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“Go stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You are the synthesis of the mortal and the spiritual, the common and the divine. Yet the spiritual side of your nature is often muddied by the insistence of your own mortality which claims loudly that only the physical is real, while anything of a spiritual nature is merely to be tolerated and winked at. But to this your Heavenly Parents would speak…”

~ Article: What is True Priesthood?


For that which is of the flesh, being weak and perishable, is given no reality; for reality is found in the eternal. Therefore, if you would lay hold upon that reality which is come from God, seek you always the eternal.

~ Yeshua 50:31


Guard well, therefore, your soul within through faith and steadfast yearning; for the things which are real do come from God, while yet the things of this world are made dim and quickly passing.

~ 4th Endowment 1:4


For this cause does the dark speaker within you, being itself the ego, rise up continually against the desires of your greater self, making against you some great demand, ever mocking the things it cannot see or hear or taste or feel, proclaiming always within your mind that in the mortal life is the only true reality ever found.

~ 4th Endowment 12:25


For reality is not what the eyes alone should see, but what is spoken from the heart; for the words you speak do shape such realities as you would permit yourselves to see and hear and deeply feel.

~ 4th Endowment 18:23


…for by the words of your own mouth, do you make real and ever present the things which bless or hurt.

~ 4th Endowment 19:44


…for it is the eternal only which is real and worthy of having, while all things temporal do prove themselves the illusion and shadow of impermanent things.

~ 4th Endowment 29:29


…for the spirit is real and everlasting while the flesh is made transitory and impermanent, being given no reality which it can fully grasp or deeply know.

~ 4th Endowment 30:29


How then shall you set free yourselves from such illusions as do deceive you regarding the greater issues of your life, to set at liberty your own selves whereby you can see and hear and feel and touch the things which truly are?

Come then and God shall answer, for in the mortal life are you made both mortal and immortal, both body and spirit, being made subject in your flesh to the illusion of many things.

While in your spirit is there found the eternal and divine, in which there stands revealed the only reality, which reality is not subject to the senses of your flesh, but which reveal themselves through the inward eye of the heart and spirit together.

For the reality which is born of God does not yield itself to the whims and dictates of those which cannot see; but is itself made always wondrous and filled with glory, being in its nature constant and everlasting.

Thus if you would free yourself of illusion, to sweep away the shadows before your eyes, then know most deeply within that in the sacrifice of temporal things are all illusions swept away, causing your spirit to come alive within you.

~ 4th Endowment 31:2-6


This then are you appointed to do, to defend before Jehovah even all the house of man, whereby they might be free at last to find the God within them; and in the finding become themselves renewed; opening up before their eyes the true reality of all things spiritual and divine.

~ 6th Endowment 6:32


…being in yourself as one most eager to embrace the great eternal; counting all else of little worth for the joy of things divine, having felt already within the heart, that beyond the shadows of this world there dwells a far greater reality than you have ever known.

~ 7th Endowment 5:17


Why then should you dread a future which God would happy give you? Why fear a future yet undreamed, a future filled with challenge? For future times call to the past, and dares you to fulfill; leading gently through the ages to take its life from you, to grow and blossom and stand full grown in a reality still to come.

~ Wisdom 28:4