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Chapter 12

What think you of Christ? – Hiding Christ for the sake of church authority – Falsehood of the Virgin Birth – Yeshua born by natural means – The true forgiveness of a father and mother – How men would fashion God – Parable: Frightened Children – How the church would separate you from God’s love – Parable: Yeshua of Nazareth meets Jesus Christ – The Heavenly Father, Emmanuel – Beware of churchgoers – “Behold, the kingdom of Heaven is within you” – Invitation to follow the Teacher – Elders of the church grow angry – The will of God and the death of Christ – The Elders denounce the Teacher – Behold, vengeance cometh speedily – God shall purge his house


1  These are the words which the Teacher spoke concerning Yeshua of Nazareth, for there came to him certain elders of the church desiring to speak.

2  And one of them spoke, saying: “How long will you cause us to wonder? Come now and tell us plainly: What think you of Christ? Whose son is he?”

3  And the Teacher, turning to those gathered there, said: “Consider how the teachers and preachers of religion have desired to remove you from the Father of your soul, for fear that you should take to yourself some knowledge of him.

4  For they and their fathers before them have established a multitude of doctrines and creeds which have become as a wall to separate you from God; that no one should by any means approach nigh unto God except that they first go to the builders of the wall.

5  Thus would they have you believe that this one whom they call Christ should be brought forth of a virgin, being conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit; that he, being unlike the natural man, might be made free from sin.

6  Thus, by such a birth would they make Christ a stranger unto the children of men; for they desired to hedge up the way, round about, against even all who would come to a knowledge of God.

7  For by reason of your natural birth have they proclaimed through a million preachers that all people are filled with evil and corruption continually, having been made partakers of Adam’s transgression.

8  Thus would these men proclaim the perfection of Christ, who by his divine nature performed many miracles and mighty works, being made unlike yourself. Yet I tell you truly, that no man is born of a woman except some man first give seed.

9  Why, therefore, have you not fulfilled that measure of God which was granted unto you through the teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth? You have not for you are made to despair continually. For how can you follow Christ seeing that he is unlike the natural man?

10  Hear now and take heart: For this Yeshua of Nazareth was brought forth like unto yourselves, having both father and mother, that by the greatness of the natural man, he might bring all who are willing near unto the heart of God.

11  Rejoice, therefore, and be glad, for God thought it not unseemly to come unto the children of his soul even as a man, being filled with mercy and healing whereby he might draw all people unto his bosom in love exceeding.

12  For which of you, being father or mother, if your child transgress will not forgive? or, Which of you will curse forever your children’s children for the sake of a child’s transgression?

13  If you then, being human only, will forgive and curse not, how much more will God forgive seeing that he is holy and merciful unto the children of his soul?

14  For you are not degenerate and fallen as these churchgoers would have you believe. For they speak but the doctrines of men filled with loathing, proclaiming aloud that God has said: ‘For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me.’

15  Thus would such men as these fashion God like unto themselves, that he might not rise above their own image and likeness, being small and filled with pettiness.

16  That even as they are filled with anger, so then is the god of their understanding made angry also; as they are filled with hate and loathing, so have they fashioned god; as they are made subject unto wrath and vengeance, so have they made subject unto like passions the god of their own understanding.

17  Why then will you be made to fear such a god as this, who by vain passions is made no greater than the least of you? Will you love him for the sake of fear only?

18  Come now and hear this parable and be not afraid any longer: For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a father who went on a far journey and he called certain men to watch over his children till he should come and take them again unto himself.

19  But when the father had journeyed away, the men took the children into their charge, saying: ‘Behold how the father has left you alone because of your great wickedness, that even such righteousness as you would perform is no more than filthy rags in his sight.

20  Consider how provoked the father is become because of such children as you. For this cause has he given us charge over you, that except you shall do as we instruct, then shall the father return to exercise against the disobedient great punishment; and torment and horror shall descend upon you in judgment, even unto the weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

21  Now it so happened that the children grew fearful of the father who loved them, thinking only of his wrath and vengeance.

22  And when the father returned to take again his children unto himself to tender them with great affection, they did cry in terror and fled, even every one, far away from him.

23  Come now and answer wisely: What shall the father do to such men as these? Truly I tell you that they shall not escape the indignation of God, neither shall they rest night nor day except they first repair the breech.

24  By such contrivance would the teachers and preachers of religion separate you from the love of God; that being made fearful, they might hedge up the way against you lest you should by some means find again the Father and live.

25  Thus would they make Christ unlike the natural man, being perfect; that by his death all people might stand condemned before the cross, being made worthy of all reproach.

