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blue pavement


Occurrences:  13 - “pavement”  / 5 - “blue pavement” / 4 - “sea of glass”

First Reference:  Beginnings 8:7 /  Wisdom 2:7


And they saw the God of glory standing above them in the air, and there was under his feet a pavement of blue. And he did beckon unto them that they might come closer, for he desired to speak unto them. (B:8:7)


And there was about the Lord of Hosts the clearness of eternity and under his feet a blue pavement like unto sapphire. And in his right hand he held a book and in his left hand a balance, and there came from before the presence of the Lord a consuming fire, that no unclean thing should come before him. (W:2:7)



See:  dimensions, Tael (the)


Summary:  The blue pavement is a creation of First God, Areta and The One, which allows its user to travel vast distances by bending space and folding time. The blue pavement serves as a key which can “pierce in one even all dimensions” (4:2:55). Its appearance is a shimmering sapphire blue, often described as a “sea of glass” (W:2:12, 42), having within its depths the stirring of stars and galaxies and “worlds without end” (W:26:5; Personal Testimony).


The function of the blue pavement is made possible by means of a pre-existing creation of First God, called the Tael (4:2:36-43). As a manifestation of eternal mind, the Tael serves as an all-encompassing communication device that connects all of creation — from the smallest of fundamental particles to the Gods and Goddesses themselves.


There are many instances in scripture which portray representatives from Heaven incorporating the use of the blue pavement for inter-cosmic travel (4:2:58-59; 4:3:1-2, 26-28), or to commune with individuals on earth (B:17:28; W:26:5). The author of the scriptures allegedly witnessed the blue pavement and experienced its operation on several occasions (Personal Testimony; W:2:12; W:14:2; W:16:3; W:26:5; 1:1:17; 2:12:69).


When a couple achieves their first exaltation and are initiated into the office of Soul of the Just Made Perfect, they begin to learn how to utilize the blue pavement (W:5:13; House of El Shalon/Shaloah: Soul of the Just Made Perfect; para. 3).



Creation of the blue pavement         4th Endowment 2:51-58



Azrael’s Commentary — Tael (the); para. 3


[...] Of interest is the fact that the blue pavement can only function because the Tael exists. The Tael provides the carrier wave which acts as a catalyst, making travel on the blue pavement possible. Wherever the Tael is, the blue pavement can go. The blue pavement (which is the result of a complex mathematical construct) uses the inherent frequencies of the Tael as a constant. The Tael was created first, and then the blue pavement, making both inter-related to each other. The pathways of the blue pavement were established in the cosmos of the First Power long ago (4:2:52-57). And whenever God comes to instruct me, they use these very ancient pathways within the Tael to do so.





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“...the blue pavement that you often read about in the scriptures is constructed mathematically within the House of Sabaoth. Its purpose is to cover vast distances by folding space and bending time.”

Azrael’s Commentary — House of Sabaoth; para. 5


And there was round about her a great light, and under her feet was a pavement of blue like unto sapphire, and there flowed from her hand the glory of eternity, which thing did shine forth upon them, and they were filled with exceeding wonder.

Beginnings 17:28


Then was the man taken before the Lord and was made to stand with his feet upon the pavement which was like unto a sea of glass.

Wisdom 2:12


And I will cause them to be seated upon thrones of glory; holiness shall be unto them as a covering, and under their feet shall be placed a sea of glass, where all things shall continually come before them: all things that are present, all things that are past, and all things that shall shortly come to pass.

Wisdom 5:13


Now when the man awoke, he took a staff and went unto a solitary place and there came unto him, Emmanuel, and with him were gathered a host of ministering angels. And there was under his feet a clear blue pavement like unto sapphire.

Then the Lord commanded the angels to wash and anoint him, and when they had accomplished this, they took him by the hand and stood him upon the blue pavement and placed a white robe upon him.

And Emmanuel took the man by the hand and through the veil did take him, and, behold, the earth did vanish away in an instant and in the bosom of eternity was he made to stand and beside him the angels in heavenly array.

Wisdom 14:2-4


Then did Michael, Prince and Arch-Angel of God, smile upon the man and taking him by the arm walked with him throughout the eternities upon a sea of glass...

Wisdom 16:3


And there was beneath her feet a pavement of blue, even as of sapphire, and in the midst thereof moved a multitude of worlds without end.  For such perfected soul as the Mother is become dwells continually in the bosom of eternity.

Wisdom 26:5


These are the words which the Father spoke, and when he was completed, the Father and the Mother did together reach forth their hands to set my feet upon a pavement of blue; and in an instant the world upon which I stood, and even the very stars, did vanish all away and in the kingdoms of the greater Light did I cast forth a delightful gaze.

1st Endowment 1:17


And Areta, reaching forth her hand, stood me upon a pavement of deepest blue, and she spoke unto me, saying: “Come then Azrael, and I will make known to you even all my heart.

2nd Endowment 12:69


1. And God rushed into the darkness midst trailing streams of light, to bend both space and time, perchance to find some noble race of sentient beings which would consent to dwell in Heaven, being themselves as good and wise and filled with sweet delight.

2. Thus did God appear suddenly in the cosmos of the First Creation, reaching through the veils of time to gaze upon one world and then another; watching with a knowing heart the doings of every species.[...]

17. Thus, beside the cherubs of Xandalea did there appear a bright and shimmering veil of light; and instantly the veil parted and there was seen standing on a pavement of glimmering and sparkling blue both The One and Areta together.[...]

26. And seeing that the cherubs were imperiled, God did cause that even all should be taken within the veil, causing that they should stand with God upon the blue pavement; and in an instant were they taken away into the realms of Heaven, beyond the world of Xandalea.

27. And there appeared before the eyes of the cherubs, a bright and bluing haze, for space and time did fold together to be as one; and in an instant the veil did part and they saw with suddenness the world of the First Heaven.

4th Endowment 3:1-2, 17, 26-27


“As the light continued to grow in brightness and intensity, it suddenly parted like the veils of some celestial curtain, revealing to my eyes the very God of Heaven who stood above me in the airs, and with him stood a host of angels, Cherubim and Seraphim. And there was beneath the feet of God a pavement of blue upon which he and the angels stood; and in this blue bright pavement I could clearly see a multitude of stars and swirling, spinning galaxies moving in their splendor and majesty. And there came out from the presence of God a great and shining light which blazed brighter than any light which I had seen before.”

Wood; “Song of God” (2015); Personal Testimony of Azrael Ondi-Ahman; p. xiii

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