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And whosoever knows not good from evil, even they shall be granted the mercies of God, for I shall cause that they shall come again into mortality, that they might come to a knowledge of what is good and what is evil.

~ Beginnings 21:24


...for I shall restore again the soul of the fallen, that they might dwell again among the living, whereby they might progress, even as they are able, nigh unto the throne of God where righteousness is made to dwell forever.

~ Beginnings 22:71


“Let this then be granted as a fair and happy compensation; for even we are fully knowing in the ways of mortal life, how that some are born most fully advantaged while others are born as low and heavy burdened with harsh and pressing cares, having to themselves no advantage given.

Thus, in this school so far away, shall we give to each child, whether male or female, a multiplicity of lives, causing that if one should be born disadvantaged in one life, then in the next shall they be born more advantaged still.

Not by way of reward for goodly actions, but rather to compensate for such harshness as did fall upon them in the living of their lives; for I would prove fair and just to all my children, giving to each some equal opportunity to rise above advantage or disadvantage altogether.”

~ 4th Endowment 5:49-51


Therefore, by reason of his great mercy he has proclaimed the decree, whereby all those who should die without a knowledge of heavenly things shall God deal graciously, even as a loving Father for an only child.

And they shall come again into mortality until they shall learn for themselves the way of holiness.

~ Wisdom 18:15-16


For all things, whether great or small, shall pass away. But the life of man, this shall not pass away, even though death press hard against us. For behold how the day flees into night, and the night rushes into day; even so is the life of all men.

Consider, therefore, the life of man. For we are born unto death, that in our passing we might be born again unto life.

How then shall you destroy the life of the soul, seeing that it is of God and must ever continue? Did you not know that the ways of God are as one eternal round, even until that day when the soul of man is exalted again unto God?

~ Beginnings 12:51-53


Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear. For the life of the body is a passing thing.

And like the sea foam it rides upon the waves of this life to cast itself upon the shore; and, behold, it is no more, being scattered upon the sands of time.

Yet do the waves come again and again unto the shore, bearing upon itself the foam of yet some greater sea.

And in like manner shall you come also again and again, even till you shall all come to a knowledge of that God which fashioned you and loved you, even from the beginning of the world.

~ Yeshua 23:52-55


21. If, therefore, you would attain unto God, seek me while I may yet be found; for all those which believe not, the same will not find me;

22. And they shall return again unto this world, passing from life to death to life again, even till they shall find me.

23. Fear not, therefore, those which are able to kill the body, for the spirit of man lives forever....

27. Therefore, grieve not for the body, what men shall do unto it; for death is appointed unto all the living, and life is apportioned unto all the dead.

28. For as a man will cast away an old garment so that he might attain unto a new one, even so does the spirit within cast away the body which is old and broken, that it might attain unto a new body wherein to dwell.

29. Be not, therefore, overwrought because of such changes as shall come upon you, for when you were children, then was the body strong and filled with life.

30. But when you are old, then shall the body be filled with death, being made weak and feeble. But fear not these things when they are come upon you, for you shall live again, even as you see me live again.

~ Yeshua 50:21-23, 27-30


39. For from the very beginning did God give the very means and pathway of reincarnation, wherein every man and every woman, who possess eternal spirit, might be given a great many lives whereby they should come to learn for themselves the way of eternal things, being in themselves delivered from the fear of death.

40. For even the Father and Mother which dwell beyond would have the children of their soul to see in the mortal life some school only; that going through the days of their mortality, they might learn for themselves the way which is greater still.

41. Know therefore, Jehovah-Yahweh, that I shall make known unto all men the very means of exaltation in the kingdom of God; teaching unto them the principle of reincarnation, which very principle shall uplift the hearts and minds of all who believe.

42. And all they which shall embrace the truth which comes from above, even they shall see in life but some school only; and in that moment shall they see no need for desperate acts of judgment and reproach; seeing that into their keeping God shall grant still some other life wherein they might learn for themselves the way of good and evil.

43. For in the knowledge of heavenly things is all fear made of no effect; and in the wisdom of God is life made to become most joyful and filled with promise.

