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» Article:  Understanding the Resurrection


“The historical Yeshua of Nazareth was the archetype of what it means to become as “only begotten” while living the mortal life. It was from the life of this historical person that early Christian scholars created the theological construct called Jesus Christ. As true Gnostics therefore, we do believe in the Galilean, and see in him an example worthy of emulation and devotion, but we DO NOT believe in the Jesus Christ found in the Christian faith.”

~ Basic Beliefs #15


Hear now this great mystery and ponder deeply: For this Yeshua of Nazareth whom these men would call Christ, even he is the Father of your soul, being Emmanuel unto the children of men.

~ Wisdom 12:33


3. And the Teacher, turning to those gathered there, said: “Consider how the teachers and preachers of religion have desired to remove you from the Father of your soul, for fear that you should take to yourself some knowledge of him.

4. For they and their fathers before them have established a multitude of doctrines and creeds which have become as a wall to separate you from God; that no one should by any means approach nigh unto God except that they first go to the builders of the wall.

5. Thus would they have you believe that this one whom they call Christ should be brought forth of a virgin, being conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit; that he, being unlike the natural man, might be made free from sin.

6. Thus, by such a birth would they make Christ a stranger unto the children of men; for they desired to hedge up the way, round about, against even all who would come to a knowledge of God.

7. For by reason of your natural birth have they proclaimed through a million preachers that all people are filled with evil and corruption continually, having been made partakers of Adam’s transgression.

8. Thus would these men proclaim the perfection of Christ, who by his divine nature performed many miracles and mighty works, being made unlike yourself. Yet I tell you truly, that no man is born of a woman except some man first give seed.

9. Why, therefore, have you not fulfilled that measure of God which was granted unto you through the teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth? You have not for you are made to despair continually. For how can you follow Christ seeing that he is unlike the natural man? [...]

24. By such contrivance would the teachers and preachers of religion separate you from the love of God; that being made fearful, they might hedge up the way against you lest you should by some means find again the Father and live.

25. Thus would they make Christ unlike the natural man, being perfect; that by his death all people might stand condemned before the cross, being made worthy of all reproach.

26. Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear; for I tell you truly that the love of God manifest itself not in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ as these men would have you suppose, but rather in those things which Yeshua desired to teach unto the children of men.

27. That by the exercise of a goodly faith unto good works, they might draw nigh again unto the Father of their soul, being made holy even as he is holy.

~ Wisdom 12:3-9, 24-27


Consider how there are given many great and holy books. Why, therefore, has the house of Christ behaved presumptuously?

For they have proclaimed to the world that the Bible is the greater, being the only word of God unto the children of men; while all others are false and filled with evil.

Why have the preachers of religion proclaimed aloud that except a man be of the house of Christ, they shall perish forever in great torment?

Truly I speak unto you the will of the Father, that there shall not be so much as one child to perish by reason of such priestcrafts as these men proclaim. For the love of the Father is sufficient even unto the weakest of the children of men.

~ Wisdom 26:23-26


6. Beware therefore, the house of Christ, beware the house of Joseph; for they know not God or the ways of Heaven, being ignorant of the gnosis; being in their inward heart uncertain and afraid, while yet they boast and proudly speak of things they do not know.

7. For this I give you for your learning, that you might be preserved; be friendly and kind in all your speech, go happily upon the way; but resist with firmness and do not yield, neither seek to compromise: for what communion has light with darkness, or by what means shall wisdom and ignorance agree?

8. For the house of Christ is just a shadow and the Bible a dark illusion, each to each most strongly fashioned by men who knew not God; always babbling some foolish speech made of contradictions, foisting upon the minds of men one absurdity upon another, filling the world with hurtful dogmas which seem to have no end.

9. Be wise therefore and watch with care for those who would beguile, for the house of Christ is dark and subtle, having dressed itself in great traditions, to present itself as pure; but within the house move dark dominions which serve a hurtful master; for Jehovah would seek your utmost ruin to fill you with despair.

10. Beware of those who come to you with a Bible in their hands and a prayer upon their lips, seeking that you should pray with them and prove yourself as tolerant of the evil in their hands; beware I say, be most aware and do not give an inch.

11. Bow not your head before Jehovah, neither prove silent with those who would worship the Demiurge through fearful prayers, seeking thereby to draw you in for the sake of some agreement whereby you are made an accomplice to darkly hurtful schemes.

12. But stand you brightly calm and filled with kindness, speaking out that you decline, having decided for yourself to cleave to God the Father and the Mother, and not yield yourself to complications for the sake of some agreement.

~ Wisdom 27:6-12

» Article: Understanding the Resurrection