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Let him, therefore, who would heal another remove from the afflicted all fear and doubt, establishing in peace the one which would be healed.

~ Yeshua 26:66


Set free then your mind from fear and be no longer troubled, and the chains will break asunder, and the prisons which hold you bound shall crumble in the dust; and in this freedom shall others find hope, to set themselves free of shadows, to come into the light.

~ Wisdom 27:41


For in ignorance does fear find a ready soil which would yield up within you all manner of dreadful thoughts and vile superstitions; and if you be thus ignorant, then shall the flames surely gather and flash all about you to destroy.

~ Enlightenment 12:36


Fear not the touch of sorrow
And you will not
fear to know your joy.
Fear not death
And you will not be afraid to live.

~ Book of Pearls 11:4


For I am determined to set at liberty the children of men, that they might dwell no longer in fear, but shall move about unhindered, passing always onward from the lesser to the greater portion; even until there should spring up within the countless multitudes the very beginnings of an endless soul.

…For I have seen the glory of God: Of what then shall I be made afraid? For in my soul am I girded round about in the knowledge of God. How then shall I fear or be caused to tremble?

~ 1st Endowment 12:26-27


“Have you not considered, Jehovah-Yahweh, how that fear makes no man truly good?

For fear is the cornerstone of hate, and all those who hate, even they are made most miserable in thought and deed; being chased and driven about by the darkness of your word; being bound by chains of despair, having no hope of greater things.

For hate is the child of fear, and even it does wound the heart of many which do believe in you; casting within the minds of men a pale and gloomy vision filled with endless torment; casting upon the soul that darkening shade wherein the generations of man have languished throughout the many millennia.

Know then Jehovah-Yahweh, that if hate be truly the child of fear, then what seed gave birth in you this hate and loathing of all mankind? Why does the Darkness fear man, evensomuch that you should hate him with unbearable fury?

For you fear lest the children of men become greater than all your power, making of no effect such threats and terrors as you would fling upon them; becoming in themselves unneedful of you; causing you to become as some useless thing, having no place in the affairs of men.”

~ 2nd Endowment 2:22-26


Thus have you most greatly erred, Jehovah-Yahweh, concerning the nature of both God and man; for no man can truly love what he fears, neither can a man worship what he most inwardly despises.

~ 2nd Endowment 11:59


…for fear is the seed from which are sprung all manner of foolish thoughts and actions; causing that even all men should become as someone desperate and filled with folly;

Thinking always of some immediate gain, while being thoughtless to the needs of generations still to come; being driven by fear to grasp and clutch at all things material, hoping therein to find such meanings as will give purpose to their lives.

Thus have you, Jehovah-Yahweh, planted in the minds of men the seed of all their actions; causing that there should dwell within the soul the painful doings of desperate men filled with anxieties and disquiet.

For man, being desperate and filled with fear will judge even every man most harshly; being in themselves without mercy; for such men, believing that there is given unto them just one life only, will strive by every means to compel that others should become even as they are in both thoughts and deeds.

Being hopeful that by so doing, they might assuage the disquiet within; trusting fully that in the believing of others like unto themselves they might relieve the fear and emptiness within.

Yet are they made all the more restless and filled with fear; and all this because of such doctrines as you would distill within the minds of all those who believe in you.

~ 2nd Endowment 3:30-35


For in the knowledge of heavenly things is all fear made of no effect; and in the wisdom of God is life made to become most joyful and filled with promise.

~ 2nd Endowment 3:43


Thus by a knowledge of heavenly things would God also rescue men from all their fears; that being in their souls unafraid and quite determined, they might act rightly and with a goodly conscience while in the mortal life.

~ 2nd Endowment 9:53


Let us therefore see for ourselves, the God which men shall choose to follow: the god of wrath, or the God of love; the god of judgment, or the Father and Mother which even now would call most tenderly unto them.

Let us see by what path the children of men shall choose to walk: the path of fear and servitude, or the path to endless glory and exaltation.

~ 2nd Endowment 11:67-68


Look not therefore overmuch at such sins and transgressions as would hold you bound today, for the sins of yesterday are become as strange and dimming shadows which would call out to imprison you in doubt and fear; causing that you should feel unworthy in attaining unto God.

~ 2nd Endowment 12:50


Fear to be silent and noise will overwhelm you.
Rebuke the silence of others and you become the troubler.
Fear to be alone and you are always lonely.
Reject the call of solitude and you are filled with burdens.

~ Book of Pearls 12:3


For all men are made to fear before those mightier than themselves; clutching with desperate zeal the threads of their life whereby they might hold them in the hand.

Causing that they should prove cruel and heartless towards those which are weaker than themselves, being continually chased about by fear and envy; being made weak and frail midst the powers of all their might.

