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For what profit have you if you should know even all the world, but have no knowledge of the mystery within?

For I tell you truly, he who knows all things but knows not his own soul, even the same shall lack all things.

~ Yeshua 22:31-32


...fear not those which are able to kill the body only, for the soul of man perishes not.”

~ Yeshua 49:21


By this shall you dwell richly in the wisdom of your soul, having been made free of all hatred, envy, anger, and greed.

For such things do blind the soul, to fill the mind with darkness; and the errors of your life shall follow hard after you, making your life an utter waste.

But if you would free your soul of hatred, and anger, and envy, and greed, then shall that peace descend upon you wherein all sorrows end; and you shall be filled with joy.

~ Yeshua 51:9-11


Seek not for goodness beyond yourself, for it is given you already; for in the pathways of the soul shall you find a fount of unending love, and mercy, and compassion, and hope, and faith exceeding.

~ Yeshua 51:14


Therefore, teach unto men the beginning of that wisdom which I have given unto all the children of men. For in the beginning did I breathe into man a portion of my soul that therein they might find both wisdom and joy.

~ Wisdom 22:27


Now let as many as will, meditate in the stillness of their soul; for therein shall they find springs of living water that in the midst of great want, might be found an abundance of life.

~ Wisdom 22:32


Above all things, therefore, guard safely the wisdom of your soul, for from its treasury shall flow the issues of life and death, and life again.

~ Wisdom 26:39


Thus it was that in a time beyond all your yesterdays was there found neither God nor Goddess but Man only; and in the world of the First Creation was he brought forth in darkness, knowing only what the senses of the body would permit.

Among the spirit children of many Gods is this word not given, have you yourself not also heard: how that God was once a man, to evolve himself from less to greater?

So it was that in a time before forever, even I, as a man on the First World did dwell; being the first to make for himself a living soul which the darkening shade had no power to touch or put out again.

~ Enlightenment 5:27-29


For even as a child is given shape and life through the coming together of opposites, being in the man and the woman bound, even so is the soul of man given shape and life also by the coming together of good and evil.

And as a child drawn freshly from the womb is made to live and breathe in the midst of great travail, so in like manner is the soul of man drawn forth from the midst of adversity.

And though the soul of man in its beginning prove weak and frail, yet shall I set forth the way wherein the soul, in strength, might grow, that I might draw it forth unto me.

~ Enlightenment 5:43-45


Know, therefore, that God shall grant unto the children of men the knowledge of good and evil, that by such oppositions as they might see, some greater wisdom might yet be found; unto these then shall the power be given to fashion unto themselves a living soul, being beyond death but immortal and filled with endless hope.

~ Enlightenment 7:27


For the character of the Self is the only destiny.

For Character is made and not inherited,

Exposing within the simplest of men and women,

The mystery of a far more noble birth,

To make of paupers, Kings and Queens

Dressed in endless glory.

~ Book of Pearls 13:6


31. Know then that in the living of many lives do we add to our soul the wealth of many things, being together bound through the experiences of one life and then another, revealing in their subtle touch, a strength and knowing beyond the years which we can see;

32. To be seen by us, in a sudden flash, as inspiration from above, but which does most often come from the treasury of our soul, which soul does hold within its depths the sum of who we are, having contained therein the wisdom gleaned from every life which we have lived.

33. For there is given to every child the spirit which comes from God, which spirit is born of God through love and gentle breath; but in the living of the mortal life do we build within our spirit the soul of deeper knowing, being itself beyond the confines of the spirit, but which does itself reach out forever.

34. Thus through reincarnation do the children of God build by careful measure the depth and height and width of all their soul, to place within the spirit of their truer self a treasury filled with wisdom and subtle knowing, being ever anxious to reveal itself within us, to fill our heart with wonder.

35. Know then that if you will seek daily the joy of eternal things, then shall the soul within you reveal the lives of ages past, here a little, there a little, being in yourselves dressed in wisdom to touch the heart of God.

~ 4th Endowment 9:31-35


45. For the soul of every man and every woman does dwell complete within the very spirit; yet is the soul within its inward parts without boundaries and limitations, becoming in itself a kingdom filled with many mansions, which very mansions are dressed full round by endless horizons.

46. And there in the kingdom of the soul is there found the sum of who they are, containing within its light all the things which were, or are, or which might have been;

47. Having within its treasury a completeness of every life, whether mortal or immortal, being made always ready for the spirit to enter in whereby it might see and hear and smell and touch, to live again some happy moment filled with joy;

48. Or to study with thoughtful heart, the things which could have been if they had proved but willing; yet in such deep and good reflections be untouched by pity or doubt or sorrow or guilt.

49. But becoming themselves as those enlightened from within, to see more clearly still the path which they might walk to yet some greater glory, becoming themselves as always guided by the spirit and soul together.

50. For the flesh of the body is the door to the spirit within; and by the doing of spiritual things is there revealed the pathway to the soul, being together as all in one and one in all, ever moving and flowing into each the other through the rhythms of their life.

51. Thus in the mansions of the soul is time made to serve those which would enter in, yielding up for their joy and consideration the seeds of enlightenment whereby they might prove themselves benefited in the touching of such height and depth and breadth as in them dwells.

~ 4th Endowment 14:45-51


27. For in surrendering to lesser passions do you forget the thing you are, placing within your heart and before your eyes a person who is both broken and lost, and made compelled to surrender that far more nobler self which had its birth in God.

28. Having sought for yourself a momentary surcease from pain and torment, which things afflict both body and mind in the moment of your trial.

29. But when you have surrendered yourself for safety’s sake, to end the momentary torment, then does the soul within become as something tormented and confused, for you have surrendered that which is eternal for the sake of a temporary comfort.

30. Thus would I have you know, my dearest child, that such strength as would inspire me to endure the heated blast of those who torment, to see beyond the pain to the things of greatest worth, even this strength is come from God alone.

31. Thus in cleaving unto God is there found the strength of great resolve, chasing away through godly grace the rule of lesser passions and the need for dark revenge; to fill you up instead with a far more noble purpose.

32. For it is the soul which you must live with, long after the pain is gone. And if you should betray your soul to ease for yourself a momentary torment, then do you become as someone lost and a stranger to your soul; having forgotten the purpose for which you live and the goal towards which you strive.

~ 5th Endowment 9:27-32


For the soul is filled with many mansions,

Rich and well adorned.

Dressed in wonders long forgotten,

It beckons from within.


Sounding as some distant echo,

Calling from afar;

Ever hopeful that you will enter,

To find but who you are.


Fashioned not of mortal dust,

Nor simple bone and blood;

But made of stars and endless time,

To hold the heart of God.


And so the Master finds a refuge,

Quick and near at hand;

Being sheltered from the storms

Which lash and rage without.

Dwelling soft within the soul,
To walk through many mansions.

~ Book of Pearls 19:2-5