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“Remember that priesthood is born in you already. It is a gift from God, and no church can give it to you...If you are a woman, your priesthood comes through your Heavenly Mother and it is passed to you through procreation. Heavenly Mother DOES NOT receive her priesthood from your Heavenly Father. To even think such a thing is an insult to your Heavenly Parents.”

~ What is True Priesthood?  (article)


For of all the unseen riches which lay concealed within the earth, women are the greatest of all; being themselves hidden away in common view; to be covered beneath the harsh traditions of common men which are themselves unknowing of such treasures as do lay close at hand.

~ 3rd Endowment 26:13


[Consider, Jehovah-Yahweh,] For there is a truth which even now I shall speak, for there lies deep in the soul of you a fear greater than your fear of man, for it is the woman which you fear most of all; knowing full well that in the heart of the woman is the salvation of every man found.

~ 2nd Endowment 3:50


Yet has God placed in the woman a power greater than the man, even a power which would wear away the hardness of the man altogether; to leave him as pliable and susceptible to the gentle influence of that woman who would love him with all manner of goodness and grace….

For the woman is like the waters which move forever to some greater sea; and though the man in his outward appearance be hard as the stones of the earth, yet are they, little by little, worn away by the constant moving of gentle waters.

For consider how the mountains of stone, though they be great and mighty in themselves, yet are even these worn all away by that which is softer still; for if there should fall the gentle rain, or blow the softest of breezes, even then shall the mountain wear itself away with the passing of time, having exhausted even all its resistance and strength.

Consider then that hidden power by which the woman is fully fashioned; for even though she prove small and frail in the tabernacle of her form, yet by her beauty and grace does she humble the mighty or exalt on high the lowest of men if it so be that they should love her.

For women are as the wind which comes from above, causing all things to move before them, and though men prove stout and mighty as the greatest of trees, yet are they most deeply stirred when there should breathe upon them the softest of winds.

~ 2nd Endowment 5:47, 52-55


For I tell you truly that in the woman is there surely found the most beautiful expression of God’s love for all mankind; being in her soul gracious and most tender; revealing through soft touches and delicate kisses the very heart of that God which loved even all men from the very beginning. [...]

Know therefore, that in the loving of a woman is no man made weak or frail, but rather there is made to rise within him that very grace and beauty which comes from afar, which thing will make the man complete and whole every whit.

For men, left unto themselves, are destructive and filled with hurt, being in their baser passions brutish and unyielding; being moved by lustful appetites to seek dominion and control over those weaker than themselves.

Yet, if it so be that there should come forth unto them a woman of grace and beauty, then are the baser appetites of the man made of no effect; causing that the man of strength should seek relief from the fury within for the sake of the woman he loves. [...]

Thus did God consider wisely the means by which he might rescue; for women by their gentle nature do woo most tenderly, and the man, seeing in them no danger, is drawn little by little away from death altogether; even until he should embrace the woman and therein find life and joy together.

~ 2nd Endowment 8:25, 28-30, 37


Thus, in the equality of the woman is the salvation of all mankind made most certain; for in her beauty and grace is there come forth unto all men the seeds of life and joy; healing and mending through gentle passions, the wounds which hurt and make afraid;

For in the womb of the woman are all men most strongly fashioned; making way in the midst of all their strength, that softer place where love might grow and flourish within them, giving birth in them of some far more greater vision than they have ever before known.

Let therefore, the man reverence the woman with all his might, accepting with all tender regard the equality of all her house; for in the coming together of the man and the woman is there brought forth unto each a great many benefits and joys.

~ 2nd Endowment 8:38-40


Know, therefore, Jehovah-Yahweh, that in the affairs of men has God determined that the woman be made a full partaker in all things; that she, by her grace and beauty, might set forth the hand to rescue even all the children of men from folly and destruction.

For women are made the mothers of life, bearing in their wombs that living seed from which all men are made to come forth; having in their hearts a tender regard for all things which live and move about upon the face of the earth.

And if it should be that women will partake in the affairs of men most equally, then shall the children of men, little by little, refrain from corrupting every whit, the lands, and seas and airs above; causing that the earth should become even as a paradise filled with wonder.

~ 2nd Endowment 9:55-57


Why, then, will you think women unworthy to receive from God a full measure of blessing, seeing that for the sake of your traditions only would you keep them ignorant of the law and the prophets?

For I tell you truly that of all things which move round about in the affairs of men, women are the stronger, being greater than kings or wine; for in the womb of the woman are all men made to come alive.

Come now, and answer wisely: What king shall rule except that he first be fashioned in the woman's womb? For no man cometh forth of himself.

For it is in the womb that men are fashioned, whether king or slave, priest or prophet, lord or beggar; all are come from the woman, and without the woman is no man come unto the earth.

