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Pronunciation:  ko-lee-AH-muhs

Occurrences:  6

First Reference:  6th Endowment 6:9


Now in the regions of the Koliahmas did there gather within the highest of Heaven’s quorums, the sacred three of Kai, being in their persons The One and Areta bound in love and light forever; and before their brightness stood the Azraella dressed for battles yet to come.



See:  Areta, Azraella, Tael, The One


Summary:  The term “Koliahmas” refers to a particular Celestial region where the Azraella Ahgendai met with the Supreme Mother and Father of Heaven, known as Areta and The One. The gathering of these individuals, designated as the “sacred three of Kai”, represented the Supreme Quorum of Heaven (6:6:9, 6:7:59). During the gathering of this Supreme Quorum, Areta caused that certain significant events that were transpiring simultaneously in different universes and timelines be witnessed by The One and Azraella. This ability, or function, is somehow correlated with the Tael (6:6:48-50). The Koliahmas may be an exalted dwelling place of Areta and The One, but this is mere speculation.





But in the regions of the Koliahmas did Areta perceive the gathering of a darkly fearsome storm; for as the daughters of Shaemdiel began to counsel, there gathered up around them the dark billowing presence of Jehovah-Yahweh; yet within the veil of deep dimensions watched the Daughter, Mahaleenah.

And Areta, turning to her Beloved and the son Azraella, did speak but one word only, saying: “Behold.” And with the wave of her hand did events most far away reveal themselves before the eyes; and in the seeing were The One and Azraella made to stand themselves as witnesses to the moving of events.

For it was through the mystery of the Tael that they beheld the daughters of Shaemdiel conversing deeply among themselves concerning the doings of their Father, while rising up around them there billowed forth the dreadful presence of Jehovah-Yahweh which like a cloud did boil up from out of the very sea; to swallow up in darkness the sun which brightly shined.

6th Endowment 6:48-50


Thus did The One and his son, the Azraella, behold the great commemorations of the Elohim regarding the beginning of the dispensations of God.

For in the regions of the Koliahmas did the Supreme Quorum of Heaven gaze midst thoughtful ponderings, being themselves both anxious and apprehensive regarding such events as soon must come to pass; causing that each and several scene should act and re-act against another, yet all for the good of all, to bring about the designs of God.

Yet again did the Supreme Mother wave her hand before the grand etherium of Koliahmas, saying: “Behold.” And immediately did they bear witness of Yaldabaoth and all his mighty hosts filled with armies dressed for war, being themselves most eager to move against the Heavens whereby they might put out forever, the light which shined so brightly from afar.

And still in another instant did they behold yet another scene which sparkled like the morning dew, for even Shaemdiel had gathered again even all the Fallen and did reveal to them all his hopes and dreams for creating dispensations of their own; which thing caused a great rejoicing filled with “Hallelujah” and “Maranatha – amen!”

6th Endowment 7:58-61


Yet while he searched and deeply probed, there was heard throughout the Heavens a deep and great alarm, for the Koshendai did send out a quick alarm filled with sudden dread; causing that from out of the Koliahmas should come the Azraella fit for war and fearsome battle; having beside him his one and only Daughter; and behind the two there quickly gathered the armies of the Light.

6th Endowment 9:4