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Pronunciation:  tehl

Occurrences:  70

First Reference:  Enlightenment 2:43


Who then will say again that Shaemdiel has but spoken to us the mind and will of Eloheim; for which of us have heard for ourselves the speaking of the Tael concerning the glories of the greater Light?



See:  A-Z particles, blue pavement, Janmoleah


Azrael’s Commentary — Tael, the


The greatest and most profound achievement of God, the Tael is nothing less than ‘eternal mind’ (E:14:12-15). It is the embodiment of supreme oneness, possessing within its broad mandate a precise clarity of thought and intent. Throughout the kingdoms of Heaven, all the many creations of God, as represented in all their many powers, dominions and principalities, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the Gods themselves, all are connected to and embraced within the Tael (4:2:36-43). God has merely to think and then speak the word and creation begins; atoms combining with atoms to form molecules, molecules cleaving to molecules to form cells. The Tael is the ultimate communication device (E:3:13-15). Its origins began long before the birth of God and Heaven (4:1:38-45; 3:1:35).

All of God’s children have access and are connected to the Tael. The degree, or level of access is relative to a person’s place along the Hodos Alea. Those who dwell in the Telestial Kingdom have less access to the Tael than those who are of the Terrestrial Kingdom.

Of interest is the fact that the blue pavement can only function because the Tael exists. The Tael provides the carrier wave which acts as a catalyst, making travel on the blue pavement possible. Wherever the Tael is, the blue pavement can go. The blue pavement (which is the result of a complex mathematical construct) uses the inherent frequencies of the Tael as a constant. The Tael was created first, and then the blue pavement, making both inter-related to each other. The pathways of the blue pavement were established in the cosmos of the First Power long ago (4:2:52-57). And whenever God comes to instruct me, they use these very ancient pathways within the Tael to do so.


Azrael’s Commentary — House of Sabaoth, para. 2

...For all creation, not only on this earth but within the vastness of the cosmos itself, is the result of a vast array of inter-locking mathematical formulas. Added to this are the creations found within the realms of Heaven itself. All powers, dominions and principalities of eternity have their origin in some mathematical construct.

This vast sea of mathematical theory is applied to the creation and maintenance of the Grand Etherium, both within the natural realm of mortal life as well as the eternal realms of Heaven. The supreme result of which is the creation and function of the Tael (AZC — House of Sabaoth).



Significant References


4th Endowment 2:36-43         Creation of the Tael


Enlightenment 3:1-52             Shaemdiel is allowed to address the citizens of Elohim via the Tael           


Enlightenment 8:7-13             Heavenly Mother (Galendriel) denies Shaemdiel access to the Tael        


1st Endowment 8:5-20            Ahman addresses the Council of Elohim through the powers of the Tael





[Creation of the Tael]  

36. Then did The One speak to Areta midst kiss and fiery breath, saying: “Beloved, let us bind the whole of our creation with a deep and ready knowing, whereby they might make ready known their thoughts and feelings unto us.

37. Let us make that sweet communion where all living things might rightly speak to reveal in thoughts of single language the desires of all their heart.

38. Let us, therefore, make the Tael which like a river flows, to carry away upon the flood the songs of all creation; causing that in all living things there might be found a sweet and happy union, being all things bound in one, being itself in all, through all, and above all.

39. For this Tael shall we construct of living particles to cast into the airs of Heaven, being itself most subtly fashioned of the A-Z particles from out of the golden stream, which very particles are the smallest of things, being themselves smaller than neutrinos, yet possessing both mass and size.

39. Yet notwithstanding so small an element, still do these living particles possess the likeness of both our spirits together, being in each and separate particle the reflection of our mind, possessing fully the powers of communion and constant presence.

40. Thus shall we gather from the streams of intelligence, a small but tidy handful; and these shall we give full freedom to move throughout the worlds of our creation, whereby they might fashion themselves into a living network of moving and living threads which shall touch all living things at once together;

41. Causing that there should be given to all living things some access to their creator whereby they might commune with us as they might desire, or yet again cause that one species should commune with another in the living of their life.”

42. Such were the words which The One did speak, and when they were decided, they did make the Tael, permitting that all living things should rejoice and sing together, knowing the fullness of each other’s heart, being bound together in happy union throughout the sum of God’s creation.

4th Endowment 2:36-43

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Rejoice, therefore, and do not grieve, for we shall be always near; to hear with anxious hearts the desire of all your prayers; to prove ourselves as ever constant and quick within the Tael.

4th Endowment 4:48


And The One and Areta, watching all through the mysteries of the Tael, did ponder well the musings of Shaemdiel’s heart. And turning to The One, Areta placed her hand in his, and she spoke, saying: “And so, my Love, it has begun; this plan which we would make whereby the Heavens should become as new forever; being established in vigor and great excitements.”

5th Endowment 5:78


Thus to guard well the fractals of time which moved within each prime, Mahaleenah did set about them the seals of Mahali-Kadass; causing that each fractal should be separate and sovereign from every other fractal of time, yet within the Tael were all made to appear as one in purpose and deep design.

5th Endowment 12:14


These then were the seven Ahmans which presided among all the Gods and Goddesses which were most happily gathered to discuss among themselves the mysteries which moved within the Tael; for the mystery within the Tael did they call the Janmoleah.

Consider then what the Janmoleah should mean, for in the mysteries of Janmoleah were all things, events, histories and persons recorded and firmly held through the binding codes of Kadasarooya; which binding codes did move the keys of the Zimagayah in most subtle fashion.

Permitting that persons of one era should move through the veils of space and time to touch the people of another era; and this only for their good; for in the mysteries of Janmoleah did God reach back to ages past, to change the distant future; and this through the wisdom of all the Gods together.

5th Endowment 13:40-42


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