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BLOOD ATONEMENT                                              » Article:  Understanding the Resurrection


“We do not believe in the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. For the doctrine of blood atonement presents a God who demands the human sacrifice of an innocent man, and any God who demands murder to appease justice is unworthy of worship or adoration.”

~ Basic Beliefs: What True Gnostics Do Not Believe


But unto all those who shall become as Emmanuel unto the spirits which they shall organize, hear and understand this mystery that you may learn wisdom; for to shed blood does not atonement make.

~ Wisdom 14:58


32  Now there being certain priests among the people, when they heard all these words, they grew angry with Enoch and they spoke hotly against him, saying:

33  “Who are you that you should speak for God? Are we not the priests of the Most High? Who appointed you to preach to this people?

34  Who ordained you to speak unto all the inhabitants round about concerning the love of God and the forgiveness of sins?

35  For behold, the God who created the heavens and the earth is great and mighty, and by the fierceness of his wrath are the elements made to tremble; by the indignation of his fury has he weighed in the balance the worth of all men, insomuch that he has ordained unto all the full measure of his judgment.

36  Who is this God who forgives sin without sacrifice and blood atonement? Have you come forth to destroy this people? For we know that there is no other way wherewith we might obtain favor with God except it be by the shedding of blood.

37  Shall these people be made to perish because of your vain imaginations? Shall they go seeking after strange gods, only that they might receive unto themselves the torments of an everlasting punishment?

38  How shall we obtain favor with God except we first satisfy him with the offerings of our sons and daughters? For by the blood of the innocent are we made clean from all unrighteousness, for by the shedding of blood are we granted favor and pardon.

39  Who gave you power, that you should forgive sins with a word? For we know that you are come to get power over the people of this land, that with soft words you might become as some great one.”

~ Beginnings 14:32-39


53  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear and understand. For I tell you truly that these churchgoers who stand before you wrapped round about in such authority as they would give themselves, even they would kill again this Yeshua of Nazareth if he should come again to walk among you.

54  Woe unto you hypocrites, churchgoers with hands made red with blood. What are your churches now if not the tombs and sepulchers of that God whom your fathers murdered?

55  Guard yourselves, therefore, against the righteousness of churchgoers; for by word and deed would they hope to make you subject unto certain men of authority, that they might hedge up the way against you, that you might be encompassed round about with the doctrines and creeds of men.

56  Watch, therefore, and beware: For in the beginning did the teachers and preachers of the church seize the keys of deep knowledge and with great cunning did they hide them beneath the robes of their authority, securing them against you for the sake of their traditions.

57  I tell you truly, they shall not enter into the kingdom of God, neither would they permit that you should enter either.

58  Whosoever has ears to hear let them hear. For it was spoken by Yeshua this saying: ‘Behold, the kingdom of Heaven is within you.’

59  Why, therefore, have you gone seeking beyond yourselves, ever hoping that perchance you might find God? Did you not know that you, even every one of you, whether male or female, are a part of God and that God is a part of you?

~ Wisdom 12:53-59


Now when the elders of the church heard these words, they grew angry with the Teacher and demanded to know of him by what authority he spoke unto the people.

And he answered, saying: “I, too, would ask of you a question; and if it so be that you answer rightly, then I will tell you by what power I speak and do these things which you see.

Come now and before the people answer: The death of Yeshua, was it according to the will of God or not?”

And one answered him, saying: “Surely it was according to the will of God. For how shall we attain for ourselves the glory of Heaven except there first be made some blood atonement wherein all our sins are forgiven?

For by Adam’s transgression did death come upon every man, but in the death of Christ are we made alive unto God, having been cleansed of all corruption.”

Thus spoke the elders before the people, and the Teacher hearing this, said: “Is it not written among you this saying: ‘We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression?’

Seeing that this is held as true among you, what need have you of blood atonement? Consider, therefore, how that by such doctrines as you would teach, you would make God to appear as being bloodier than you yourselves.”

~ Wisdom 12:67-73