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In order for faith to be real and acceptable to God, then such a faith must always acknowledge the believer’s right to walk away from that faith without any judgment or condemnation from God, or from God’s appointed church. True faith, justified faith, is always about choice; for it is the freedom to choose that makes a faith powerful. It is not correct doctrine which empowers the believer, but rather the freedom to choose, and in the choosing, faith becomes the gift we give ourselves.

~ Basic Beliefs #13


For every one that asks in faith, believing that they shall receive, are given in abundance; and every one that seeks shall find; and unto every one that knocks shall the door be opened.

~ Yeshua 14:64


For this I would have you know for all your good, that faith is the mother of trust and hope together; and if it so be that you have no faith, then by what means would you trust in God; and if you are unable to trust in him, then are you empty of hope altogether, being in your soul most sorrowful and filled with despair.

~ 2nd Endowment 12:2


36. Yet from what source would you construct most carefully, such strength as I would have you take unto yourself? By what means shall you be made of greater worth in the eyes of all who see?

37. Come then, my son, and lean you close upon my breasts, and I will speak to you of faith and of that power which would both shape and fashion the heart and mind together.

38. For faith is the substance from which that inner strength is most strongly fashioned; becoming of itself that sure and certain refuge which would lift above the troubles of this life, the one who believes most firmly.

39. Being in themselves neither bent nor moved by such doubts as do arise from time to time, but standing both firm and still in the strength of all their faith before the vain opinions of those who speak falsely.

40. For there are many which believe nothing good; going from fear to fear, being chased and tormented by endless doubt and gloom.

41. Beware therefore such as these; for they would make you like unto themselves, whereby they might not dwell alone in the midst of all their despair; to pull you down into the darkness of their own making.

42. Know therefore, my son, that faith is the seed of hope; filling the heart of those which believe with joyful expectation; calming the storms which rage about; holding to the path of strength and hope, the one which dreams most greatly.

43. Thus, my son, is it given you to weigh in the hand most carefully such things as would cause to dwell within you either faith or doubt, hope or despair, light or darkness.

44. Choose, therefore, most wisely and with care; for faith is preferable to all other things, to fill the sum of all your days with singing and joyful delight.

45. To lift you above the common affairs of all other men; bringing as gifts to your heart and mind such strength and hope as would lead you unto greatness.

46. And not this only, my son, would I give into the heart of you; for faith and wisdom would but lead you unto that power which lies beyond the frail and boastful powers of common men.

47. To build in you that stronger image wherein all who would have some regard for you, might find in all your doings, the beginnings of their own deliverance.

~ 3rd Endowment 5:36-47


Yet in the third dispensation did God declare the laws and principles of faith and hope, being together most strongly bound; for faith would turn the eager soul to trust in God beyond, sustaining those who do believe when doubts, like storms, arise.

For faith is the light which in us shines, to beckon from afar, being manifested most deep within the chambers of the heart, giving birth in us that goodly hope which would but bear us up.

For faith and hope together move, like lovers in a dance, to lead and follow each the other midst the rhythms of our life, flowing here and spilling there in movements filled with grace, adding to us that quick assurance that God is ever near;

Causing that there might spring up within us the light which never fails, but leads us on to God; which light would quickly pierce the shadows of our life, setting aside all distractions, to lead us home again.

Such would God, in the third dispensation, teach the children of their soul the laws of faith and hope together, causing that even all might be most strongly benefited if they would but just believe and touch the heart of God.

~ 4th Endowment 6:24-28


Yet shall such words as I will teach give strength to those who will believe, causing that even they should sweep away the delusions of their life, to find the faith within.

For faith is born within the soul and can by no means be found beyond the self, being the gift we give ourselves, to carry us onward still to some far yet distant glory, even till we should obtain a fullness of heavenly things.

~ 4th Endowment 16:46-47


For God is faithful, be you likewise faithful also; for faith is the gift we give ourselves, being of itself the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

faith, therefore, lies far beyond the words you speak, being found itself in all you do; for many speak with easy words that they believe, but in the day of trial do they break and shatter as fragile glass, to become in their own souls as one broken and shattered before our eyes.

For they were always quick to speak the things which they believed, but in their hearts were they without faith; and if there be no faith within the heart, then is all our hope vanished away; for hope is the fruit of faith; and if there be found in you the seed of faith, then is all your joy made constant, being ever guarded by faith and hope together.

~ 4th Endowment 17:54-56


16. Thus is the presence of God revealed first within ourselves and not without, being unveiled before our eyes by the good which we would do, being drawn from our hearts through faith, causing that we should see with the eyes and feel within the heart that God is always near and filled with tender care.

17. Why then will you be troubled by such doubts as unbelievers would cast within you? For even a little faith well-nurtured will bring forth within you a goodly harvest filled with joy.

18. For it is your faith which causes that you should see; for faith gives birth to visions and wonders of every kind, and such visions and wonders do give rise within the heart of all our hope forever.

19. Know then and do not doubt, for every child which comes from Heaven into mortal life is given first the seed of faith, and if that seed be nurtured by such things as we do believe, then will faith grow within the heart to fill you up to overflowing.

20. For what is faith but your trust in God made manifest, causing that you should prove yourself a true believer and filled with goodness, being in your heart filled with benevolence and wisdom together mingled; for these are the things which do nurture the faith within, causing that it should grow greater and greater still.

21. If, therefore, you would speak of God and heavenly things, speak then your faith and not your doubts; for the words you speak are breath, which breath gives life and force to such words as would flow out from the very midst of you.

22. And if it so be that you would speak your faith, then shall the breath of all your words take living form to walk upon the earth, causing that there should spring up within your heart and in the airs round about you a constant hope filled with joy and happy light.

23. For reality is not what the eyes alone should see, but what is spoken from the heart; for the words you speak do shape such realities as you would permit yourselves to see and hear and deeply feel.

24. But if instead you speak your doubts, to cast them into the airs round about you, then shall they take living form to chase you all about; driving from the very midst of you all tranquility and joy, to leave instead a broken ruin filled with an endless debate.

25. Neither hide away your faith through silence, for it is in the speaking and doing of all your faith which does entice that all your faith grow stronger still; causing that it should lift you nigh to the very heart of God, even till you receive a fullness of heavenly things.

26. For even a little faith well-nurtured will bring a rich reward, building in you by sure degrees, a strong defense which would guard forever well, such joys as do stir within you.

~ 4th Endowment 18:16-26


For faith is the light which in you burns, to shine as brightly forth through the living of your day, being itself fashioned of trust and hope and joy together; ever guiding through the dark, to take you home again to dwell in the bosom of God forever.

~ 4th Endowment 18:61


…knowing in the heart that faith without trust is false, and that faith without works is dead.

~ 5th Endowment 16:25


Proving through their faith, the goodness of their works, even as their works do prove the soundness of their faith...

~ 5th Endowment 16:27


Seize hold your faith with all your might, let faith like rivers flow, and safely there upon the waters you’ll rise above the tide; reach within your greater self where treasures sweet abide, for there within your very soul the light of God still shines.

~ 7th Endowment 6:4