Be you not like unto these my son; for it is given that fear should fall upon the mind of every man, but take no counsel of it; but stand you firm and steady in the calmness of your mind.

~ 3rd Endowment 5:26-28


For there are many which believe nothing good; going from fear to fear, being chased and tormented by endless doubt and gloom.

Beware therefore such as these; for they would make you like unto themselves, whereby they might not dwell alone in the midst of all their despair; to pull you down into the darkness of their own making.

~ 3rd Endowment 5:40-41


For only the weak and foolish would take for themselves the easiest path, being ever fearful of such hardships as might arise against them from time to time; being compelled to seek for themselves both safety and comfort above all other things;

To leave behind the passing of their lives, nothing praiseworthy or of good report; having in themselves no greatness of heart, or nobleness of mind; being made empty and devoid of goodness and glory and worth;

Becoming in themselves the stuff of which the graves are made; being made dead already while yet they live; being both complacent and mediocre regarding the greater issues which touch their lives.

Such as these are chased about by constant fear, being filled with dread and apprehension, being in themselves most pushed and driven by that which is less than themselves, causing that their very lives should become as small and petty.

~ 3rd Endowment 7:22-25


For fear gives way to anger, and anger gives way to hate, and if your heart be filled by these, then is your faith made weak and filled with gasping breath, to become yourself as all consumed within the fires of your own making.

~ 4th Endowment 18:53


16. For injustice is born of fear, which fear gives way to anger, causing that anger should bear the bitter fruit of hate; and those who are thus ensnared, even they do inflict upon many others the hurt of many sorrows filled with tears.

17. If then you would have the justice which comes from God, then be you free of such fears as lesser men have, and this through love and gentleness; letting slip from your mind the shadows of doubt and dread, filling your mind instead with the knowledge which comes from God, to live it day by day.

18. Do not, therefore, fear such laws as men do make, neither fear you death besides; for if you fear the law, you cannot truly love; and if you should fear the touch of death, then are you unable to live happily and in joy, being yourselves tainted through many fears, being yourselves haunted night and day by many shadows.

19. For life is rich in abundance and sweet delight, being made sweeter still because you have let go your fear of death; for even God has given you the life you live; therefore, live it well and fully deep. ...

23. Know then that in such knowledge as God would give is there found the seeds of strength and rich reward; which knowledge shall chase away your fears, if it so be that you should embrace it to live it well; causing that you should prove courageous and filled with goodness.

24. But if you should fear for your life, being yourselves fearful of the law and of death, then is love not made perfect within you; for the justice of God is drawn from love and mercy together, and whosoever is filled with fear, then in that person is the justice of God not found.

25. Choose, therefore, the path which you will walk, for you are called to choose between fear and joy, love and hate, justice and injustice; choosing for your own selves to whom you would give account, either to God or to man; for it is not given that you should serve two masters, but only one instead, and this with all your might and soul and heart.

~ 4th Endowment 22:16-19, 23-25


Embrace, therefore, the spirit within you, and this most firmly be; taming well the words you speak whereby you might set free the spirit within you; causing that you should fear no longer, but find instead that inward peace which no man can take from you.

~ 4th Endowment 29:53


For hatred lives on hatred,
and darkness seeks despair,
fear creates a world of doubt
which fouls the very air.

~ 5th Endowment 9:39


Thus by obedience to the Gods Beyond do we reveal the worth of such faith as in us dwells; for we do not obey God because we fear, but because we love, and in the loving are peace and joy made to live and breathe and stir about, to fill the Heavens with light.

~ 5th Endowment 16:22


Why then should you fear the growlings of the Demiurge? Why then should you think yourselves unable; to act no more than passing shadows which peep and hide for fear of being seen or felt upon this world which lies beyond the reach of God?

~ 6th Endowment 4:14


Yet of this mystery do few know, for many fear to know the soul or to set their spirit free, being themselves bound and chained by lesser things; becoming themselves as prisoners to all that’s pale and thin, seeing in themselves nothing greater than the shadows which lurk within.

Where stand you then, my noble child, in light or frightful shadows? In what place is found the mind that shapes the thing you are? Do you yearn and inward hunger to touch the soul of God, to be yourself as one enlightened and filled to overflowing?

~ 7th Endowment 1:21-22


Would you now commit yourself to be a good example? Could you, yourself, become the light which reveals the heart of God, chasing away the darkest shadows which cloud the minds of men? Can you set aside your fears and prove the strength of God, holding up before the world a faith which never fails?

~ 7th Endowment 6:2


Let go within such little fears as do most weigh you down, but choose instead the peace of God and strength will inward rise; let flow the river of joy and hope, let faith within you grow, and prove yourself that child of God which others would seek to know.

~ 7th Endowment 6:34