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Wisdom (Azurgai)


Occurrences:  9

First Reference:  5th Endowment 3:27


Weaving and turning, shaping and gathering, even until there arose from out of the golden streams, seven women clothed in silver light; being themselves naked and unadorned by anything save virtue only; being themselves most beautiful and rare; and the names of the seven were: Wisdom, Benevolence, Faith, Justice, Fortitude, Beauty and Harmony.



See:  Areta, Azurgai, Sodis Sophia


Summary:  The first of the seven Azurgai is identified as ‘Wisdom’ (5:3:27). The Azurgai exist as sovereign and living personifications brought forth to reflect the purest essence of Areta, the Supreme Mother of Heaven. The Azurgai are represented by seven women of virtue. Each of their names are associated with the virtue they reflect: Wisdom, Benevolence, Faith, Justice, Fortitude, Beauty and Harmony (5:3:19-27).


Each of the Azurgai served as surrogate mothers of the Ahgendai (5:3:52-63; 5:7:21-26). The seven virtues personified by the Azurgai are also designated as the pillars of holiness and exaltation (W:26:34-37), from which the seven dispensations of God are derived (4:6:13-56).


Upon first meeting the seven Azurgai, Areta was greeted by Wisdom, who provided a brief yet eloquent introduction regarding the nature, purpose and aspirations of the Azurgai (5:3:28-36).


When the young Ahgendai asked the seven Azurgai by what means he could dwell with the God from which he came, it was Wisdom who replied, revealing to him the path of adversity that would lead to union with his Heavenly Parents, The One and Areta (5:7:27-32).


The last chapter of the book of Wisdom reveals an address given by Wisdom, which communication was given to the author on November 14, 2007. She identifies herself as Sodis Sophia, revealing she was “commissioned to speak to all of God’s children, to reveal in them the Light of lights which leads to transformation” (W:29:1-36). The revelation and inclusion of this chapter marked the completion of the Song of God.





And Wisdom spoke, saying: “To you most holy Mother give we all our sacred greetings. Behold, we are the Azurgai, and even we do wait to serve you. Speak to us your will and even that shall we firmly seek to do.

For we are made the reflections of yourself, being in our several persons alive and fully knowing; being ever ready to speak in counsel or to stand as one together in the doing of your will; to carry throughout the streams of intelligence the sum of your designs; to bring forth in holiness, the hopes and dreams of all your heart.

For I am Wisdom; yet am I not my own wisdom, for I am the wisdom of your soul reflected back to you again; being free of such heavy burdens as you are called to bear from time to time; giving to you a clear and ready counsel untainted by such entanglements as life would cast upon you.

Look then and see, most great and holy Mother, for even these others are made the reflections of yourself also; being themselves sentient and fully knowing; being themselves the purest reflection of all your many virtues, yet being themselves untainted by such entanglements as the Gods themselves must bear.

5th Endowment 3:29-32


Wisdom (Sophiel)