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Chapter 24

The Fifth Dispensation - - Fortitude (part II)

Abbahdon is brought before the Council of Lords – “Will you tempt me even now?” – A time and a season for all things – Abbahdon returns home to live his life – Abbahdon is called to be The Teacher of Righteousness – Abbahdon speaks – A godly strength – The seed of fortitude: given by God – The trials of life – Fruits of fortitude: kindness, courtesy, charm, elegance – An indomitable will, born of God – Bravely stand, and gain strength


1  And it came to be that Abbahdon was brought secretly before the Council of Lords in the city of Pilar, which council did consist of thirty-five patriarchs and thirty-five matriarchs; and there stood beside Abbahdon even his own Beloved, Gaia, who was herself awed to stand before so august a body.

2  For the ruling council of the General Assembly wished to examine for themselves this Abbahdon, who, being blind, was made the knower and discerner of hidden things, being, even in his youth, deeply wise in knowing the ways of God and of men.

3  Thus, for seven days did they test and try and examine him, and every man and every woman did marvel because of him, and being united together in their opinions concerning him, they did agree to present to the youth one last test, being itself most subtly contrived.

4  And calling Abbahdon before the council, Micah did offer up even the whole assembly into his keeping; to place at the head of the council even Abbahdon of Alpia, to make him first and foremost above the believers and followers of God.

5  For even the whole council did wish to honor him, believing that surely he was the one which was sent by God to teach them, being themselves most eager to show both faith and devotion unto him, even before the whole assembly; to place him in equal stature to all the dispensational leaders which came before him.

6  But when he heard these things, Abbahdon was filled with heaviness, and gazing with blind eyes and a knowing heart upon the assembly gathered round about, he spoke gently unto them, saying:

7  “Will you tempt me even now to prove myself false and deep unworthy? Would you call forth from out of my depths, the dark speaker, to see revealed before you the ego of the self; which ego would lust after the glory and honor of men and not of God?

8  Would you see at last the prideful heart made victorious, and humility and joy made swallowed up through vain deceit; to be myself as all consumed by such praise as men alone might give?

9  What then came you to see, or feel or in your heart most deeply know? Whose face and likeness would you see revealed in me?

10  If then you do truly believe that I am even as the Ancient of Days, being myself in similitude of Father Adamilus, then hear me and in your heart do ponder well: For there is a time and a season appointed to all things.

11  A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to rest and a time to labor, a time of sickness and a time of health, a time to mourn and a time to dance.

12  A time to speak and a time for silence, a time to build and a time to tear down, a time to hold and a time to let go, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time for strength and a time to yield, a time to fear and a time for courage.

13  And so is it rightly fashioned that through the days of all our life is there a time and a season for all things great and small; for I tell you truly that I am he of whom your own fathers and mothers did pray to see, and for themselves did wish to hear.

14  Yet am I even now like the tree planted by the waters of all your life, still is the season of harvest not yet come, for I am young and tender in years, and that fruit which you would have of me is still made green and not yet ripe that you should eat.

15  For I am in the summer of my life, being myself a youth and not full grown; but soon will come the harvest season wherein every man and every woman might sweet partake, to find in me an abundance of goodly things.”

16  Thus did Abbahdon speak, and all which heard did marvel at the depth and grace of all his wisdom and discernment, to leave as fully blessed the heart of all which heard, to feel themselves as touched by God.

17  And there rose up to speak the Presiding Matriarch of the General Assembly, saying: “Surely you are the one which is come from Heaven to bless us, for even in your youth is the wisdom of all your soul perfected; to give rise within our souls the day star which would lead us home again, even unto God.”

18  From that day forth did the Council of Lords seek privately and in secret, the wisdom of Abbahdon concerning the things which they might do for the good of all mankind; and Abbahdon returned to the village of Alpia by the wilderness of Maag and there did he resume the peaceful life.

19  And Abbahdon and Gaia did live happily and in peace, and there was born to them the children of their youth; and in time did the children grow in grace and wisdom and joy, to become themselves as parents also.

