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Drakonus Maximillius / Drakonus Magnorum /
Maximillius Drakonus


Pronunciation:  dra-KO-nuhs + max-ih-MIHL-lee-uhs / mag-NOR-uhm

Occurrences:  Maximillius Drakonus (12)     Drakonus Maximillius (6)      Drakonus Magnorum (5)     the Emperor (+400)

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 2:43         3rd Endowment 25:1            3rd Endowment 26:61


But in the great fortress city of Trajenium did Maximillius Drakonus rule; being the forty-second Emperor of all Drakonia; being made most constantly aware of such conspiracies as Rome and the Chen would devise against him.

3rd Endowment 2:43



See:  Drakonia, Emperor, First Power, First Track, First World, Maxus Drakoni, Kronus Maximillius, Stazzi, Trajenium

 During the First Track of the world of the First Power, Maximillius Drakonus was the forty-second Emperor of the Drakonian Empire. During his rule as Emperor, Drakonia became the most powerful empire in the world. While the achievements and ambitions of Drakonus were impressive, his success was significantly bolstered by the unconventional ingenuity of the man who came to be known as Kronus Maximillius. Having elected Kronus as Imperial Tribune and eventually his First Imperial Councilor, Drakonus Maximillius made great efforts to both protect Kronus and make full use of his abilities as a military strategist and commander.


The latter half of the Emperor’s career was notably successful. Victories acquired through the brilliance of Kronus, including the counter-offensive against South Africa [1], and the siege and acquisition of the island fortress of Petragia [2], added vast wealth to the empire and established Drakonus as the greatest Emperor to ever sit on the throne. Soon after taking Petragia, the Emperor changed his name to Drakonus Magnorum, and announced the building of a new capital city, Maxus Emperium (3:28:50).


With the death of Kronus, the empire fell into a state of civil war. Leading the opposition was the Emperor’s son, Regent Maxus Drakoni, who eventually assumed the throne after having his father assassinated (3:31:11-15).


Azrael’s Commentary -
Maximillius Drakonus  (Drakonus Maximillius)


[Maximillius Drakonus was] the 42nd Emperor of the Drakonian Empire. As the third eldest son of the Emperor Caius Quintus Drakonus, few men of power ever thought that Maximillius would ever become Emperor himself. As a youth Maximillius was small and did not fair well in war games and feats of strength. But what he lacked in physical size and power, he more than made up for in cunning and intelligence. From earliest childhood Maximillius knew two things: first, he was the son of the Emperor, and as such he had a place in the line of succession. Second, he wanted to be Emperor. These two facts drove Maximillius to gain by intrigue what he could not gain as the heir apparent.


As part of his plan, Maximillius conspired with his brother, Canidius, the second in line to the throne, against their elder brother Octavio. The agreement with Canidius was simple: get rid of Octavio, Canidius would then become Emperor and as Emperor appoint Maximillius as Vice Regent of the empire. The plot against Octavio was not only born out of the ambition of Canidius and Maximillius; it was also an act of self-preservation and survival. For the custom of imperial succession entailed the execution of all male siblings of the new Emperor in order to secure the throne and empire against intrigue. Being next in line to the throne meant an automatic death sentence to Maximillius and Canidius upon Octavio’s ascension to the throne.


The plot against Octavio was planned solely by Maximillius and entailed Canidius, in the dead of night, dressing up as his older brother and hiring an assassin under the pretense of removing an enemy of the state. The target of the assassin would be found alone in one of the palace gardens at a certain time of night. To get into the royal compound, the assassin was given one of the personal tokens of Octavio. The token, bearing the name and image of Octavio, acted as a pass and would allow the bearer to pass safely into the palace itself. However, the Emperor was forewarned anonymously by Maximillius that his life was imperiled and a trap was soon planned by the Stazzi to capture the assassin and find out who had hired him. And as so carefully planned, the assassin was captured, and under torture gave the name of his employer as Octavio. Within moments Octavio was arrested and under the most severe torture was made to confess to the crime of hiring an assassin to kill his father. Hearing this, the Emperor immediately signed the order of execution and Octavio was garroted in a public ceremony.


Canidius now became the heir apparent, but not for long. Secretly Maximillius saw to it that his brother and co-conspirator was slowly poisoned to death over a period of a year. The poison of choice was a small amount of mercury added to his food. The state of medical science in the world of the First Power was deplorable, and palace physicians could not explain the declining health of Canidius. Maximillius was constantly at his brother’s side giving comfort and aid, right up to the moment that Canidius finally died. With the death of his brother, Maximillius now became the heir apparent. Over a period of five years, Maximillius secretly courted the favor of the Stazzi and other men of power.


At the age of twenty-four, Maximillius conspired successfully to have his father, Caius Quintus Drakonus, murdered. In the turmoil that followed the assassination, Maximillius had hundreds arrested and executed under the pretense that they had participated in the assassination of his father. In truth however, Maximillius removed all those he suspected of not being in favor of his ascension to the throne. In the year 738 of the Drakonian calendar, Maximillius Drakonus was crowned the 42nd Emperor at the age of twenty-five.


Once Emperor, Maximillius tripled the size of the Stazzi, a move which allowed all levels of Drakonian society to be closely watched. Also, as Emperor, Maximillius doubled the size of the budget for weapons research and development, with the main focus being an effective spy satellite program which would enable him to keep a very close eye on the Roman and Chen Empires. Within a twenty-year period, the Drakonian Empire became the only empire with spy satellites orbiting the earth.


As an Emperor, Maximillius was cunning, ruthless, intelligent and effective. While outwardly warm and charming, he was suspicious of everyone. Possessed of great ambition, Maximillius had three goals: first, to make the Drakonian Empire the undisputed military power on earth; second, to be Emperor for as long as possible; third, to go down in the annals of the empire as the greatest Emperor of all time.



[1]  3rd Endowment 24 — 25             (Drakonian counter-offensive against South Africa)

[2]  3rd Endowment 27:12 — 28:44     (Drakonian capture of Petragia)


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