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James Ben Joseph


Pronunciation:  dzhayms + ben + DZHO-zf

Occurrences:  6

First Reference:  Yeshua 3:7


Therefore, when it was eventide, Yeshua, being the eldest of his brethren, gathered to himself his mother Miriam and with her also were his brothers Judas Thomas, James, Joses and Simon, and of his sisters there were Judith, Esther, and Sarah.



See:  Joseph, Miriam, Yeshua


Summary:  James, later referred to as “James the Just”, was a brother and disciple of Yeshua. After Yeshua’s resurrection, James was among a select group of disciples gathered secretly to be taught the mysteries of gnosis by Yeshua (Y:52:33-46; W:29:12-13). James was appointed by Yeshua to be the first bishop of the gnostic church in Jerusalem (Y:52:39).





Azrael’s Commentary - Abgar Ouchama


[...] After the resurrection, Yeshua sent his brother James to Edessa to heal Abgar of an illness. And although the Toparch of Edessa was healed, he never became a follower of Yeshua because of political reasons.



Azrael’s Commentary - Bartimaeus


[...] In 70 CE, during the siege of Jerusalem, Bartimaeus was killed while trying to defend the brother of Yeshua from an angry mob. The brother was James the Just, Bishop of Jerusalem.



Azrael’s Commentary - Cephas / Simon Bar Jonas


[...] Cephas became the head of the church in Galilee until 55 CE, when he turned the job over to James the brother of Yeshua.[...]


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And when he was completed in teaching the five hundred, he took unto himself privately, the apostles which were appointed, and the women which were appointed also, and unto these did he add his brothers Thomas and James.

For unto Yeshua was it appointed that he should reveal in secret the mysteries of the gnosis, even the hidden knowledge which God alone did know;

Yeshua 52:33-34


Now Yeshua taught in secret for seven weeks of seven days, and on the morning of the fiftieth day did Yeshua set over the first congregation of the faithful, even his own brother James; and unto Jerusalem was he sent to be the first bishop of the church, being known in later years as James the Just of Jerusalem.

Yeshua 52:39


Thus was there given unto Cephas, even all the teachings which Yeshua spoke publicly, from the baptism of John to the betrayal of Judas; while unto his brothers Thomas Didymus and James was there given the post-resurrectional teachings which Yeshua taught in secret regarding the very gnosis.

Yeshua 52:46


And there in the desert of Judea, did John teach to Yeshua the gnosis which came from God, beginning from the days of Adam and Eve when first they strode upon the world of man, even till the days of John; and to Yeshua alone did John reveal the gnosis which leads to transformation, even while in the mortal flesh.

Which gnosis even Yeshua did reveal to those apostles which he did gather secretly around him after the day of his resurrection, both of men and women. And over the gnosis did he place his brothers Thomas and James, and Mary the Beloved also, being herself proclaimed and anointed to be the first Sophia of many mothers.

Wisdom 29:12-13

James Ben Alpheus