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Son of the Morning / Morning Light


Occurrences:  32

First Reference:  Beginnings 21:16


Why, therefore, did you oppose the Son of the Morning, seeing that by my word alone would all things be glorified, both in Heaven and on earth?”



See:  Fallen One, Lucifer, Rutheniel, Shaemdiel


Summary:  The phrase “Son of the Morning Light” is an appellation or title referring to Shaemdiel, the Chief Arch-Angel of the celestial Council of Elohim. Shaemdiel was seduced by the Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, and subsequently rebelled against God and was cast from Heaven with one third of his lineage (W:2:37). It is apparent from scripture that Shaemdiel found some degree of satisfaction in this title, often using it to refer to himself, both prior to and after his eviction from the Celestial Kingdom (B:21:16; W:15:14).


Details surrounding the origins or pronouncement of the title “Son of the Morning Light” are unknown. Scriptural usage of the title indicates it was established before Shaemdiel was cast from Heaven. As the spirit son of Ahman (Noeiel) and Galendriel, a literal interpretation would designate his Heavenly Parents, the co-Ahmans of Elohim, as the Morning Light. However, there is nothing in scripture that clearly supports this interpretation. There is no indication of the title being passed to Michael, who was appointed in place of Shaemdiel as Chief Archon (E:9:43). This would imply the title is unique to Shaemdiel and his path, and not directly correlated with the position of Chief Archon.


Perhaps there exists a deeper, metaphorical pointing associated with Shaemdiel’s title, “Son of the Morning Light”. Greater meaning behind the designation may be gleaned from the words of his Beloved wife, Rutheniel, as she grieves and seeks counsel before her Sisters and Mother regarding the behavior of her once bright and glorious husband.


14. “Blessed Mother hear my plea, for in your wisdom do all the Gods rejoice. What shall I do for the sake of my Beloved who has turned his heart to that darker vision which he alone can see?

15. By what soft and gentle persuasion shall I restore again my own Beloved who, by the power of his own brightness, caused the morning light to shine upon the kingdoms and wonders of Jeruel?

16. Who, formerly, made brighter still the celestial worlds when yonder suns of Ashengaard gave forth from their own brightness a constant ray, and to the Kokobeam lent forth the luminous realms of their own dominions?

17. Have you not beheld in wondrous awe the comely form of my Beloved; before whose beauty the very moons of Jeruel grow weak and pale and, who, of their own power, would weave for fairest Shaemdiel a covering of silvery light?

18. Who has not rejoiced at the drawing nigh of my Beloved who, before the coming of Yaldabaoth, caused that all good things should sing together, and before whose presence the very creations would leap together for the joy of him?

19. But now is my Beloved, by some twilight dimness, made to seem a stranger here; and in his presence does there descend upon the fairest of our worlds a darkening gloom and a fearful dread.

20. And I, alone, am left to care for him, to plead for him, to weep for him; for still in my bosom, made all tender and ready, would I ever find place for my Beloved, that there midst some fire and gentle breath I might cleave only unto him.

21. Now great Mother give reply and to my plea attend, for of your wisdom there is no end: By what persuasion might I restore the place and honor of my Beloved, lest he be lost forever?”

Enlightenment 4:14-21



After being evicted from Heaven to the world of the First Power in the realms of the Demiurge, the Son of the Morning Light worked to establish dispensations of his own among evolutionary modern humans (Enoshahim) (6:4:3-30; 6:6:12-14). He and his fallen sons and daughters strove against Jehovah-Yahweh for dominion over humankind. While the efforts of Shaemdiel (Lucifer) among the Enoshahim initially proved uplifting and empowering compared to the violent dominion established by Jehovah-Yahweh, his dispensations based upon Immediate Recompense ultimately failed.


As a note of interest, the book of Beginnings presents an alternate account of the three visitors who came from the wilderness to visit with Abraham and Sarah. Contrary to traditional interpretation of Hebrew scripture (Genesis 18-19), which identifies the primary visitor as ‘the Lord’, the book of Beginnings first identifies the personage as "one who was like unto the Son of the Morning" (B:27:33-34), and later as the Fallen One (B:27:51, 74). While attending to the visitors, Sarah is persuaded by the Son of the Morning to doubt the promises of God and offer Abraham his handmaiden to bear a child (B:27:41-54). Later, Abraham pleads with the Son of the Morning to spare the unrighteous citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah. With the exception of Abraham’s nephew Lot and his family, the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. The destruction was perhaps a manifestation of Shaemdiel’s Law of Immediate Recompense (B:27:55-79).





Now on a certain day as he lay brooding, Yaldabaoth saw moving out across the Chasm a personage of great glory, possessing exquisite beauty; even the Arch-Angel Shaemdiel who was Son of the Morning Light, being Chief Archon after the Order of Kolob.

And Yaldabaoth was filled with wonder and he marveled at the beauty and comeliness of Shaemdiel; and as he marveled, envy made his heart to conspire within him, for he would find some means whereby he might seduce the Son of the Morning.

Enlightenment 1:26-27


Thus, by my subtle design did I draw together both Shaemdiel and Yaldabaoth, and the Lord of Darkness did seduce the Son of the Morning Light through a sly and cunning speech filled with all manner of sophistry, which thing caused that there should be war in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

1st Endowment 4:27

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