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Maxus Drakoni / the Regent


Pronunciation:  MAX-uhs + dra-KO-nai

Occurrences:  1 - Maxus Drakoni  /   33 – the Regent

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 31:11   /  3rd Endowment 12:17


Now at the death of Kronus did the whole empire grow uncertain and filled with fear; and there erupted a great civil war which did pit the Regent, Maxus Drakoni against the Emperor, Drakonus Magnorum.



See:  Drakonia, First Track, First World, Vice Regent


Summary:  During the First Track of the world of the First Power, Maxus Drakoni, referred to as “the Regent”, was the son of Maximillius Drakonus, Emperor of Drakonia (3:12:36). As Regent, Maxus Drakoni served directly under the Emperor, and according to law, would have the first opportunity to succeed the throne at the death of his father (3:15:36-39).


When the Emperor publicly honored the son of Areta by calling him his own son and giving him the imperial ring from his own finger, the Regent became infuriated, feeling betrayed by the cunning actions of his father. It was this event that triggered a secret alliance between the Regent and the Supreme Commander, Seti-Kahn, for they both sought the demise of Kronus Maximillius (3:12:23-44). Despite the efforts of Seti-Kahn and the Regent to plot secretly against Kronus, the Emperor was kept well-informed by his network of spies and hidden listening devices, allowing him to thwart all who sought to scheme against Kronus and the might and power of the Emperor (3:12:52-64; 25:15; 28:63).


While Seti-Kahn was eventually arrested and sentenced to death for treason and conspiracy, the Regent managed to escape any convictions (3:29:56). After the death of Kronus, the Emperor was assassinated and the Regent, Maxus Drakoni, seized the throne (3:31:11-14). He immediately ordered the arrest of Yoshibeth, the beloved of Kronus, whereupon she was stripped and raped to death by the Regent and his men (3:31:18-21).


With the death of the Emperor, a brutal civil war ensued, for Maxus Drakoni and many of the older generation resented the social reforms brought about by Kronus and the Emperor. Having assumed the throne, Maxus Drakoni purged the name of Kronus from the annals of history, and ordered the empire to revert back to its traditional, more repressive systems. Many who served with Kronus, including Ortho Vitelli and Manegus Acquilla, fought against the violence and corruption of the new Emperor, but after two years of battle and a million lives lost, those which were loyal to Kronus were eventually defeated (3:31:15-17, 33-34).





[...] At the death of Kronus, Ortho Vitelli began to see many of the reforms of his friend dismantled and replaced by the old laws and traditions of the past. And when the Emperor proved unable to prevent the harsh measures of the Regent and his cronies, Ortho Vitelli swore to protect and restore the name and memory of his long-time friend. Years of bitter civil war ensued, but in the end it was not enough. Ortho Vitelli died at the battle of Cassa Rio de Gamma.

Azrael’s Commentary — Ortho Vitelli


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Yet before all those assembled did the Emperor sit most solemnly and aloof, having on his right the Regent of the empire, while on his left there brooded the Supreme Commander of all military forces, Seti-Kahn.

3rd Endowment 12:17


Yet in the fortress of Titus Germanicus did the Regent and Seti-Kahn feel themselves safe and secure; and in the secret chambers of the fortress did the Regent rage most violently against his father, exclaiming with bitter words, saying:

“Have you not seen for yourself Seti-Kahn, how my father would dishonor me before the empire; to set in place of me this boy which you alone have sired?” And so saying, the Regent flung his cup at the statue of the Emperor, to strike it full force upon the face.

3rd Endowment 12:57-58


For every Caesar saw for himself some great advantage in the services of so great a man as Kronus, for by his skills in making war would they hope to become foremost in the conquering of new lands and resources, to earn for themselves by so great a feat, the title of Vice Regent to the empire.

For in the Empire of Drakonia was it possible that the Vice Regent should seize for himself the greatest prize of all, to become in himself the Emperor; for by the law of the land was it certain that if the Emperor die, then is the Regent made to succeed him.

Having but one year only, according to the law, to secure the allegiance of all the men of power; and if he succeed in doing this, then is he crowned the Emperor, to rule supreme and undisputed within the borders of the realm.

But if he fail to secure the allegiance of all the men of power, being seen in himself as weak and ineffectual, then is he killed through the treachery and cunning of the Vice Regent, and all his house also; by this means would the empire avoid civil war; then is the Vice Regent crowned Emperor instead.

3rd Endowment 15:36-39


Maximus Drakonus
Maxus Emperium