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Fen Magurah (mountains of)


Pronunciation:  fen + ma-GUHR-uh

Occurrences:  2

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 14:26


But if, my good and gentle Mother, you will not flee yourself away, to dwell in safety to the mountains of Fen Magurah, then let us now die together; for I would lay aside both rank and privilege that I might rest in death beside you....

Tell me, my Mother, the path which we shall go; for in the one is there life and safety in the mountains of Fen Magurah, while on the other there is death and peace forever.

3rd Endowment 14:26, 32



See:  Drakonia, First Power, Kronus Maximillius


Azrael’s Commentary - Fen Magurah, mountains of


The present-day Appalachian mountain range of the eastern United States. During the days of Kronus, the full length and breadth of Fen Magurah was set aside as a private hunting preserve for the Emperor and all other men of power and prestige. Within the Fen Magurah were hundreds of hunting camps. By imperial decree, all hunting within the preserve was restricted to archery and the spear. Hunters on horseback would chase down deer, bear, lion, elk, buffalo, moose and wild boar. Specially trained dogs were used to flush game from thick cover, forcing them out into the open where the chase would commence. The use of guns was strictly forbidden. Hunting by primitive means was considered more manly and more demanding of basic war and survival skills. Any unauthorized person caught hunting or living in the mountains of Fen Magurah was immediately put to death. The entire mountain range was surrounded by a 19-foot steel fence made of razor wire.


Although the world of the First Power was an ecological ruin, the mountains of Fen Magurah were left free of industrial development of any kind; the waters were pure and the air for the most part was free of smog, and acid rain had not yet become a problem. There were no towns, villages, factories or roads within the preserve. The mountains of Fen Magurah were not the only hunting preserve within the empire. There was one other hunting preserve found in the northern portion of the Drakonian Empire. The present-day mountain range known today as the Rocky Mountains was by far the largest. It too, was surrounded by a 19-foot steel wire fence.


Kronus was an avid hunter and he went hunting often in the vast mountains of Fen Magurah. He was an excellent archer and horseman. On one occasion Kronus saved the life of a junior officer who had been pulled from his horse by a large bear. Kronus instantly spun his horse around and charged into the fully enraged bear, killing it with a single shot from his bow. In appreciation for saving the life of a junior officer, the friends of Kronus presented him with the beautifully tanned fur cape of the bear which he had killed. From that day forth, Kronus would always wear the bear cape draped over his shoulders on cold winter days.



Azrael’s Commentary - A’Kontay (excerpt)


[...] The estate of A’Kontay was located in present-day Winchester, Virginia, just eighty-five miles from the city of Trajenium. This estate lay just four miles outside the boundary of the Fen Magurah hunting preserve...As a child, Kronus would gaze at the hills and mountains of Fen Magurah and dream of freedom. He longed to escape with his mother and disappear into the wilderness of the great hunting preserve which was set aside for the enjoyment of the powerful, and leave behind the overwhelming cruelty and barbarism of his father’s house.






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