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Kadasarooya  (binding codes)


Pronunciation:  kuh-dahs-uh-ROO-yay  

Occurrences:  3

First Reference:  5th Endowment 12:12


And Azraella reached deep into his soul and there did he fashion through the power of the oracles, the binding codes of Kadasarooya; which very codes would empower him to create a world of exquisite form and beauty; being bound in each its several parts into a oneness both rare and glorious.



See:  binding codes, dimensions, Janmoleah, Mahaliel, Mahali-Kadass, Seraphim, Zimagayah


Summary:  Aside from what is revealed in scripture, little is known at this time about the meaning of “Kadasarooya”, or the “binding codes of Kadasarooya” (5:12:12). According to Azrael’s Commentary, the Seraphim became intellectually advanced enough to break through the binding codes of Kadasarooya in search of their creator (AZC — Seraphim). Scripture states that binding codes were fashioned prior to and utilized during the creation process of the planet Mahaliel (5:12:12). It can be presumed the binding codes of Kadasarooya are correlated with the dimensions, primes and fractals of a given reality or timeline. Scripture also makes reference to the “primes of Kadasarooya” (6:9:17), and the seals of the Mahali-Kadass (5:12:14). Details regarding what “Kadasarooya” actually is, or specifically refers to, have not been revealed.



Azrael’s Commentary — Seraphim

[...] At the beginning of Olaha Shinehah, when God set in motion the great Eternal Round (4:2:45-48), there developed at the interface of certain dimensions, an extraordinary species called the Seraphim. When this species advanced far enough intellectually, they broke through the binding codes of Kadasarooya. It was this shattering of the binding codes which caught God’s attention. [...]


...God did not know about the creation and evolution of the Seraphim until they broke through the binding codes of Kadasarooya, and presented themselves before the Council of Elohim.


[...] The question can be asked: Why did the Seraphim shatter the binding codes of Kadasarooya? Were they mad or angry? Were they seeking to conquer or destroy? The answer to these questions is no. The Seraphim broke apart the binding codes of Kadasarooya because they wanted to find their creator. They wanted to find God. And when they did find God, all they wanted to know was whether or not their creator loved them. And when God saw their heart, when he touched their mind, God did indeed love them. The Elohim saw the goodness and beauty of their strangeness and made them a part of the celestial realms of Heaven. Eventually, the Seraphim became such an important ally that God invited them to join the Council of the Elohim itself. And in that moment, the Seraphim became Gods and Goddesses. [...]





Consider then what the Janmoleah should mean, for in the mysteries of Janmoleah were all things, events, histories and persons recorded and firmly held through the binding codes of Kadasarooya; which binding codes did move the keys of the Zimagayah in most subtle fashion.

Permitting that persons of one era should move through the veils of space and time to touch the people of another era; and this only for their good; for in the mysteries of Janmoleah did God reach back to ages past, to change the distant future; and this through the wisdom of all the Gods together.

5th Endowment 13:41-42


For great was the power of that dark and fearsome tide which stood against the Light, for the dimensions at their command did assault with dreadful force against the realms of Heaven; bending beneath the weight of all their numbers the primes of Kadasarooya; causing that the armies of the Light should strain within the slip, most eager to force an end.

6th Endowment 9:17