26  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear; for I tell you truly that the love of God manifest itself not in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ as these men would have you suppose, but rather in those things which Yeshua desired to teach unto the children of men.

27  That by the exercise of a goodly faith unto good works, they might draw nigh again unto the Father of their soul, being made holy even as he is holy.

28  Come now and hear again this parable: For it so happened that on a certain day, Yeshua of Nazareth went walking by the sea, and in the heat of the day he rested himself beneath the palms.

29  Now there came unto him this Jesus Christ of the Christians wearing garments made red with blood, ¬and he desired to contend with Yeshua, seeing that he was alone.

30  And sitting himself down, Jesus Christ and Yeshua spoke one unto the other all that day. And in the evening tide, when the wind caressed the waters of the sea and the birds of the air made ready their nests, Yeshua rose from his place and speaking unto Christ, said: ‘My friend, I fear that you and I shall never agree.’

31  And Yeshua turned himself again unto the children of his soul, being made joyful that he should walk among them.

32  But Christ, rising from his place, turned himself again unto the doctrines and creeds of the faithful; muttering to himself always concerning the works and deeds of saints and martyrs, popes and preachers.

33  Hear now this great mystery and ponder deeply: For this Yeshua of Nazareth whom these men would call Christ, even he is the Father of your soul, being Emmanuel unto the children of men.

34  Why, therefore, would you let such teachings as these men would afford, separate you from the Father who loves you? or, Why will you not believe?

35  For it was written: ‘And Philip said unto him, Lord, show us the Father and we will believe.’ And Yeshua answered him, saying: ‘Have I been with you this long and still you do not know me, Philip? Whosoever has seen me has seen the Father also. How say you then, show us the Father?

36  Will you not believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words which I speak unto you I speak not of myself; but the Spirit of the Father who dwells in me, he speaks all these things.’

37  Thus spoke Yeshua of Nazareth, even Emmanuel, unto the children of his soul. Therefore, think not yourselves unworthy of such glory as he would grant unto you.

38  For even God your Father came forth to dwell upon the earth, even as a man having flesh and bone like unto yourselves, being born unto life even as you are born.

39  Whosoever, therefore, would abide in God, let them walk even as Yeshua walked: Who being in the form of man, thought it not robbery to be equal to God.

40  For hereunto were you called according to the will of the Father, that by his example we might, with assurance, follow in his steps.

41  Therefore, if you would be justified before God, seek you diligently the vision of heavenly things; and entangle yourselves no more in the doctrines of churchgoers, that you may be doers of the word and not hearers only.

42  For it is given unto all who are willing to become as Only Begotten, even as Yeshua, full of grace and truth; that you may prove yourselves worthy of all acceptance before the heavenly hosts, being made heirs of great glory, even as the sons and daughters of God.

43  Walk, therefore, with much assurance in the way of holiness and fear not the prattlings of churchgoers. Press forward, nothing doubting, that you might approach boldly the throne of God, having been made pure by a deep and abiding love.

44  Think not, therefore, that by such and such a doctrine you are justified before God. For the way of holiness manifests itself only according to such tenderness as you would grant unto the children of men.

45  Burden not yourselves, therefore, with the preachments of churchgoers; neither concern yourselves over such judgments as they shall bring against you, for there is but one who judges righteously and he is God.

46  For the Father of your soul is quick in understanding, piercing deeply into the heart of man: Surely he shall not judge by the seeing of the eye alone, neither will he reprove the wayward by the hearing of ears only.

47  For the judgments of God are quick and certain, dividing asunder the ways of man both body and soul, discerning always the thoughts and intents of the heart.

48  Surely he shall judge with equity the poor of the earth; he shall comfort the meek, and unto the wayward will he stretch forth his hand to make straight the paths of righteousness; by his great affections he shall heal the fallen and oppressed.

49  For your God is not without understanding concerning the frailties of man, for even so great a one as he thought it not unseemly to become as one of you when he came as Yeshua to walk upon the earth.

50  But there lived in that day certain churchgoers, men of authority like unto these who stand before you, and they sought diligently whereby they might kill this Yeshua of Nazareth.

51  For they proclaimed against him, saying: ‘Behold a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a Samaritan eating, drinking, and making merry, a friend of outcasts and fornicators.

52  Surely he is possessed of demons, for he has pushed aside all our authority before the people, and they do begin to ridicule us and to mock us in public places.’ So they took counsel privily, seeking ever to destroy the Holy One.