20  Causing that Abbahdon and Gaia should experience fully the joys and trials of mortal life, being to each the other a constant help and a ready comfort; pouring forth in daily fashion, the sum of all their faith and love for each the other; to guard through tender words the devotions of their heart.

21  Thus did Abbahdon live his life beside his wife and children, being in his profession a maker of toys and an inventor of games; and in the village of Alpia did every man and every woman have regard for him; for he was filled with kindness and gentle humor.

22  And Abbahdon rose steadily within the quorums of the patriarchy to greater and greater heights, being sought both day and night to counsel and to guide; and throughout the regions round about did the fame of Abbahdon grow, to fill the whole earth.

23  For even those which were not of the assembly, being themselves consumed by the pursuit of wealth and power, even these did seek the counsel of Abbahdon, to make of him an arbitrator and a judge in the affairs of anxious men; for in his wisdom was there found fairness and justice.

24  And within the Council of Lords did each succeeding generation pass down the name of Abbahdon, to guard it deeply well; and when Abbahdon was fifty years of age, the Council of Lords did convene the whole assembly into one place, which assembly did consist of some two million members.

25  And there did they call forth Abbahdon and did confer upon him the office and title: The Teacher of Righteousness, which office had never before existed; to set him above the whole assembly altogether; to stand himself revealed as the teacher which was come from Heaven to bring forth a new dispensation.

26  Then did the Presiding Matriarch of the whole assembly petition Abbahdon to teach, to reveal to even all the children of God such things as God himself might speak: For even in the assembly did many feel overburdened by the rush and hurry of life, and many did despair even while yet they cleaved to God for solace and relief.

27  And Abbahdon, being guided by Gaia unto the pulpit, did stand himself most quietly still, and immediately there fell a hush upon the whole assembly, and Abbahdon spoke, saying:

28  “Speak, my children, and in your heart answer well: What came you forth to see and to hear? Came you forth to hear the words which God might speak, to receive to yourselves the teachings of a new dispensation wherein even your own souls might prove benefited?

29  Come then and set aside the burdens of your day, and God shall speak within your heart and mind together, to make deeply known the gift which comes from Heaven, being itself untainted and uncorrupted of any man.

30  Look well into yourselves and be you certain, decide the thing which you would most truly have: the things of God or of men; for there are many who are sorely tempted of lesser things, to become as weak and uncertain of themselves and God together.

31  What then would you hear of Abbahdon the blind? What would you seek from the heart and soul of God whereby you might prove comforted and encouraged in a fast and modern world, which very world would leave you to feel as weak and helpless and filled with anxious breath and dark despair?

32  Stand forth as the children of God and not of men only, proving yourselves eager to receive of God the greater portion, being determined with happy hearts to embrace the teachings of this new and brighter day.

33  For this I reveal in your hearing, that even your own Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother would have you strong and not weak, hopeful and not despairing, joyful and not filled with sorrow, bright and not as one made dull by burdens of every kind.

34  For God shall reveal this day the strength which is greater than strength, the power which is greater than power, and the might which is greater than the mightiest of mortal men.

35  Not fashioned of flesh, but of God, being itself not bound to bone and sinew, but bound to God instead; not rooted in the will of any man or woman, but rooted in the will of God; to stand itself beyond the power of every trial and hardship.

36  Being itself indomitable and resolute, invincible and unyielding before the heated blast of such powers, dominions and principalities as lesser men might cast against it.

37  Which godly strength is not revealed in fierceness or wrath or anger, but rather in grace and humility and calm acceptance, being itself not proud or boastful, but quiet and well determined, being itself beyond the strength of iron and steel, yet being not hard and cold but soft and warm instead, even as velvet.

38  For strength without grace is but the strength of the lowly beasts, brutish and unrefined, rising up from out of the flesh and not the spirit, feeding only the ego of self-pride and not yielding itself to God.

39  Yet are you the children of God, being the sons and daughters of Heaven’s glory revealed in the flesh of mortal men and women, being made in each of you the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

40  If then you would have that strength which is beyond the strength of flesh and bone, then be you wise and look within your own selves; for there within the chambers of your secret heart is the true and only self, being fashioned of spirit and soul together, having as its author the very God of Heaven.

