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For this I tell you truly: that the body of your flesh is made of God, being in itself most beautiful and desirable, revealing in its comely form the image of God the Father and the Mother; bearing in its form and passion the similitude of that God from which you come.

For in the softness of your flesh is there made known the line and form of God, which softness would beckon the hand to touch and the lips to kiss; and in such sweet communion touch again the God within you, whereby you might know the depth and wonder of all your soul, filled with goodness and rich reward.

~ 4th Endowment 26:45-46


…for the body is the tabernacle which would give to every man and every woman that small domain wherein they might strengthen the spirit for still some greater glory, if it so be that they desire.

~ 4th Endowment 14:18


For this I would have you know most surely, that there is a spirit deep in the midst of you; being in every hand and foot and eye; moving and unmoved, pushing here and touching there; seeking by most subtle means to reveal itself without.

For you are not the body which is seen, but rather the spirit which is unseen within you; for the flesh of the body is made the veil which covers the spirit of your truer self, which spirit does stir and move most constantly within you;

Seeking through the passions of your flesh to reveal itself again and again; being ever hopeful that you might be awakened to that light which burns most brightly within you.

~ 2nd Endowment 5:18-20


Fear not, therefore, those which are able to kill the body, for the spirit of man lives forever....

Therefore, grieve not for the body, what men shall do unto it; for death is appointed unto all the living, and life is apportioned unto all the dead.

~ Yeshua 50:23, 27


For there are many which see in the mortal life, the only life worthy of consideration, treating with cool disdain the things which move the spirit, striving now with many efforts to gather such riches and power and fame as the mortal life would offer;

Becoming themselves as those distracted while the spirit is left forgotten, being itself alone within the flesh, having for itself no voice, for the body will not hear, having for itself no eyes, for the body of the flesh cannot see beyond the shadows of the day.

Such as these, believing in themselves that the flesh of the body is the only self, become themselves as one consumed and ever desperate, filled with many hurts; ever willing to trade away the goodness of their spirit for the gain of some advantage, becoming in themselves devoid of love and wisdom, rejecting for themselves the only truth for the sake of ego only.

~ 4th Endowment 13:8-10


Thus are you made disconcerted and confused, being divided within your mind between the person you see in the outward image, and the likeness of the spirit which dwells within you.

Being yourself deceived by that which is temporal and quickly passing, while yet the spirit of your truer self would seek to spring forth alive in the living of your days, revealing the depth of many wonders through the body of your flesh, to fill you up with joy and light.

~ 4th Endowment 29:45-46


52. Be not deceived by the illusion of identity, but know yourself most fully; for it is the thing you know which comes alive before the eyes, and if you know only the flesh of the body, then are you become as someone thin and filled with troubles; becoming yourself as one deceived by fleeting shadows, being yourself without substance and filled with many fears.

53. Embrace, therefore, the spirit within you, and this most firmly be; taming well the words you speak whereby you might set free the spirit within you; causing that you should fear no longer, but find instead that inward peace which no man can take from you.

54. And fear not such scorn and ridicule as others might cast upon you, for it is the flesh of your body only which others see, believing that you are the body and nothing more, and it is against this alone which they would wound.

55. But if you should give yourself to the spirit within, to become yourself as spirit only, then are you untouched by such scorn as others might cast against you; having become by your own choosing as spirit and not flesh, being yourself unseen and dwelling beyond the baseness of common men; being made in yourself and God together as one harmonious and filled with life, even in the midst of great and sudden storms.

56. Know then the spirit within you and of that spirit be, for it is permitted that you, alone, should draw the portrait of your truer self, being fashioned by your own hands into the man or woman which you would be, bearing in your likeness and image the similitude of things eternal and divine.

57. Being yourself far greater than the body which others see, having within your depths a treasury filled with many wonders; and if you should so elect, to be yourself as spirit above all other things, then shall the richness of your truer self flow out into the world in a never ending stream.

~ 4th Endowment 29:52-57


20. For the flesh of the body can others imprison, to rob you of such freedoms as common men are prone to value; but by what means can some other imprison the spirit of which you are made, seeing that the spirit is unseen and ineffable, filled with wonder?

21. Being in its nature incorruptible and eternal, boundless and without limitations, for in the joys of the spirit do you find that sweet enchantment which leads you unto God, causing that you should see in things unseen by mortal eyes the greatest freedom of all.

22. For it is given that you alone might imprison the spirit within, and this through a faithless neglect, causing that even though the body should walk about the earth as something free, still are you most deeply fettered, having imprisoned within walls of flesh, even your own selves.

23. Becoming yourself as one made subject to every passion, being made always anxious and filled with want, speaking aloud that you are free, yet standing before your private self as one made empty and alone, filled with quiet despair.

24. Such is the illusion of freedom, having in itself the appearance of substance, yet being in its nature both dark and fleeting, being always illusive and thinly passing; for which people are ever grasping but never able to lay hold.

25. For the true freedom which comes from God is born of spirit, calling out within your heart to come and in its joy away; to fly and soar and dance and reel, calling out within your soul the freedom for which you are made destined while in this mortal life.

26. Causing that whosoever should possess so great a gift within the heart and mind, even they are made the freest of every man and every woman, even though the body of their flesh should be imprisoned in walls of iron and stone.

~ 4th Endowment 30:20-26


Know then that the peace of God is revealed in the harmony of your life, which harmony is born of balance between the spirit and the body, causing that you should accept with calm demeanor the events and circumstances of every day.

~ 7th Endowment 6:12