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Caesar Tiberius


Pronunciation:  SEE-zer + tai-BEER-ee-us

Occurrences:  5

First Reference:  Yeshua 5:48


When Herod heard these things, he relented and sent word that John should be killed. For the power of Rome did he fear greatly, neither would he have Caesar think him weak and of no effect.



See:  Julius Atticus, Claudia Procula


Summary:  The Roman Emperor from 14-37 CE, according to Azrael’s Commentary, Caesar Tiberius became intrigued with Yeshua after hearing accounts that he had healed the sick and raise the dead. Tiberius sent Julius Atticus (Y:29:61-62) to verify the miracles and send reports and drawings of Yeshua back to Rome. Tiberius intended to honor Yeshua in his temple. When he learned that Pilate was looking for Yeshua on grounds of insurrection, Tiberius sent command to have Yeshua brought into his protective custody, but Yeshua was killed before Pilate received the message.


Claudia Procula, the wife of Pontius Pilate, was Tiberius’ niece.



Azrael’s Commentary - Caesar Tiberius


Roman Emperor from 14-37 CE. Later in his life, Tiberius lived on the island of Capri, in a large palatial villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As Tiberius grew old, his fear of sickness and death caused him to send spies throughout the empire in the hope that they might find that one special person who might prove a god in mortal disguise; for it was Caesar’s intent to honor such a person in exchange for immortality for himself.


The reason for this attitude was simple: the Roman state promoted the belief that the Emperor of Rome was a God worthy of worship by all Romans. Yet Caesar did not feel like a god, and privately he scoffed at the idea. After all, Caesar could get sick just like anyone else. And as he aged, he suffered from the effects of aging.


But as an aging man, Caesar really wanted to be a god; he loved the power and wealth and prestige that came from being the Emperor of the most powerful empire in the world. And Caesar did not want to surrender this power because of death. So anxious did Tiberius become, that he built a special temple on his estate where the gods of all nations would be honored; for he did not want to offend any god who might be able to help him in achieving an immortality of his own. When Tiberius heard from one of his agents about Yeshua and the miracles he performed in healing the sick and raising the dead, Caesar sent Julius Atticus to verify the report (Yeshua 29:61-62).


One reason for sending Julius Atticus was his artistic ability. Several months after Atticus arrived in Jerusalem, Caesar Tiberius received from him a hand drawn portrait of Yeshua. Tiberius took this picture and had a sculptor make a marble bust of Yeshua to put in his temple. It was Caesar’s intention to honor this Galilean who could heal the sick and raise the dead.


Every month Tiberius received a full account of the sayings and doings of Yeshua. When he heard of Pilate’s own surveillance of Yeshua on suspicion of insurrection (Yeshua 10:83), Tiberius sent orders to have Yeshua taken into the Emperor’s personal custody. However, due to the slowness of travel and communication, Yeshua was dead by the time Caesar’s order was placed into the hands of Pontius Pilate. When rumors began to spread that Yeshua had risen from the dead, Tiberius sent hundreds of agents into Israel to find him. But all their efforts proved unsuccessful. Caesar Tiberius was murdered in his bed by his nephew Caligula in 37 CE.





And the soldiers, having received from John the baptism of repentance, asked of him, saying: “What thing shall we do, seeing that we, while yet soldiers unto Caesar, would draw nigh unto God?”

Yeshua 1:14


But Herod would not kill the prophet, for he had regard for him. And seeing this, the scribes and Pharisees spoke to him privily, saying:

“O king, be wise and reject not our counsel; for except you kill this John, we shall be made insecure.

Come now and take heart, for it is a small thing to kill a man, or to make sacrifice for the good of the nation.”

When Herod heard these things, he relented and sent word that John should be killed. For the power of Rome did he fear greatly, neither would he have Caesar think him weak and of no effect.

Yeshua 5:45-48


But Philip was without any child to succeed him and he oftentimes grew weak of heart because of fever, and many feared for him lest he die and Herod Antipas lay claim before Caesar against all the land.

Yeshua 20:48


Tell us, therefore, what say you of taxes which the Romans impose? Is it just to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?”

But Yeshua, perceiving the trickery of their hearts, spoke, saying: “You hypocrites, for what just cause would you entangle me? Show me the tribute money.”

And they gave unto the Lord a silver denarius. And the Lord showing it unto the people, said:

“Whose image and inscription do you see?” They answered, “Caesar’s.”

Then said the Lord unto them, “Give unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and give unto God the things which are God’s.”

Now when the Zealots heard this they seethed with indignation against the Lord, for he commanded that all men should pay tribute unto Caesar.

Yeshua 29:35-40


Now there was among the people a certain Roman, a tribune which was come from Rome making inquiry concerning Yeshua of Nazareth.

And all which the Lord spoke did the Roman observe closely, and with great care did he write all which he heard, that he might send word unto Caesar regarding him.

Yeshua 29:61-62


Caesar Othellos