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Occurrences:  9

First Reference:  Wisdom 29:33


So be you wise, do not forget, neither think you to dissemble, to think yourself as someone wiser than the Mystery which came from God; for in this book where Heaven waits is a wisdom far greater than yourself; a wisdom born and shaped in fire, a wisdom worth the having, to create in you a living flame.



Summary:  The proper term “Mystery” is used to describe several different figures or features in scripture, including the book of scripture itself (W:29:33). The Supreme Father of Heaven, known as The One, refers to himself, saying: “I am Mystery, deep and hidden” (E:14:12-14; 6:1:2; 6:13:57). The Book of Pearls mentions “Eternal Mystery” and the “mystery born of Mystery” (P:8:1,7). The feminine, primordial power that became the cosmic consciousness, referred to as Areta, is described as being “the Mystery” that lay hidden amidst the Eidos (3:1:24, 28). Finally, this sixth and present dispensation is said to be called by the Gods as the “Dispensation of Fullness, of Mystery, and of Exaltation” (5:1:4).





Eternal Mind have I become, unmoved yet ever moving, constant and unchanging, even the greatest of them all; and in all creation am I ever found, being in all, through all, and before all.

Holding in my hand the power beyond all power, and the glory beyond all glory; for I am Mystery, deep and hidden, revealing always the greater portion.

Endless Soul have I become, for the realm of Eidos have I placed as a footstool beneath my feet, while the Areta I have set as a crown upon my head.

Enlightenment 14:12-14


For I am the Mystery deeply hidden, revealing always the songs of the ineffable; proving myself through kind devotion a good and holy consort; embracing to my soul the hopes and dreams of my Beloved, to be for her the fulfillment and the joy; for the Areta have I set as a crown upon my head, and a light within my heart.

6th Endowment 1:2 (also 6:13:57)


The truth which can be spoken is not Eternal Truth.

The name revealed and made most common is not the Eternal Name.

And mysteries spoken and passed about, are not Eternal Mystery.

[...] This is the mystery born of Mystery

Endless and filled with joy,

Pearl 8:1,7


Thus did the Mystery move most subtly within the midst of the Eidos, being called of herself Areta; and peering out into the Deep, she spoke to herself, saying: “Here is matter unorganized, being empty of life, having neither light nor purpose.”

[...] Thus did Areta reason, and taking thought she cast herself into the cosmic egg wherein she might dwell; yet was the Eidos unaware of either her presence or her absence, being unable by any means to perceive the Mystery within the midst of him.

3rd Endowment 1:24, 28


For this dispensation do the very Gods call: the Dispensation of Fullness, of Mystery and of Exaltation. For unto the children of God who are made to become as sojourners upon this world of the First Power, unto these the faithful and believing would I reveal a fullness of God and Heaven; that all those who should comport themselves in godly fashion, even upon them shall descend a fullness of revelation and mystery filled with wonder and exaltation.

5th Endowment 1:4


Mystery Factor