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Glossary:  Dispensationalism


…For in the beginning did the Lord of Hosts call forth seven mighty ones, and unto these did he grant the Laws of Dispensation wherein the way of exaltation might be established according to the power of God.

~ Beginnings 22:4


And unto the seven mighty ones God did minister the oath and covenant of the Law of Dispensation, that they might bring to the children of men every good thing, both in Heaven and on the earth;

That they might teach unto the faithful great words of wisdom, even unto the obtaining of eternal life, that they might minister unto the children of men the words of their Heavenly Father, even unto exaltation in the kingdom of God.

~ Wisdom 15:52-53


For when it was decided among the very Elohim that the dispensations of God should be established, then did we appoint over each, the greatest of our brethren, that the children of men might come to a knowledge of hidden things.

~ 1st Endowment 2:12


Therefore, for this reason has the Father of All, even Ahman, ordained unto the sons of his lineage, even Arch Angels, the Law of Dispensation and the administration thereof, that even God might establish tabernacles wherein the spirits of many might dwell. Thus is the way set forth wherein the Heavenly Father might exalt many by reason of those words which he spoke unto the children of men when he came to dwell among them.

Therefore, over all the worlds of creation whereunto the children of men are made to dwell, has God ordained unto each seven dispensations, and over each has he set his Arch Angels, that they might bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.[...]

Consider how great this mystery is: that over each dispensation an Arch Angel is given power and authority, that he might bring about the great designs of God. That when they should again enter mortality, they might teach unto all who are able great knowledge, even the knowledge of God.

~ Wisdom 16:43-44, 48


For the dispensations did God organize in deep and subtle fashion, being in their inmost workings imperceptible to those who knew not God, but revealing to those who sought with eager heart to ponder well the ways of God; to these did the dispensations disclose the mystery and the light.

Revealing in awe and wonder the deeper things of God, being themselves, in their nature, ineffable and most subtle in design, bringing into the mind of the willing heart that touch of glory filled with God.

For the things of God are wise and holy, and must be deeply sought; being hid in common view from those who would but mock, yet ever waiting for that one who did most earnestly seek to know of things eternal, and in the knowing find most revealed, the source of endless wonder.

Thus did God ordain that there be given to mortal life the seven dispensations, being each and every one complete, yet building on each other, building in most subtle fashion a fullness of instruction filled with joy and happy life;

Being in their function like a deep and mighty river which would sweetly flow, to touch the life of every child who would know their God, being moved and left awash in the waters of their soul.

~ 4th Endowment 6:13-17


…and when the Lords and Gods were in agreement, they set in place the Law of Dispensation; and there went forth to walk upon the world of First Man both Adam and Eve.

~ 1st Endowment 8:20


And God ordained that the eldest among the Arch Angels should preside in all righteousness over all the dispensations which are established.

Now this great Prince, even Michael, determined the season in which the spirits of men, whether male or female, might go forth unto the earth. And when the time appointed drew nigh, Michael did come down unto the earth with his Beloved, clothed in the flesh of mortality, even in the skins of animals, that the world might receive the spirits which Emmanuel did fashion according to his love for Sophiel, even the Great Mother Spirit.

And, behold, the seed was established among the children of men, whereby they might become even as the Gods, to know good and evil, that they might choose the good. And thus did God breathe into man the breath of his life, and man became a living soul.

~ Wisdom 16:45-47


Thus was there established by God the outward flowing of Hodos Alea, being bounded on every side, and within, by the laws and principles of eternal progression.

For in the worlds of mortality did the children of God flow through the dispensations, going from the first to the last, flowing as a mighty river from one life to the next even till all was made complete, causing that the children of God should choose for themselves that heavenly glory wherein they might find their joy.

~ 4th Endowment 32:13-14


Consider, therefore, the purposes of those dispensations which I shall set forth in yonder world, for unto the angels have I ordained the seven dispensations whereby we might establish in the world of First Man the notion of heavenly things, whereby all those who dwell there upon might take unto themselves a knowledge of God, that by their efforts in reaching forth, they might create for themselves some beginning of endless soul.

And of those dispensations do you know full well the workings thereof, for in all the worlds which we have fashioned have we set to preside over them the dispensations of God.

For in the working of our dispensations did we set forth to guide carefully and wisely the spirit children of God; that entering into the fiery furnace of mortality, they might see clearly plain the way of holiness.

For unto the seed of all our lineage would we give some constant reminder of an endless progression; that perceiving subtly the designs of God in the mortal life, they might choose rightly between the lesser and greater portion.

~ 1st Endowment 8:9-13


Know then, my good and holy Love, that the one which would take to earth the dispensations of God, are themselves the builders of some good and constant path, which path, like a bridge, does carry the ones who would believe through the darkness of their life; to safely carry them over such chasms as would separate the child from the love of the Father and the Mother which do need them so.

~ 4th Endowment 16:43


And as you did choose rightly in ages past to cleave to God in all things temporal and spiritual, then choose likewise now.

That there might rise within your heart and soul and mind the light of these seven dispensations which were sent to you from God, whereby you might find your way home again, to dwell in glory in the kingdom of your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother forever and ever, even worlds without end.

~ 4th Endowment 31:44-45


For this dispensation do the very Gods call: the Dispensation of Fullness, of Mystery and of Exaltation. For unto the children of God who are made to become as sojourners upon this world of the First Power, unto these the faithful and believing would I reveal a fullness of God and Heaven; that all those who should comport themselves in godly fashion, even upon them shall descend a fullness of revelation and mystery filled with wonder and exaltation.

~ 5th Endowment 1:4