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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 8

The Teacher is rejected by the house of Christ – Ascending a high mountain to speak to God – The Teacher’s indictment against churchgoers – In the evening tide, God answers – “Journey yet a little while” – The voice of God upon the winds


1  So the Teacher went among the house of Christ, and unto everyone he met, he spoke concerning the things of God. But they would not listen, neither would they give heed, thinking him mad, having been seduced by whispering spirits.

2  Therefore, being heavyhearted, he went far from the habitations of men and ascending a high mountain, he bowed himself down because of many sorrows, and from the depths of his soul spoke aloud unto God saying:

3  “How long, O Lord, shall I be made to walk among this people? For they love to call themselves by your name; for a pretense do they cry aloud that they, alone, are the chosen of the Lord.

4  Yet they will not listen to the words that you would speak unto them. They have become puffed up in their pride continually, for in their vanity they will not seek the Lord their God, neither will they obey him.

5  For they have established over the innocent, men of renown so that all might be made to follow after the arm of flesh. But unto the God who calls after them all the day long, him they will not listen to, neither will they give consent to his instructions.

6  How long shall I be made to endure such a people? For they have built unto themselves a multitude of churches wherein they might proclaim aloud their righteousness before the people.

7  In the lusts of the flesh, even in carnal security have they corrupted themselves unto destruction. Upon the backs of the poor have they built many temples in your name, yet they themselves are made poor towards God. In great poverty are the children of promise clothed.

8  By their ignorance are they made blind, for conspiring men, filled with much pride, have commanded the innocent to seek not the mysteries of God’s glory, neither seek to understand the ways of the Holy One.

9  For men of renown have made themselves to become as gods before the congregations of the faithful.

10  Behold, O God, how I am made to sorrow continually. For since the days of my youth have I followed hard after you, that I might come to a knowledge of all your ways.

11  When I was a child and the evil of foolish men came upon me as a flood to destroy, did you not speak comfort to my soul?

12  For in the midst of deep sorrow and tribulation you did stretch out your hand unto me, that I might take refuge in the bosom of your glory; in your holiness did you nurture me unto life everlasting. Why then, O Lord, am I left to despair even now?

13  For all they who delight in calling themselves the elect of the Lord, even they have scorned me and counted me as evil and unclean. They have proclaimed aloud that I am a man possessed and made mad by murmuring spirits.

14  They delight in sustaining unto themselves false prophets, shepherds filled with deceitful ways. But when a prophet of God should be sent to walk among them, to teach them the ways of godliness, him they revile against continually, and if it were possible they would surely kill him.

15  Consider how I am made to walk among the proud and the disobedient, that I might proclaim all the words which you have spoken unto me.

16  Yet they who have established themselves in self-righteousness, who have clothed themselves in arrogance, even they have covered their eyes with vanity lest they be made to see their transgressions. They have stopped up their ears lest they be made to hear the words of God.

17  Behold how I am made weary; with despair am I filled all the day long. For the children of promise are fallen, they have strayed afar and will not return. Upon the things of this world have they fixed their eyes, evensomuch that they have forsaken the ways of God.

18  Come forth unto me, O Lord, and answer. Arise from your holy habitation and draw me close unto your soul, that I might find refuge in the moment of great distress.

19  Where shall I go? Unto what person shall I speak who will hear with gladness the word of God? Who is there from among all these many who will give heed to the instructions of the Lord?

20  Surely my strength is withered as a leaf, my joy is vanished away, and all my hope made of no effect.

21  Oh, that I might keep still my mouth from speaking the word of the Lord, that I might hide up his word unto me.

22  Yet would my heart burst within me that I cannot but speak his words unto all the people, lest my bones burn within me, consumed in the flames of a Father’s love for the children who are lost, and who know not the peril of their way.

23  Behold, O Lord, how the day is far spent and the joy of life is vanished far away. Come forth unto me, O God, and revive the weary soul. Make strong the wounded heart and renew in me the joy of your glory. For in despair am I made to wander, even unto death.”

24  Thus spoke the Teacher in the anguish of his soul. In exceeding sorrow did he pour himself out even as a drink offering unto the God who called him. And all that day he sat himself down to await the deliverance of the Lord when he should come forth to speak unto him.

25  Now in the evening tide when the sun in silence was made to rest, when the earth in twilight stillness stood, there came upon the mountain a warm wind southward, and it did breathe upon the man to revive him. And there came upon the wind the voice of God, saying:

26  “Arise and despair not, neither sorrow any more over the pride of the disobedient. Stand strong in the knowledge which I have given unto you concerning the things of God and fear not the designs of false shepherds.

27  Journey yet a little while among the prideful. For by the words which you shall speak unto them shall I put forth the hand to trouble. I shall establish you before the disobedient that you might purge all my house.

28  Now arise and go again unto the city that you might harvest from among the children of men the seekers of God.”

29  So came the voice of God upon the winds, and taking to heart the promises of the Lord, the Teacher turned again unto the dwellings of men, being girded within and without by much assurance;

30  And wheresoever he went, he spoke continually the things of God, and though many turned hard their souls against him, he would not relent or give surcease.