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Absolute Zero / Ker-El-Shamudef


Occurrences:  Commentary Only

Pronunciation:  kehr-EHL-shah-moo-DEEF




See:  Celestial Kingdom, Councils of Light, Factor X, Kerrillian, Surinatha


Summary:  Mentioned only in Azrael’s Commentary, Absolute Zero is the center point around which all the suns of the Celestial Kingdom revolve. This center point is represented by a very unique planet called Ker-El-Shamudef. The entire planet is made up of a pure, crystallized glass substance called Kerrillian. No one lives on this planet, however it is used as a meeting place by the Council of the Seven Lights, the supreme governing body of Heaven. Ker-El-Shumudef is part of a cosmic machine, collecting unused energy throughout Olaha Shinehah and distributing it to the suns of Kolob.



Azrael’s Commentary — Eternal Round (great): Ker-El-Shamudef (Absolute Zero)

[...] The eternal nature of God depends on two primary factors: 1) the speed at which A-Z particles vibrate and, 2) the influence of Absolute Zero.


As the Olaha Shinehah revolves around the Celestial Kingdom, and as the Celestial Kingdom revolves around the planet of Ker-El-Shamudef, even so does the point of Absolute Zero revolve around another center point of attraction. This point of attraction is the center core of the Surinatha, and as the point of Absolute Zero revolves around the center core of Surinatha, it pulls the Celestial Kingdom and the Olaha Shinehah along with it. This fact has two interesting affects on the kingdoms of Heaven:


1)  It causes the orbits of Olaha Shinehah and the Celestial Kingdom to move forward even as they revolve around their specific centers of attractions.

2)  This forward movement creates the many dimensions, primes and fractals found throughout the kingdoms of Heaven.


But what attracts the planet called Ker-El-Shamudef to orbit around the very center of Surinatha? It is a special type of singularity which God calls Factor X, the Mystery Factor. However, I am not allowed to discuss exactly what that is. All I can say is that the closer a world moves around this Factor X, the more dimensions, primes and fractals which are available. Hence, the Celestial Kingdom commands twelve dimensions, each dimension possesses three primes, with each prime controlling seven fractals. And the Olaha Shinehah, being further away from Factor X, possesses a proportionately less number of dimensions, primes and fractals. It is the tidal forces of Factor X plus the tidal forces represented by the Absolute Zero of Ker-El-Shamudef which create the dimensions of God and Heaven. The region immediately around this point called Factor X, is called by God, the Soli-Endi-Muhat. And it was here that the final battle of the Second War in Heaven occurred (6:12:1-2). Taken all together, Olaha Shinehah, plus the Celestial Kingdom, plus Absolute Zero, plus Factor X is nothing less than a vast machine of cosmic proportions. But all of this is just the first part of the great Eternal Round. [...]



Azrael’s Commentary — Seven Councils of Light

[...] The Seven Councils of Light each have three worlds of their own, and these worlds are assigned by rank and glory to a specific sun of the Kolob. The three worlds which belong to the Council of Elohim revolve around the sun called Xanathea. This sun has the largest orbit around the world of Ker-El-Shamudef, and hence is the furthest away from the center place. The three worlds of El Jor El orbit a sun called Kanthia, and are the closest in orbit around Ker-El-Shamudef.


The world of Ker-El-Shamudef is found in the very center place of the suns of Kolob. All the suns of Kolob orbit around Ker-El-Shamudef. This unique planet is in fact the source to which all unused energy found throughout Olaha Shinehah is sent. This collected energy is sent directly into the suns of Kolob which in turn provide all the energy for all the celestial worlds of Heaven. Ker-El-Shamudef is a very unusual planet, for it is actually constructed of an extremely rare substance called Kerrillian. Thus, Ker-El-Shamudef would appear to you as a sphere of highly rarified, polished glass which would sparkle and dazzle your very senses. Yet it is not glass; its substance is rare even by heavenly standards. On this world you will find no mountains, seas, valleys or anything else that you would normally associate with a living world.


No one lives on Ker-El-Shamudef, it is merely a gathering place for the supreme governing body of all the realms of Heaven. This elite council is known as the Council of the Seven Lights, and convenes only on two occasions: 1) at the behest of The One and Areta, 2) at the Nexus of a new eternity. These gatherings always take place on Ker-El-Shamudef. As a general rule, only those whose glory is that of the Archon or greater are permitted to attend any of the sessions of the supreme council. But on rare occasions, all members of the seven celestial councils may be invited to witness something truly exceptional. [...]




Abraham (Abram)