41  For I tell you truly, that in every man and every woman is there given the seed of fortitude, which fortitude is given of God and not of men, being the strength which, in your heart and soul, would seize the mind with firm resolve, causing that you should endure and overcome every adversity.

42  Thus would every trial and every hardship reveal within your soul the full measure of your fortitude, for in the mortal life does every adversity prove itself a hard and needful teacher; which thing you must bear without complaint.

43  For you know yourselves that without the struggle of mighty efforts, the muscles of your flesh grow weak and flaccid, being atrophied and of little use; causing that the body of your flesh should waste and wither away, going from a greater to a lesser state.

44  So it is with the spirit within you, for such glory as you would seek for yourself in Heaven, even this requires of both spirit and soul a good and noble resolve, which resolve is made most firm while in the mortal life, to stand revealed before your eyes.

45  Know then that every trial would prove itself a needful thing, causing that you should grow in power and firm resolve, revealing at once the strengths and weaknesses of all your heart and mind and soul.

46  Meet not, therefore, the trials of your life with tears, neither with whining and bitter complaint; but greet instead with eager heart and firm resolve the test which swirls about you, seeing in each adversity a challenge to be met, endured and overcome.

47  Look not alone upon your weaknesses, to think yourselves unworthy, but look upon such strengths as you possess while holding on to God; for God is able to make even the weakest of you strong, if it so be that you believe and do much righteousness.

48  Know yourselves and the purpose for which you live, and this pursue with all your might; yielding not to lesser things but pursuing still with eager hearts the greatest prize of all; to dwell in Heaven’s glory forever and anon, having become in every similitude like unto God.

49  For in strength alone is virtue found, not in the strength of your arm but rather in the heart and mind instead, causing that you should endure well the trials of life without complaint, being yourselves determined in seizing hold the heart of God.

50  Being yourselves discontent with lesser things, but reaching forth beyond your fears to touch the throne of God, proving yourselves in the midst of fire and hurt as one indomitable, relentless, resolute, invincible and unyielding to lesser things.

51  Being in your mind made deaf to the jeers and ridicule, scorn and mockery of lesser men who are themselves as dead already, but being in your heart filled with brave new words, and a courage both high and noble bearing, even while yet you fear.

52  For such fortitude as in you dwells does bear a good and pleasing fruit, being manifested by that grace which comes from God, to still the troubled waters of all your soul; being itself revealed in your outward person through kindness, courtesy, charm and elegance; enriching the lives of those who are possessed of it.

53  Working its power within you and without, to fill the darkness which would seize hold your heart with stars of sparkling wonder, to hold at bay such fears as would turn aside the eager heart in seeking after God;

54  Perchance yourselves to touch and know and fully dwell within the greatness of your God forever; to fly and soar in winged flight where angels themselves dare not go; having become yourselves a partaker of endless glory, even worlds without end.

55  Thus in fortitude is there brought forth the strength of an indomitable will, and a grace filled with inward calm and quiet acceptance of the things which are.

56  Not of a will which is born of man, but of a will which is come from God, being itself untainted and unconstrained to become of your own selves a partaker with God both hand in hand and heart in heart, to obtain the greater portion.

57  Let then the will of God dwell richly in you, to be to you a guide and comfort; that you may stand as one resolved and fully knowing, becoming yourselves the ambassadors of God the Father and the Mother while yet you live the mortal life.

58  Proving yourselves before every trial as one indomitable and invincible before the fiery blast, being yourselves in the midst of adversity both calm and gracious, and filled with deeper knowing.

59  Seeing with your inward eye the prize for which you reach, being yourselves relentless in seizing hold the greater portion; proving yourselves undistracted by lesser things, but focused only on the God which calls after you night and day.

60  Being quick to stand up for that which is always just and good and even though you be a little fearful, stand you bravely calm in the heart of God; for even your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother will strengthen you in the moment of your trial, to whisper in your mind words of high and noble courage.”

61  Thus did Abbahdon speak, and the whole assembly did rise up with one voice to shout: “Amen! Amen!” And Abbahdon raised his hand to quiet them, and when they were quieted, he stood forth to speak again.