I tell you truly that for the sake of a woman will a man surrender both wealth and power, or forget altogether his parents and friends;

For even the mighty, being kings, if they would be greater still, make themselves subject unto their wives and will give unto them anything which they should ask.

~ Yeshua 11:30-35


46. Consider then the strength wherein the woman is fashioned; for she, being frail and comely, yet by her beauty and grace does she humble the mighty, or exalt on high the lowest of men if it so be that they should love her.

47. For women are as the wind which comes from above, causing all things to move before them.

48. And men, though stout and mighty as yonder tree, yet are they moved when there should breathe upon them some small wind.

49. Thus in the affairs of men are women made the stronger; for if a woman be good and an evil man love her, then by her love does she make the man good also; for he desires to please her above all else.

50. But if a woman be evil and a good man love her, who then can save him?

51. Contend no more because of women, whether they be worthy to receive from God a portion equal to men; for I will elect whom I will.

52. And neither pray you unto God, saying: ‘I thank you, O God, that I am not a woman,’ for it is an offense unto him.

53. For in the beginning did God create both male and female, that you may be as one flesh before the Lord.

54. Therefore, when you enter the woman to cast forth seed, be you filled with reverence and deep affection, for she is the temple wherein God has fashioned the life of man.

~ Yeshua 11:46-54


But in the women of the earth [does God] see most clearly the birthseed of man’s salvation; for though the woman, in her several parts, prove but soft and yielding, still did she bear in both form and movement, a fullness of grace and beauty.

For you know yourselves, that water, being soft and yielding in itself, still does it wear away the hardest stone; and the wind, though it move about unseen upon the earth, still would it break in pieces the mightiest of trees; or cause to wear away the mountains which stand most firmly.

For through the movements of time will even that which is soft and pliable wear away that which is hard and unyielding; for the softest winds do move forever; while the mountains, being bound most firmly in space and time, will not forever stand.

Thus in the grace and beauty of the woman is the eternal most surely found; but in the ways of brutish man is there found the bindings of space and time; which space and time do cause that all things mortal should pass away, while grace and beauty must continue forever on.

~ 3rd Endowment 3:5-8


14. Hear then, and I will make known to you the things which would reveal themselves in goodness; being incorruptible of men; being in themselves both pure and untainted by the ways of men.

15. For all those things which contain in themselves, or which promote in the affairs of men both life and love, grace and beauty, hope and joy, are good and worthy of emulation and devotion.

16. For life is preferable to death, and love is greater than hate; in like manner also is grace and beauty more to be desired than the brutishness of common men; while hope and joy together more to be sought than darkness and despair.

17. But where, my son, are all these things together found; being contained in single likeness and form, whereby you might embrace the whole as one, to be in yourself most benefited within and without by the touching and the living of all these things?”

18. Such were the words which Areta spoke most gently to her son; and the child answered the mother, saying: “I know not where all these things are found in one.”

19. And the mother smiled upon her son, and taking him to a window nearby, she pointed to those women which were made to labor in the gardens of the house; and she spoke again, saying:

20. “There, my child, is found the sum of all good things in one; being revealed in the softness of the woman; for women in themselves bring forth life in place of death; having in her form and movements a fullness of grace and beauty.

21. And if it should be that a man will love her, to treat her with most kind regard, then does there leap from out of the very heart of her, a fullness of love and fire together mixed; to clothe in most gentle kisses and tender touches, the warmth of all her hope and joy together.

22. For this truth would I speak most firmly unto you, my son, that in the woman is there seen the only hope for all mankind; for the salvation of every man is found in the grace and beauty of the woman, and in no other.

~ 3rd Endowment 6:14-22


For the woman is the temple where a man ought to worship; embracing to his weary heart the hope and joy of life and love together; drinking through the senses of the heart and flesh, a fullness of grace and beauty.

Seeking through the gentle touch and softest kiss the fulfillment of the self; for the man without the woman is but half complete; being empty of that goodness which would enrich his life throughout.

For in the man and the woman together is there found that sure completeness which each would seek; pouring into each the other, a fullness of tender dreams filled with passion; to make as one the hearts and minds of each forever.

Know then, my son, that in the elevation of the woman shall all men be edified, being led through tender passions out from the ways of darkness and into that light which would fill the world with life.

To lift above the base passions of brutish men, the whole of all mankind; imbuing the world of men with such goodness as does flow out most gently through the heart and mind of the woman.

~ 3rd Endowment 6:33-37


Why then will you hesitate to change forever the ways of men? For I tell you truly, that in the uplifting of every woman is there found life in place of death, joy in place of fear, and hope in place of blind despair.

~ 3rd Endowment 19:49