44. Yet in the doctrine of one life only have you, Jehovah-Yahweh, made men fearful and filled with desperation; causing that men should act and love in constant fear, trembling in their souls midst hurtful shadows which you alone created.

45. Thus would I teach unto every man and every woman the knowledge of God; for this would I have even all to know, that in the death of the body is there not some final ending, but only the awakening unto some other life.

46. For death was never the enemy which men should fear, but rather their own inhumanity of the soul instead; this alone is the greatest enemy which would make most bitter the life of all who live, filling the lives of those afflicted with all manner of distress and sorrow.

47. Know then that in the belief of reincarnation would God set forth the first means whereby he might remove man’s fear of you; for when a man is made no longer fearful of the death of the body, then is he free to live most joyfully the life which moves and stirs within him.

48. For in the death of the body has God set forth the means to rescue even all his children from such evils as do most surely afflict from time to time; for in death does only the good which a man does continue onward, to dress the soul in living wisdom and faith exceeding.

49. While in death is there set forth that certain barrier which all evil is powerless to penetrate; for the evil which men shall do is caused to perish in the grave, to lie interred with dead men’s bones; while the good which men shall do, continues onward, even unto God.

50. And if it so be that a man do great good while in the mortal life, then does he return to the Father and Mother of his soul, dressed round about in great goodness, to become even as the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

51. But if a man do little good while in the mortal life, then does he return unto the Father and Mother of his soul, being in himself poor and greatly diminished; for unto his soul has he brought forth little good; to become unlike and quite dissimilar from the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

52. These then shall the Father and Mother send again into life, that they might decide for themselves whether they should follow in the steps of God, to become even as he is; for with the willing spirit will God ever abide and not surcease.

~ 2nd Endowment 9:39-52


24. Thus did the children of God move most eagerly through the dispensations, each according to their several appointments, which appointments would refine the spirit and soul of the child within;

25. Being themselves carried from one life into the next through the rebirth of the soul again and again, going themselves from grace to grace, here a little, there a little, line placed on line, and precept built on precept, even until they should touch for themselves a fullness of goodly things.

26. For this cause did God establish by law the principles of reincarnation, to place between the living of each successive life you live a veil of forgetfulness and renewal, which veil is woven through the senses of the flesh.

27. Gathering from the days of youth, through old age, even more and more perceptions of the present life, which very perceptions, feelings, and emotions do become the fabric which would cover the lives of ages past; for in the living of our daily life do we but weave the veil, causing that we, ourselves, should stand as blind, being made to know this life only.

28. For God perceived rightly that in a sure knowledge of reincarnation might many seek to escape the hardship of their present life to kill themselves perchance to gain again some other life which might prove to their advantage.

29. Thus did God permit that the veil should cover the eyes of those which live, causing that they themselves should prove uncertain in the taking of their lives, being themselves ever fearful of death and the darkness of the grave;

30. Causing that we should live our lives and in such fiery trials as we might face prove ourselves the victor, taking to our soul some greater prize filled with glory.

31. Know then that in the living of many lives do we add to our soul the wealth of many things, being together bound through the experiences of one life and then another, revealing in their subtle touch, a strength and knowing beyond the years which we can see;

32. To be seen by us, in a sudden flash, as inspiration from above, but which does most often come from the treasury of our soul, which soul does hold within its depths the sum of who we are, having contained therein the wisdom gleaned from every life which we have lived.

33. For there is given to every child the spirit which comes from God, which spirit is born of God through love and gentle breath; but in the living of the mortal life do we build within our spirit the soul of deeper knowing, being itself beyond the confines of the spirit, but which does itself reach out forever.

34. Thus through reincarnation do the children of God build by careful measure the depth and height and width of all their soul, to place within the spirit of their truer self a treasury filled with wisdom and subtle knowing, being ever anxious to reveal itself within us, to fill our heart with wonder.

35. Know then that if you will seek daily the joy of eternal things, then shall the soul within you reveal the lives of ages past, here a little, there a little, being in yourselves dressed in wisdom to touch the heart of God.

~ 4th Endowment 9:24-35


“We live more than one mortal life. We believe in multiple lives. As a consequence, we do not believe in the resurrection of the mortal body which we currently occupy.”

~ Basic Beliefs #16