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First Woman


Occurrences:  10

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 19:40


Only this one thing would I ask of you: For it is expedient that you choose for yourselves, the one which shall stand beside me as the First Woman of my house.



See:  First Power, First Track, Seventh Woman, Yoshibeth


Summary:  During the First Track of the world of the First Power, it was customary for men of authority to designate women of their estate with numbers instead of names. The number appointed to each woman would determine her status among the other women. For six hundred years in the Drakonian empire, all women had been subjected to severe oppression and slavery, to the extent that women were forbidden to have names (3:20:15).


When Kronus Maximillius obtained fifty women as a customary gift from the Emperor, he was determined to break the longstanding tradition of female subordination and slavery. Contrary to convention, Kronus asked the women to choose among them one who would serve as the “First Woman” of the House, to work alongside Kronus in the affairs of his life, and to preside among the other women who lived within the estate (3:19:37-41).


Completely unaccustomed to such an invitation, the women were unsure how to respond Kronus’ request. Yet there was one woman  — of which Kronus was immediately fond of — who stepped forward to speak for the group, expressing to Kronus how the women would prefer that he be the one to appoint who the First Woman should be. Kronus immediately chose that very same woman who had spoken for the others, appointing her the First Woman of the House (3:19:55-60).


Kronus later gave a name to the First Woman, calling her Yoshibeth (3:20:14-20). Yoshibeth and Kronus created the first schooling system for women, which system eventually gained favor among the ruling elite, sparking a socio-political revolution throughout the entire empire.


Years later, Kronus and Yoshibeth gave to each other gold rings and publicly declared their love and devotion for one another (3:30:10-48).





14. Now from the day of her appointment did Kronus love the First Woman of all his house, for she was young and filled with life; being herself but seventeen years of age; being in her person most easily delighted by such things as Kronus would do for the love of her.

15. For Kronus would break in pieces the traditions of ages past, desiring himself to give unto the First Woman, a name of her own, whereby others might know her; for in six hundred years had no woman been given a name within the empire; being first forbidden by the founder of the empire, Maximus Drakonus.

16. Thus on the first night when Kronus decided, himself, to lay with the woman to love her, he spoke to her most softly in the ear, saying: “For you, my love, would I give a name whereby all might know you; for this night shall I call you Yoshibeth.”

17. And the woman answered him upon the bosom, saying: “What, my lord, does such a name mean, for to me it is but a sound only?” Then did Kronus thrust himself most tenderly deep within her, and kissing her upon the lips and upon the nipples of her breasts, he spoke to her, saying:

18. “Well have you spoken, my Beloved; for without meaning are all words made but sounds only, being empty themselves of life or worth.

19. Know then that in the name which I would give you have I placed the greatest meaning of all; for Yoshibeth does but only mean, the house where love is born.

20. Be you therefore my Yoshibeth, and in your house shall I dwell in love and constant devotion; for in you would I find both joy and fulfillment throughout the days of all my life, to bring as gifts of love, the sum of all my hopes and dreams together.”

3rd Endowment 20:14-20


And of all the women did Yoshibeth reign supreme and unquestioned, being herself the First Woman of the house; being in her person both fair and wise, both gracious and considerate of every woman within the house.

For every woman knew that in Yoshibeth had every woman a tender friend; being made aware of the master’s love for her above all others; having seen for themselves the love and devotion which he did give her.

Thus did every woman seek to please Kronus through such kind regard as they would give to Yoshibeth; seeing in her joy some advantage for themselves;

Being hopeful that by such considerations and obedience as they would place upon the First Woman of the house, they might win for each themselves, the favor of Kronus, whereby he might lay beside them upon the bed.

3rd Endowment 20:18-48



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