come.

56  Know then that when you see the fallen, it is their environment which has made them so; for crime is born out of poverty and ignorance and dark despair; causing that there should well up within the poor and disenfranchised a great many desperations filled with harsh and grasping needs.

57  Thus, is it needful that those who should commit crimes must of necessity forfeit their right to exercise the will as they themselves might choose, for the environment from which they came has corrupted the will against the good.

58  Yet in restraining the fallen must you not abuse them, to heap upon them a wrath and bitterness filled with tears; but instead must you create within them a new and pleasing environment filled with worth and hope; not fashioned out of pleasure and ease, but made of challenges and good achievement.

59  And this through knowledge and not revenge, for all knowledge is environment, and if you should take the fallen which you have seized, to educate them in various and sundry fields, to give to them hope in place of despair, knowledge in place of ignorance and a firm, but gentle kindness in place of all their fear; then when you release them to exercise again their will, then shall they prove themselves unfallen and redeemed.

60  Causing that you should build within their mind, through thoughtful measures, the need for honor, integrity and respect; becoming themselves filled with gentle courtesy and gracious manner.

61  Thus would you establish among yourselves the justice of God and not of man, being yourselves most greatly benefited. Choose then the thing which you would do, and if it be good, then do it with all your might.”

62  Thus spoke the great but gentle Moshe, and when he was concluded, even all his words were written down and sent throughout the world of man; and when he was gone from the earth, then were his words added to the book which came from God.