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Glossary:  Heavenly Mother  |  Holy Spirit  |  Sophiel  |  Comforter


The concept of God is represented by two distinct and separate persons, our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Mother.

~ Basic Beliefs #7


The Holy Spirit is no less than the office of the Heavenly Mother, and that it is she who inspires and guides us through our mortal life experience.

~ Basic Beliefs #9


For I tell you most sincerely that the Holy Spirit is your Heavenly Mother, and she desires above all else to awaken you and to bring you back to a clear remembrance of who you truly are.

~ Personal Testimony of Azrael Ondi-Ahman


If, therefore, God is your Father, have you not a Mother also? For I tell you truly, no man can bring forth children unto himself except there first be some woman to take seed.

Hear then, and understand. For in Heaven is there made to dwell the Heavenly Mother, even the Great Mother Spirit which whispers unto all the children of men, both male and female.

~ Wisdom 9:75-76


Therefore, sanctify yourselves and be you consecrated unto God, that your souls might become as one with God through the power of your Heavenly Mother, that you might be lifted up into the presence of God your Father and receive from his hand a fullness of blessing.

~ Wisdom 16:31


Do not fear little flock, for I will not leave you comfortless, for I will come unto you: for wheresoever two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

And I will pray unto the Father, and he shall send unto you the Comforter, that the Spirit might abide with you forever.

I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. But when the Comforter is come, even the Spirit of Truth, she will guide you in all things.

For the Spirit shall speak not of itself, but whatsoever she shall hear from above, even that will she speak unto you; and she will show you all things which are to come.

~ Yeshua 45:53-56


Now these are the words of the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit of God which is as a Mother unto all the children of men;

For she would grant unto the willing the fulfillment of every good thing; for all that which is good is but the gift of God which he would grant unto the children of his soul.

~ Wisdom 26:1-2


Consider, therefore, O children of men, the words of the Heavenly Mother, even the Comforter and Holy Spirit: Gird yourself round about with wisdom, and make sure the foundations of your soul with deep understanding.

~ Wisdom 26:42


For you have but one which is your Father and he is God, and you have but one which would bear you up, even as a Mother, even the Holy Spirit which descends upon you.

~ Yeshua 38:27


Thus are the righteous not made anxious concerning the things of this life, having received unto their souls the whisperings of the Heavenly Mother, even of the Heavenly Mother who loved them from the beginning.

~ Wisdom 23:36


For the Mother would not have you ignorant concerning the whisperings of the Holy Spirit; for even as a child shall call upon her mother in the moment of her need, even so would the Heavenly Mother give answer unto the children of men, even as if from afar; that they might learn great wisdom, that they might take unto their soul an abundance of hope.

~ Wisdom 26:6


12. Come now and attend unto me that you might hear and forget not. For behold, I am Sophiel, even the Wisdom of God who is made to abide continually in the bosom of Emmanuel, even my most Beloved.

13. For I would draw even all the children of men unto me so that they might know of a surety the Lord their God; that they might commune with the Father and Mother of their spirit, and in our joy find great understanding.

14. For even as a mother gives suck unto the child whom she loves, even so would I nourish unto life eternal the children of men if it so be that they should seek to take to themselves the sacred and the holy.

15. Surely I will not turn away the righteous, neither shall I reject the fallen if it so be that they would turn themselves from doing evil.

16. For even unto the least of the children of men would I grant the whispering of my Spirit that they might know the way in which they should go, that they might ascend again unto God, having become even as he is.

~ Wisdom 26:12-16  


“If you are a woman, your priesthood comes through your Heavenly Mother and it is passed to you through procreation...Heavenly Mother DOES NOT receive her priesthood from your Heavenly Father. To even think such a thing is an insult to your Heavenly Parents.”

~ Commentary: Priesthood (excerpt)


4. I am Areta, eternal Mother, Supreme and Sovereign, the singer of songs within the dreams of God; weaving through most subtle thoughts a deep and great design, sudden light of inspiration, I touch and gently guide, ever seeking that greater oneness filled with light and life and love.

5. To whom then shall I speak? Who will my mystery touch? Who among so many children will set aside their lesser self, and with an eager humble mind, embrace the heart of all my wisdom to make it as their own?

6. To such a one as this would I this book reveal; being myself most ever hopeful to uplift what now seems fallen, to restore with grace the light of God in a world most often dreary; for it is in the reader’s mind where shadows lurk and prowl, ever seeking unguarded moments to wound the heart within.

7. So come my child, beside me sit, upon my bosom rest; let go the hurt which inward burns and find in me some comfort; for where you have no wisdom, even I shall enlighten you; where you find in you no strength and all your hope is gone, even I shall lift you up beyond yourself to make you strong in me.

8. Yield therefore your lesser self and give to me your hurt, for in me shall you find a greater healing than you have ever known; which healing will cause your life to shine; for even I shall be for you a place of refuge to shelter from the storm.

9. Be you then most quietly still, let go your many burdens, hush the mind of all its noise, let go your aggravations, rest you soft upon my breasts and in your ears I’ll quietly speak, shaping through the softest whispers the song of all my wisdom.

~ 7th Endowment 1:4-9


40. Here beyond the starry deep, beyond the dreams you dream, many Mothers quietly wait the coming of their children; being each and every one filled with joyful heart, eagerly seeking to touch the mind of every child they love, to open wide the very portals which lead to exaltation.

41. Thus is there given for your sake the guidance of the Mother, Holy Spirit, blest, divine, filled with approbation; seeking through most subtle means to touch your heart and mind, ever guiding, deep abiding, waiting by your side; whispering glowing touch of light which takes your breath away;

42. Making bright what once was dark, to chase away the gloom, soft revealing, deep appealing, light within you bursting; shocking, sudden inspiration which makes you fully see, opening up before your mind the mysteries from beyond.

43. How quick the shadows flee away when Heaven near approaches, to stand yourself as one empowered and filled with light and joy; reflecting through the things you do the light of many Mothers.

44. So come my child and be you wise and walk a while with me, and I will guide you through this life which swirls and rushes by, to open up before your eyes the mysteries of your soul and there within the deepest deep reveal the thing you are.

45. For here upon these very pages is wisdom finely gathered, a book of light and secret turnings, a book of joy and hope; this the book which I would give – this book of the Heavenly Mother.

46. So come my child and hear my counsel, let us wend our way, and through the spirit of many Mothers shall I most quick enlighten, to make most bright what now seems dark and fill you up with healing.

~ 7th Endowment 1:40-46