53  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear and understand. For I tell you truly that these churchgoers who stand before you wrapped round about in such authority as they would give themselves, even they would kill again this Yeshua of Nazareth if he should come again to walk among you.

54  Woe unto you hypocrites, churchgoers with hands made red with blood. What are your churches now if not the tombs and sepulchers of that God whom your fathers murdered?

55  Guard yourselves, therefore, against the righteousness of churchgoers; for by word and deed would they hope to make you subject unto certain men of authority, that they might hedge up the way against you, that you might be encompassed round about with the doctrines and creeds of men.

56  Watch, therefore, and beware: For in the beginning did the teachers and preachers of the church seize the keys of deep knowledge and with great cunning did they hide them beneath the robes of their authority, securing them against you for the sake of their traditions.

57  I tell you truly, they shall not enter into the kingdom of God, neither would they permit that you should enter either.

58  Whosoever has ears to hear let them hear. For it was spoken by Yeshua this saying: ‘Behold, the kingdom of Heaven is within you.’

59  Why, therefore, have you gone seeking beyond yourselves, ever hoping that perchance you might find God? Did you not know that you, even every one of you, whether male or female, are a part of God and that God is a part of you?

60  Hear now and understand deeply: For if you would know yourself truly, then shall the Father know you also; that having secured to your soul that portion of God within, you might become the sons and daughters of great glory.

61  But if it so be that you will not know yourself, then shall you dwell in poverty, having taken to yourself no knowledge of heavenly things.

62  If, therefore, you would know the mysteries of God, then seek first the mystery within; for therein shall you find an abundance of goodly things. For the kingdom of Heaven is made to dwell in every man and every woman.

63  Know yourself and therein shall you be richly blessed. Seek without ceasing and then shall you surely find hidden treasures in abundance; for whosoever finds shall be filled with a multitude of wonder, for there shall unfold before them a sure knowledge of God.

64  But whosoever shall fail in knowing themselves, even though they possess great knowledge, they shall become as the morning mist which fades before the heat of day, being ignorant of the mystery within.

65  Let all who desire come unto me, for I will in nowise cast away the children of God; for I am come that you might take to your soul the vision of heavenly things.

66  For I will reveal unto all who are willing, whether male or female, the hidden mysteries of God. Surely I will give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard, and no hand has touched, nor entered into the heart of man.”

67  Now when the elders of the church heard these words, they grew angry with the Teacher and demanded to know of him by what authority he spoke unto the people.

68  And he answered, saying: “I, too, would ask of you a question; and if it so be that you answer rightly, then I will tell you by what power I speak and do these things which you see.

69  Come now and before the people answer: The death of Yeshua, was it according to the will of God or not?”

70  And one answered him, saying: “Surely it was according to the will of God. For how shall we attain for ourselves the glory of Heaven except there first be made some blood atonement wherein all our sins are forgiven?

71  For by Adam’s transgression did death come upon every man, but in the death of Christ are we made alive unto God, having been cleansed of all corruption.”

72  Thus spoke the elders before the people, and the Teacher hearing this, said: “Is it not written among you this saying: ‘We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression?’

73  Seeing that this is held as true among you, what need have you of blood atonement? Consider, therefore, how that by such doctrines as you would teach, you would make God to appear as being bloodier than you yourselves.”

74  Now when the Teacher had said these things, the elders grew troubled and filled with wrath. And one spoke, saying: “Well was it written of you this saying: ‘Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.’

75  Surely you are a wicked man filled with deceit, for by your words are the righteous distressed and the churches made weary of trouble.

76  How say you, therefore, that you are come from God unto the people? Shall God deal harshly with the faithful for your sake alone? Shall all our worship become as nothing and the church left desolate?”

77  And the Teacher hearing this, spoke, saying: “Is it not written among you this saying: ‘Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the earth, a day of wrath, a day of burning, a day of desolation, of weeping, of mourning, and of lamentation; and as a whirlwind it shall come upon all the face of the earth, saith the Lord.

78  And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord; first among those among you who have professed to know my name and have not known me, who have blasphemed against me in the midst of my house, saith the Lord.’

79  You brood of serpents, churchgoers filled with corruption: How long did you think you could escape the indignations of God which are risen as a storm against you?

80  Consider, therefore, how that everything which God has not planted, even that shall he uproot and cast away as a thing defiled.

81  How long shall God suffer that you should clothe yourselves in self righteousness? Behold, how your priesthood is left desolate, having no effect.

82  Is it not written, therefore, that the Lord of the house should purge it every whit whereby he might make you clean again? And how shall the house be made clean again except there first be raised some little dust?”