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Benevolence (Azurgai)


Occurrences:  7   (+1  “crown of Benevolence” —  4:11:37-62)

First Reference:  5th Endowment 3:27


Weaving and turning, shaping and gathering, even until there arose from out of the golden streams, seven women clothed in silver light; being themselves naked and unadorned by anything save virtue only; being themselves most beautiful and rare; and the names of the seven were: Wisdom, Benevolence, Faith, Justice, Fortitude, Beauty and Harmony.



See:  Areta, Azurgai


Summary:  “Benevolence” is the name of one of the seven living reflections of Areta, the Supreme Mother of Heaven. The seven emanations of Areta are referred to as the Azurgai, which exist as sovereign and living personifications brought forth to reflect the purest essence of the Supreme Mother. The Azurgai are represented by seven women of virtue. Each of their names are associated with the virtue they reflect: Wisdom, Benevolence, Faith, Justice, Fortitude, Beauty and Harmony (5:3:19-27).


Each of the Azurgai served as surrogate mothers of the Ahgendai (5:3:52-63; 5:7:21-26). The seven virtues personified by the Azurgai are also designated as the pillars of holiness and exaltation (W:26:34-37), from which the seven dispensations of God are derived (4:6:13-56).


Benevolence speaks on two occasions in scripture. The first is in response to The One during their initial introduction to each other (5:3:39-41). During the second occasion, Benevolence encourages the Azraella Ahgendai to meet his Heavenly Parents after he successfully endured and escaped the dark and bitter chaos of the great Abyss (5:10:39-58).





5th Endowment 10:40-58       Benevolence guides and encourages the Azraella to meet his Heavenly Parents         


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Hearing then the voice of The One, there stood forth to speak from out of the Azurgai, the woman called Benevolence; and she spoke most tenderly, saying: “Greetings most dear and sweet Beloved; it is joy for us to hear and see at last, the heart of our desiring.

Know then, most gracious Lover, that such affections and yearnings as Areta does most deeply bear for you, even that do we likewise bear; for we are the reflection of all her heart and soul and mind.

How then shall we prove our good and faithful service? For whatsoever you desire, even that will we strive to do; proving through a good and timely service, our deep devotion and sweet affection to the Supreme Father of All.”

5th Endowment 3:39-41


And there was engraved upon the face of the shield a crown, and in the crown was there engraved the word Benevolence; and under the crown was there likewise engraved four shining pillars which did bear up the crown whereby it might not be sullied by low and common things.

And on each pillar was there found engraved a helpful word, which words were: Detachment, Calmness, Kindness and Humor.

4th Endowment 11:42-43

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